FCC Outs Sprint’s New 4G Enabled Samsung SPH-D600 Device


You can file this under “weird.” Looks like another leak from a filing with the FCC. This time we’re looking at a mysterious Samsung device with the model number SPH-D600. At first glance, my heart skipped a beat thinking it was a possible Galaxy S II variant for Sprint but upon closer inspection it appears as if this could be more of an entry level phone.

Pocketnow is actually reporting a Qualcomm single-core 1Ghz MSM8655 processor (most likely not a Hummingbird). Also, a 480×320 display, possible slide out qwerty and in another unexpected twist you will notice a front facing camera for video calling which is interesting to say the least.

I thought this area was already covered with the Samsung Transform but I guess Sprint would disagree. I’m kind of weirded out at the mish-mash of high and low end specs but maybe they’ll have a price point that makes more sense once this finally becomes available.

[Via PocketNow]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Low end 4G makes sense. They currently don’t have any low-mid range 4G devices. The Transform is 3G only.

  2. This might be my next cell phone if the rumors hold true! Not too underpowered, but not top of the line and expensive as Sprint’s other offerings. I like physical qwerty keyboards. Fingers crossed to the correct rumors and low(ish) price point.

    1. I knew this would be the phone for somebody! That’s the beauty of Android: options.

      1. Meh, call me picky but I didn’t really like the style of the keyboard while testing it out in the Sprint store. But thanks anyway for the tip!

  3. The section blued out looks Samsung Continuum-ish. Not sure what else would go there worth blocking out besides a logo.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. But what label would go there besides Sprint, which they didn’t blue-out in the notification panel, or A Samsung label, which I don’t understand why the would blue that out because its obviously made by Sammy. My point is, its prolly not a label. So maybe it is a ticker screen.

      1. Actually I can see the edge of the screen on the top. And even where it ends @ the bottom. I don’t see a screen on the bottom part. It would be just as visable as the one on top. So I have no idea what it is.

  4. Of course its not a hummingbird.. the msm series is snapdragon

  5. maybe sprint FINALLY getting smart and making majority of its phones wimax enabled

  6. This is a wonder idea having consideration for others who may not need/want to pay for a smartphone priced between 200 and 300 dollars.

  7. My first thought, like so many already pointed out, was some sort of 4G enabled variant of the continuum. Definitely a ticker display at the bottom.

  8. New 4G enabled
    device, Samsung SPH D600, with a good processor & display. A great phone.
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