Android Powered iPhone 4 For Sale At Sears For $264

Have you ever noticed the plethora of accessories the iPhone 4 has at its disposal and maybe wish an Android phone had access to some of those goodies? Or maybe you’ve always dug the look of the iPhone 4 but didn’t want to sacrifice for an inferior OS? Well, the folks at Sears may have you covered.

For only $264 you can nab yourself an Android 2.2.1 Froyo powered iPhone looking smartphone from Sears’ website. This abomination is packing dual-SIM card slots, 3.5 inch HVGA 320×480 capacitive touch screen, “WiFi + TV phones” and H2000(?) and a 2MP camera, although still unsure on the MP’s of the front facing camera. It supports the 850/900/1800/1900 bands which means it will work fine on AT&T’s 3G and overseas. Oh, and the CPU? A blazing fast Media Tek MTK6516 416MHZ that will be sure to knock your socks right off.

Warning: powering it on may cause the phone to implode on itself. I’m curious to see how horrible/awesome Android runs on this beast. Anyone else even tempted to check this phone out? Or should we all continue to just point and laugh?

[Via 9to5Mac]

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  • myz06vette

    Abomination pretty much sums it up. 

  • Ben Crawford

    this is just terrible

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Why cant Sears be punished for this. Hate that horrible company now!

  • Jordan Hotmann

    I just threw up

  • Robert Uehlinger

    anyone read the description on the sears site? it reads like a child wrote it.

  • Jon Scruggs

    Samsung gets sued for icons on a phone that resemble the iPhone, so why not Sears getting sued for having a phone that is almost exactly like it, including using the iPhone accessories? This world is nuts.

    • Damon Fong

      because sears isn’t kicking apple’s ass like samsung and every other popular android company is…

      • Karl Thomas

        You mean Apple with 50% of worldwide profit in cell phones compared to 13% for all Android manufacturers *combined*.

        • Dane Cooke

          All that tells me is that Apple is selling overpriced garbage, and the lemmings are buying it. 

          If Apple only has “4.9%  global handset unit market share” and they’re netting 50% of the estimated Q1/11 profit, they’re ripping everyone off for a mediocre product.

        • Phantomas

          I’m always fascinated by all these Apple fanboys, who only operate with market revenue instead of market penetration figures. Isn’t this just dumb or what? When you buy overpriced stuff and then say – hey, my vendor just made another extra bunch of bucks on me?!!! Wackheads.

  • WeaselWeaz

    This isn’t Sears stores, it’s their marketplace site. It’s like a 3rd party seller on Amazon. The article should explain this for dummies who think that Sears is actually selling this phone.

  • Francisco Cordova

    Speechless and appalled…I think im gonna throw up..yup..I am…(BARF)!!  

  • Droid Forever!!

    It’s still better than an actual IPos

  • David Wray

    The pessimist in me laughs in disapproval, but the optimist in me notices it appears to be running vanilla instead of a third party UI.

  • dbcad7

    You should change the title to iClone 4, instead of iPhone 4, as you appear to be advertising for an iPhone running Androind, and only help Apple in their lawsuits.

  • Ldesai1

    wow..absolutely horrible specs

    • Chris Chavez

      The Media Tek 414MHz processor didn’t “wow” you??? o_O

      • Khalid.H


        • Realhamfoshea

          Me gusta bro…lulz

  • Droidmatters

    Come on, Chris, do a review! Come on! REVIEW! REVIEW! REVIEW! lol

    • AC

      Looks like the so-called “Goooapple G-22″ phone, described by some as, “the unholy spawn of Android and iPhone.” LOL News of it was all over the shenzai press, a couple months ago. You can buy it direct, shipping included, for about 30% less than the price quoted in Sears’ advert.

      Here’s video, with the usual unboxing plus a hands-on demo.:

    • jroc74



  • Jmaxku

    Who the heck is the OEM?  

  • hldc1

    First off, this things is not actually for sale from Sears. Sears, like Amazon, allows others to sell things using their website. This phone is pure garbage. As someone that lived in China for a number of years, I can tell you firsthand that counterfeiting and copying are alive and well. The computer and electronics market I visited every other weekend in Shanghai routinely had phones for sale from the likes of BMW, Volvo, and Ferrari. I’m betting you guys didn’t know those auto manufacturers also made phones. Neither do they. This is just a cheap attempt at making some money by utilizing iPhone 4 design cues. You also find garbage like this all the time on eBay. You can pretty much bet the farm that any phone with dual SIM slots likely comes from China.

