Samsung Opens New AMOLED Production to Alleviate Supply Strain


AMOLED technology provides some of the most gorgeous displays we have seen to date, but their primary manufacturer, Samsung Mobile Display, has had a hard time meeting demand. Supply shortages have resulted in several instances of handsets downgrading display technology for later production runs, but Samsung is hoping to make that a thing of the past. A new 5.5th generation production line has just opened two months ahead of schedule. The line is capable of using larger glass substrates than could be handled before, which has a twofold result of lower costs and increased production.

The new factory line can pump out three million screens per month, and is currently focused on mobile display production to meet demand for the Samsung Galaxy S II. At full capacity the factory will be outputting 30 million per month.

[via Engadget]

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  1. WIN!

  2. Must be so they can make them for Apple.

  3. I hope not, I would like to see these made for all the android devices and not apple. Just to hurt apple for the ridiculous patent claims they make against Samsung.

  4. SAMOLED+ is a superior screen tech and is miles ahead of any competition. That screen is why I am waiting on the Galaxy s2!  I remember hearing Apple was interested in the product some months ago. I have no doubt SAMOLED+ will be used in the next generation iPhone being that Apple is known for pursuing and  using the best tech possible in their devices. It would make sense that at 30 million screens a month, Sammy has an interest in meeting more than their own screen demands.

    1. Its not superior

      1. Prove it. The closest product to it is the NOVA from LG.  qHD has a “better” resolution but doesn’t even compare to the SAMOLED+ in brightness, contrast, viewing angle viewing in sunlight, blah blah blah. The OLED revolution has been gaining momentum for awhile now, get with it dood.

      2. OLED is vastly superior.  The colour gaumet and black levels are unmatched.  The power efficiency (especially if app makers use black backgrounds) is just another bonus.

  5. the super AMOLED plus screens are gorgeous, whenever someone see or uses my Galaxy S2 the two most common comments are something along the lines of “That screen looks amazing” and “this phone is super quick”. So glad I moved over to android and did so with the Galaxy S2

  6. How abot some Tegra2 chips in the Galaxy S II for more people? Oh wait its not much of a big deal with a whopping 6 games that use hardware acceleration and of course the overheating.

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