American Airlines Purchases 6,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablets for Use as In-Flight Entertainment

If you are flying American Airlines, soon you will be able to enjoy the Samsun Galaxy Tab 10.1 as part of premium class in-flight entertainment. The airline has struck a deal with Samsung to deploy 6,000 Tab 10.1 units to their fleet of aircraft servicing several domestic and international routes. The Tab 10.1 will replace the current in-flight entertainment device on flights traveling between JFK and Los Angeles, JFK and San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles. International flights to Europe and South America will also take off the the Galaxy Tab on board. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (though you have no reason not to be), you have to admit that’s one heck of an upgrade over traditional in-flight entertainment.

[via BusinessWire]

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  • Dan Grover

    How long until it’s running Cyanogen 7?

    • NukkaYarrell

      Are you stupid?   These are in-flight tablets.  At what point will someone be able to root and patch the device?   Jesus quit posting, doucheGlover.

      • Gtporschecarrera1

        chill dude… he’s kidding

  • Mitchel White

    samsung lost me when they said they will add stuff in a latter update, i prefer stock android

    • NukkaYarrell

      Great.. so why are you posting, Michelle?

      • Calm down Brother!

        Richard, why are you riding everyones ass on this forum?  Why don’t you try to post something productive to the topic yourself??

        • Andy Brain

          Because he’s probably about 12 and getting his first period and taking it out on every one else…

          and he’s a Dumb Shit!!!!

  • Apple Drone

    Idiots. They should of went with the iPad. How dare the go against the Steve. 

    • NukkaYarrell


  • jeephacker

    This is a great opportunity to succeed …. or fail. Getting the device in peoples hands where they have several hours to play with it, will really let them know if it’s something they like or something they can live without

  • Jmaxku

    What recession?  And with the purchase of 6,000 tabs, AA announces their $50 entertainment charge to be added on to each ticket. 

  • Jon

    Just out of curiosity, how is a galaxy tab with about 100-200 android apps as of right now going to replace an IFE with onboard satellite TV, video on demand, etc.? Are they pre loading the devices with media? In the future with WiFi this could be awesome but as of right now the tablet can’t even stream Netflix and is limited to 64 GBs of media preloaded.

    • NukkaYarrell

      No shit Chet.  They’re loading it with media.  Not every carrier offers onboard TV like JetBlue.

  • No_Nickname90

    What if somebody rooted one right there on the plane and like changed up everything. LoL!! 

    • NukkaYarrell

      LoL!! Urdumb

  • TheJunkie

    Wish they would do that for continental/united.
    Instead, they purchased ipad for all their pilots for the navigation charts and crap.

    • Dick Hurtzer

      The Samsung tablet is lighter they would of saved money on fuel if they went with Samsung.

      • NukkaYarrell

        yeah because a total of 15 tablets per flight really adds up in weight.  AssHurtzle.

  • Flaviom

    I fly that LA-NY route on AA in business class a few times a year. AA has the Boeing 767 flying that route. They are currently using Archos 7 devices loaded with a custom AA UI. The devices are loaded with media. 

  • Goople

    This is already a huge success. While Apple is struggling to get into corporate market, because no one wants to deal with their stupid iTunes, Android tablets will prevail.

  • karnka

    Would be nice if Kevin could learn to spell.

  • Staccato

    There’s going to be a ton of squawking birds on these planes!!