Motorola Droid X2 Misses Rumored Release Date, Dummy Units Arrive at Costco



The Motorola Droid X2 was rumored to be hitting shelves today along with the LG Revolution, but the day is winding down and no word has come in from Verizon. It seems the Samsung Droid Charge delay had some impact on the push back of the X2, with Verizon’s May lineup looking pretty crowded. Nevertheless, dummy units have started arriving at Costco stores in preparation for the eventual launch. The Droid X2 is set to be Verizon’s first dual-core Android handset, though it leaves out a 4G LTE radio. That doesn’t mean it can’t still be affected by LTE network issues delaying the release of other devices.

[AC via DroidLife]

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  1. This phone is gonna suck. 512mb of ram and no 4g? Verizon is always behind at&t. I’m almost ready to leave verizon just so im not always a year behind everone else.

    1. Exactly, Ive been waiting for a new QWERTY phone for verizon but havnt got one. So now i have to get a Droid 2 Global (coming from an OG Droid)

    2. My phone currently is Droid X, but no way in hell will I upgrade to X2, it looks the same and it’s pretty much the same phone. I really like my X, but X2 is a huge let down with no front camera and no 4G.

  2. WTF Verizon?! I surely hope this doesn’t push back the Xperia Play release date… AGAIN!

  3. basically a droid x with and dual core processor and nothing else new?…..verizon android line up sucks big time since the iphone…hoping they get the galaxy s2 by the holiday season or at least hope the bionic is comparable to the s2 if not …verizon has now flagship device to go head up with other carriers ..smh

    1. As usual nothing from verizon. I have a few friends that have the Droid X the Droid x2 deserved a better fate. Since the X2 doesn’t have that life draining LTE maybe just maybe the battery will last longer than the thunderbolt and charge

  4.  I’m actually happy it’s not a major upgrade so I don’t feel as outdated with my original droid x. droid x.

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