ASUS Issues Transformer Update to Fix Keyboard Dock Problems


It seems certain models of ASUS’ Eee Pad Transformer were affected with problems pertaining to the tablet’s optional keyboard dock. We haven’t heard of these issues before today, but that’s because not a ton of people were affected by it. Regardless, ASUS has issued a patch – firmware version – to fix whatever needs fixin’. Here’s the post from their Facebook page:

Eee Pad Transformer firmware update released – keyboard dock issues fixed. Don’t forget once you have updated the firmware on the Pad and rebooted, you must then also click on the firmware update icon for the keyboard dock (it will appear as a triangle in the bottom right of the screen). We completed the process on our test unit here with no problems.

Note: this was posted on ASUS UK’s Facebook page. No word on whether or not the United States or other regions will be receiving the update. (Be sure to let us know if you do get one, will ya?) One user who applied the fix says it absolutely fixes every problem he was having with the keyboard dock. ASUS details those problems here:

Not all units affected. Some had connection problems (so the keys trackpad weren’t responding) and some weren’t allowing charge. The engineers are confident that the frmware update should resolve the glitches.

Glad to hear, ASUS! Now get a move on ramping that production up so more people are able to buy it. [ASUS UK Facebook, Thanks Marco!]

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  1.  I’m glad to see these multinational companies are able to walk and chew gum at the same time, but they need to really focus on amping production.  Tackling one issue at a time will let them know where they stand with the public, whether in terms of approval or in support needed.  Come on Asus.

    1.  ASUS has terrible support…. I put them on my ‘do not buy’ list a while back… and I am sticking to my morals. They have about 20 support staff in TOTAL for all of Europe, South & North America (Mexico & Canada included of course) for their millions of customers. 20! How much time do you like to spend on hold when you call companies like this needing support? How much is that time worth to you?

      I am waiting for the Lenovo tablet…. no thanks Asus…. Lets see what you got on that quad core tablet I have been hearing about?

  2.  You guys hadn’t heard about it before? Er, don’t spend any time in the actual forums?

  3.  Just to let you guys know, it has already been pushed out to the United States. I guess they are just starting to roll it out in the UK and Europe now. It fixed all my keyboard issues and the dock works perfectly now. Wish they would add more features/options to adjust the settings of the dock though, such as the ability to adjust sensitivity, enable/disable two finger clicking/scrolling, etc.

  4. Now, I’m just waiting for them to “update” the Transformer in my local Best Buy. Hurry, Asus! I want to give you my money!!! =D

    1. Yeah, I’ve decided to wait until I can walk into a Best Buy and actually lay my hands on one at this point. I’ll let everyone else chase the elusive ones. Added bonus, by that point, Asus should have 3.1 ready. :P 

      1. I somehow walked into a bestbuy and bought one a week ago, not sure how, bought the dock across town at Fry’s.  They had docks and no tablets.  The thing is awesome.  I got the download and will update ASAP.  (battery has to be greater than 50% or plugged in)

  5. Got my keyboard dock today, and as soon as I attached it to the tablet, I got a notification about the update. 
    Located in Canada.

  6.  Any UK people, there’s apparently loads of the transformers available at Micro Anvika on Tottenham Court Road (I think they ship too). I went in on the off-chance earlier this week and picked up the keyboard combo. Love it so far.

  7. Where can you buy the Asus Transformer it’s not available anywhere on any major retailer or internet sales site?????

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