  • Ruben

    Still better than an iPhone. Would take this and run rather than the real one. At least it has Android. I wonder if it needs to be rooted or is it open already. If G1 and MyTouch 3G run Gingerbread, I bet we can do something with this. A review sure would be nice…..

  • Khalid.H

    $263 for a phone like this is quite expensive, even for a contract-free/carrier-free phone. I’m sure you can get lower-end Android phones with better specs and price. Heck, I got my LG GW620 for ~$218 unused.

  • Accord281

    And…Sears yanked it.  lol

  • Richard Gilboy

    It was orginally $130 in March. lmao 

  • Weirdroid

    The thing is called GooApple 3G (in know, right?) and there’s a long video demo floating around.  The home screen launcher is also and *exact* clone of the iPhone and some of the apps also look the same.  It looked like it ran well in the video.

  • DannyB2

    Stop it!  Stop that pointing and laughing I say.  A teeny weeny 416 MHz is nothing to laugh about.

    Stop laughing.

    (I’ve got to go now because I can’t keep a straight face.)

  • Dario Sucic

    I think it’s safe to say that I’m rofling.

  • typikal82

    So is it rooted or what?

  • Weirdroid

    This deserves a review.  It might even be cool to get one, I reckon it might get pulled from the market for being a counterfeit.

  • Alexander

    This is like stumbling across an underground lab and discovering all sorts of freaky mutants and seeing one of them slowly, painfully scooting it’s way towards you with a deformed leg coming out of where it’s back should be and arms in oddball places with a big penis on its forehead, muttering in agony: “Please… please…. just kill me….”

    • Freddieddie

      That’s super funny Alexander. I think I remember that scene from a movie I watched on Elvira Mistress of the Dark show. Way back in the day. :)

    • toisvondee

      based on your level of detail some thing tells me you’ve experienced this first hand

    • Shrimpboat

      This is a near-exact description of a scene in an Aliens movie when Sigourney Weaver comes accross a research lab.  The scene was so disturbing to me visually that it is the only movie that I have ever walked out of halfway.  This is coming from a sci-fi/horror fan.

    • Sporttster

      Alex, ROFL!!

  • Hvarma

    Well they just removed it from the site

  • Lone Thread

    My £30 ($50) Android 2.2 Phone beats the hell out of this!!!!

    I’m referring to the T-Mobile Pulse Mini BTW, was sold at shockingly cheap price a few months ago.

  • WickedToby741

    It better need a rubber bumper, or its no deal.

  • Tyler

    “Yikes! We’re sorry, but that page is
    no longer available.” via Sears link. Damnit I wanted to see this!

  • Andy Wheeler

    Put on your helmet and stand on your couch, point at your screen and say “iDroid, iDroid, iDroid”….  yeah, you get the picture.

  • Ian Smith

    I can buy these from a Chinese electronics gray market supplier on Alibaba for 27.50 shipped in lots of 25 or more.  I’d be willing to bet just about any ammount of money it won’t activate to ATT though.

    • Mr_Vault

      So you’re saying if 25 of us pooled our $28 each, then you’d…….   nah, never mind.

  • Stephen Parker

    Haha. Just point and laugh. 

  • Solomon Faigal Murrell

    Not on Sears anymore.

  • Rob

    I love that the model# includes a reference to Magnitude.

  • Sjobsblows

    Dammit, the web page is no longer up.

  • Mr_Vault

    I just got one of these and held it with the “Death Grip” and it still works… Better than the original… woo-hoo..!!

  • Alex

    I’d rather use a real iphone 4…..just saying.

  • BloodKil

    Sears marketplace is well known for illegitimate products and sellers who simply will take your cash and run…  Anyone who somehow wasnt pushed away by the specs or the fact of where its coming from deserves to have their money stolen.

    The issues of the sears marketplace are well documented on fatwallet as well as everyone who posts a deal from it getting nothing but red.

  • Youtouch4g

    Ilmao the site says “product no longer available”

  • Linle1

    Yes and SuperGood

  • anon

    Anyone else feel like this will turn into another Apple lawsuit.

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