T-Mobile Details After Hours Sale, G2 and Sidekick 4G Free with New Contract

T-Mobile had initially planned to hold their late night “insomnia” sale during the wee hours of Tuesday morning, but for reasons unknown pushed the whole affair back a couple of days. The good news is the after hours sale is definitely on for tonight starting at 9AM PDT and ending at 3AM PDT. For us east coasters, that’s 12AM until 6AM EDT Thursday morning.

As part of the sale you can find the T-Mobile G2 and Sidekick 4G for free with a new two-year contract. The T-Mobile G2x was initially penned in as part of the sale, but it has either been dropped or is getting a different, unannounced deal. If you’re in the market for any of these devices you might want to drink an extra cup of coffee or two to keep your eyes wide enough to place the order.

[via TMoNews]

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  • Richard Hall

    9pm PDT until 3am PDT, perhaps?

    • Sam_K

      Richard, you beat me to it.  It should say 9pm PDT. 

  • Jon

    Probably didn’t want to deal with all the handset returns and complaints of the G2x with it’s bugs and reboots.

  • BigJ

    It would help if when you write such mini-articles…which I’ve seen you do many times…..that you CLEARLY indicate whether this is for NEW customers or EXISTING customers.  It’s saves some headaches for us….and as long as you’re asking TMO about it….why not ask that question as well?