HTC EVO 3D to Launch June 24 According to RadioShack Flyer

Ever since it was unveiled at CTIA, the question on everyones’ minds was when Sprint would launch the HTC EVO 3D. Originally, rumors out of the RadioShack camp pegged the handset for a June 4th launch, but the most recent Sprint Playbook suggested a late June launch was more likely. After Sprint teased us with the handset via email, we have snagged a look at a RadioShack promotional flyer clearly stating a June 24th launch for the anticipated glasses-free 3D smartphone. The Shack has been taking unadvertised pre-orders for the device for some time now, but here finally acknowledges that you can reserve your own EVO 3D right now (until June 21st). Start limbering up them eye muscles now, you only have a few more weeks to get them in top shape. Wouldn’t want to strain them staring at that 3D qHD display, now, would we?

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  • linkinxp

    Very nice!! can;t wait

  • vinterchaos

    Awesome, can’t wait!

  • Xorg Kc

    When it’s rooted, will be my next fone.  If rooting is blocked, no more HTC for me.

  • Sewred

    what about the evo view?

  • toomuchgame441

    You know what… I’m just going to hold out in hopes someone releases a 5″ device down the year.

    • Free2424

      It’s called the Dell streak

  • Chimphappyhour

    I think I’ll wait for the new Evo 4D.

    • Trdracer21


      • Chimphappyhour

        It’s a joke.

  • Scott Tompkins

    Nice… CONVENIENTLY the day after the $125 port-in credit expires.

    • NYCHitman1

      You sound so surprised lol

  • UniteUs

    I’m wavering back and forth. I have been thinking I am getting the 3D but I am considering waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich’d Nexus 3. My EVO is still awesome and I have my $150.00 upgrade intact…wavering…just not sure.

    • Patrick Washington

      Man….you are gonna be waiting a long time for a phone. To each his own though, but since all the rumors that came out were basically a fake, it could be next year before that phone appears and there’s no evidence its even gonna be on sprint. But we shall see.

      • virger

        yeah i’m in the same boat, tough to decide. did those rumors turn out to be fake? i didn’t see anything, but that would be a bummer. nov/dec would be a year out from the last nexus and sprint and google have been playing nice a lot lately. 

        • Frank Black

           I have no choice but to wait until December for my first phone upgrade. At that point, I’ll decide but will be looking at all of the reviews and info on the EVO 3D. If however, the new Nexus phone comes and is available on Sprint on December 17th, that will do it for me.

    • xtcnafive0

      How do we know the Evo 3D won’t get ice cream sandwich as well.

      • Frank Black

         Ice Cream Sandwitch isn’t due for release until later this year, if then. More likely 2012. As a new device, the EVO 3D will get the Ice Cream Sandwitch upgrade eventually.

  • superiorsurprise

    HTC already announced the 3D will not be locked bootloader, it’s hard to say how many were produced locked already, but it will get fixed.

  • Pace

    Any one else wonder why Radioshack is the only one to have leaked the pricing and launch date?

    • JasoHanco

      Am I the only one who has noticed that the part of this that leaks the release date is a slightly different color and does not appear to be in exactly the same position as it would if it were actually on the flyer (vs. added in by some loser).

  • Rbardos

    Has anyone had experience with Foursquare discounts at the Shack? Would the EVO3D ‘qualify’?

    • kyds3k

      i’m willing to bet the answer is “no”, but might be worth emailing them to find out . . .

    • RockinRose4U

      I’d like to know that!

  • Rose

    I heard it will just not sure when. Just like the EVO got Froyo.

  • Frank Black

    I hate to admit it, but my resistance to the EVO 3D is weakening. I’m looking forward to the release and reviews. There’s already an extended battery out for it. If Seido makes an extended battery case for it…. OH YES!!! 

    • Lasean Colquitt

      Where did you find the extended battery for the EVO 3D?

  • Frank Black

    Sprint is definitely milking this for all it’s worth in order to increase demand. 

  • CM

    Hah. I just sold my EVO 4g on ebay and downgraded to my old palm 800w, hoping this would drop June 4th.. :(
    I guess I’ll be really blown away by android 2.3 and the dual core speeds after rocking wm 6.1 on 333mhz for a month!

  • scb1898

    Good job, Radio Shack.

  • 3_Phones_Jugglin

    Well….I know its a longer wait, but this isnt so bad. I mean, Whatever Sprint & Motorola announce on the 9th, you’ll be able to make your concrete decision about whether you want the EVO or not.

    Either way, either phone would be a 6 month rental….till the Nexus 3.

  • Rick Bardos

    More info on specials using FourSquare. I emailed RS today and here is the response. The Evo3D does not qualify for a discount, but accessories will.

    Thanks for reaching out to us.  FourSquare is a great promotion.
    FourSquare promotion should be honored at all RadioShack stores.  Some
    stores are more familiar than others.  I encourage you to contact the
    store before visiting to make sure they are up to speed.  If you want I
    can check a store or stores to make sure they are ready to help.
    Yes, all employees should be able to process the appropriate discount at the time of sale (anytime during business hours).
    products in the store will qualify for the discount – The exceptions to
    the promotion include: Post Paid wireless phones, Apple products,
    gaming hardware/software, laptops/netbooks/desktops, tablets, gift
    cards, services (prepaid cards, repairs, etc.), special orders
    (Direct2U, RSU, web orders), and online and phone orders. May not be
    combined with any other offers.
    So to answer your question, a new wireless phone (under contract) would not be included in the discount.
    I hope this information helps.  Just let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be glad to help out.

  • Chris Chavez

    Using my upgrade and getting the Nexus S. It will help make the wait for the Evo 3D less painful. 

    Then I will refund Nexus S for the Evo 3D and be a happy camper =)