Acer Iconia Smart Makes an Appearance at Computex [VIDEO]


The Acer Iconia Smart may have been delayed on its way to launch, the phone with a rather unique form factor was on hand at Computex. It’s still very much the same device we first saw at Mobile World Congress, but spent a bit more time getting to know the device in its current state. Acer is touting the device as “100 percent smartphone, 100% tablet,” a reference the device’s 4.8-inch widescreen display. The handset isn’t a small one, but it does manage to maintain a manageable footprint.

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  1. That’s one tall phone. Seems chock-full of meh.

  2. I like this phone. Looks nice. Super wide/high screen seems kinda cool too. Single-core Snapdragon is kind of a bummer, but maybe the price will make up for that. 

    More than the phone, I like the guy in the video. I want to party with him some day =)

  3. meh… will be a huge pain in the ass to use with a single hand.  I have pretty large hands and it’s sometimes annoying using the 4.3″ screen of my HD2 one-handed.

  4. This would be a good device if it had a dual core Tegra 2 processor and 1GB RAM.

  5. Looks more like a PSP to me !!!

    PSPfied phone ???

  6. That thing is sexy to me.

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