New Sharp handset could be next Android Sidekick


Images of a new Android-based smartphone from Sharp have leaked accompanied by rumors of a US launch through T-Mobile. If the stylings of the handset look at all familiar, consider that the images were accompanied by the rumo that this could be TMo’s next Sidekick handset. It would follow the Sidekick 4G made by Samsung, but whether or not it will be its successor or merely a second Sidekick option isn’t known.

The phone is rumored to rock a 3.2-inch HVGA display and other smartphone standards such as WiFi, GPS, and a camera of undetermined resolution. Nothing can be said for a release date or pricing at this point in time.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. come to the UK please!

  2. i thought sidekicks always had a 5 row keyboard?

  3. Now it just needs a five row keyboard and a bigger screen. Seriously, I’m glad that Sharp is manufacturing the next sidekick, but without those things it’s not a true sidekick. Also the swiveling screen!

  4. Tmonews.com
    reported this is not the sidekick but the 
    Android version of At&t’s sharp FX

  5. Looks almost identical to the LX ’09 (RIP) Could be another Sidekick variant seeing how there were a few on T-Mobile a few years back.

    1. If my LX 09 would’ve had Android and touchscreen (duh) it would’ve been a great entry level Android player back in the day and T-Mo may have done a lot better that way. Oh well.

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