South Korean Police Raid Google Offices Over Illegal Collection of Data


As if Google didn’t have enough to worry about. Looks like Google’s South Korean office was the subject of a police raid (they use Segways) under suspicions that Google had illegally obtained data through the use of their ad-firm, Admob. This comes hot on the heels of a U.S. Federal Trade Comission investigation over Google’s dominance over the internet search industry. A Google spokesman says the company is cooperating with the police and their investigation.

Consumer privacy concerns have been a hot topic these days and it looks like other countries are cracking down as well. Last week I reported how two (not so smart) women were suing Google for $50 million over illegally obtaining location data without their consent. I sense this is only the beginning for the internet search giant.

[Via Reuters]


Chris Chavez
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  1. It seems silly that they had to go in with guns drawn. I would think they could have just called ahead.

    1. I don’t think police have guns in Korea (or is that Japan). Maybe they were using paintball guns? Those things smart! =/

      1. Korean Officer: “Surrender, put your hands up!”

        Google employee: “What? no!”

        *Korean Officer fires gun*

        2nd employee: “Joey NOOOOOO!!!” he’s dead!”

        Google employee: “No, it’s red paint and he got me in the eye…”

        2nd employee: “What the heck?!?”

        Cop: *kanyeshrug*

  2. we give you free OS, you raid us.

  3. Their entry sure is scary…

  4. Lmao

  5. Maybe they did not get the news, Bin Laden has already been caught.

  6. omg segway paintball ! genius !

  7. *Alleged* illegal data collection.
    It’s the second time in less than a year the police there raids their offices! and evidently it’s only to confirm allegations, is that how they do things there?! it doesn’t make sense, besides no data would be stored in the office, this whole thing doesn’t sound right.

    1. Not to mention they rode in on Segways…. O_o

  8. You think the Navy Seals got bin Laden this way? I’m scared.:-)

  9. Good job by the policemen!!..

  10. I almost cried from laughing when I saw them on the segways. Really how can they do that? It reminds me of those ducks that ride on a track at the fair that you shoot.

    In agreement with others though wtf at least have some kind of evidence and dont storm the office with guns drawn as I dont think anybody is planning on defending the info with their life…. Then again I bet lots of people thought the same about umbrella corporation before the t-virus got out.

  11. i’d like to point out the original photo source:

    but still hilarious.

  12. Seriously guys, read the original article before posting. The picture of officers with guns is from a counter terrorist exercise and has nothing to do with this. If you read the original article, there is no mention anywhere of guns being involved.

    1. Don’t you think we know that. I am sure most knew it wasn’t handled the way the picture represents. It is just a little humor. Do you hate humor?

      1. after thinking about it, i think this is actually a very effective counter-terrorist strategy.

        seriously. if you were about to engage in a firefight with a SWAT team, and they rolled in with full gear, and on segways, you’d be instantly immobilized from laughing too hard.

      2. Humor isn’t funny! Gah… Why can’t you just take things seriously for once… now where’s my SWAT gear and Segway, need to get ready for the Google raid.

  13. What about those 3 guys in the other pic…. they look like they are having fun…with themselves…lol

  14. Bin Laden must have used an Android phone.

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