Google Maps Gains Live Transit Updates

Google Maps has done it again with an update that further aims to ease the pain of your daily commute. The latest version of Maps for Android now features live transit updates to keep you abreast of any delays that might be holding up your public transportation. The update won’t change the way you use Maps all though much, though. Simply click on a public transit station icon on the map and you will find “live departure times” letting you know exactly how long you will need to wait. Service alerts let you know of any imminent changes.

For now, live transit updates are only available for those taking public transportation in Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, and Portland in the US, and Madrid and Turin in Europe. Google says they are working closely with other partners to bring the feature to more cities.

[via Google]

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  • gohaus

    Now that is some awesome functionality. Way to go Google

  • Lauren Berns

    No update available in the market for me (I’ve got 5.5). ┬áIs this a “rolled out” update? Or do you have to be in one of the markets where the feature is live?

  • MattEden

    I’d say bring it here to Jakarta but….yeah I just can’t bring myself to say that without laughing half way through….”Jakarta Public Transpo…HAHAHAHAHAHA!”….. I guess the best I can hope for is they’ll have WMATA good to go in DC for when I return….

  • Aspaans

    Is it only for the online version of google maps?
    The Google Maps App on my Nexus One does show scheduled departure times for the lines with live-transit info, but not the actual live-transit info itself.

  • Vincent Allard

    Wooo Boston!

  • Brian McCann

    I drive a car.

    • Jose Barbosa

      loser, ahem troll loser

      • Brian McCann


    • Iambetta

      I ride a bike

      • MacJeffa

        I’m on a boat

      • MacJeffa

        I’m on a boat

  • Jay Ryan

    New York should have been on that list.

  • JulianZHuang

    Boston. ty

  • blackroseMD1

    Hell yes. This will allow me to get rid of the AnyStop San Diego app, which is never right about transit departure times. I’m curious about whether it’s for the app as well, even though the article mentions Maps for Android, as I don’t have an updates available at the moment.

  • blaque_prince

    Stuff like this is why Google is pulling ahead in the mobile space. You can make up all the crap you want about so called “buttery smooth UX” and “dead simple UI” but if you aren’t getting the data you need or the ability to do the things that are important you aren’t getting anything. You just have a pretty paper weight.

  • Temporary101

    add The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam……we dont even have the normal transit times, let alone updated times….anyway I WANT this!!

  • Ja

    it works in Oxford, UK as well