HTC Incredible 2 Bears Its Droid Eye In Leaked Renders


Earlier today we caught a glimpse of the HTC Incredible 2 in the wild, but this latest leaked set of promotional renders suggests this thing might launch as the Droid Incredible 2 after all. See that Droid eye peering into your soul? That may be the only thing that separates this handset from the Incredible S we got hands-on with at Mobile World Congress.

Verizon seems to have almost no formula for when and where it applies the Droid brand, but given that the original was the Droid Incredible in conjunction with these new images, we’d say the Incredible 2 has a pretty good shot of earning the title. We won’t have to wait long. All these leaks seem mighty suggestive of an impending launch.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. With google? Stock android!

    1. ?

      My Droid X says “with Google” and it’s anything but stock Android.

      1. +1 with Google on my Thunderbolt just means I have to load LP+ to get rid of sense. Luckily these devices have enough horsepower and memory that running a sep home doesnt bog things down like the older android relatives did. I will be rooting eventually to go senseless (bloatless).

        1. Sounds about like my X. (Soon to be “eX”?)

          I love LP+, it also runs smoother than most of the launchers in various custom ROMs I’ve run. Not to mention it’s crazy customizable so even if you were interested in Sense you could skin it like HTC’s amazingly bland launcher.

    2. With Google does not mean stock Android.

    3. No chance of it being stock, Sense will be on it for sure.

  2. With google, just means it has android, not necessarily vanilla. already been confirmed the inc2 will have sense, not that there was ever a doubt.

  3. Arg — “HTC Incredible 2 _Bares_ Its Droid Eye In Leaked Renders”


  4. If this was dual core it would be super enticing.

  5. My original Droid Incredible has “with google” on the back of it. Ask that signifies is the android os. If the new incredible 2 is still an htc phone, you can bet it will be running sense. With any luck it will be sense 2.0

  6. so excited!! (:

  7. Anytime a phone is branded “with Google” means its not stock. Hence the “with” part. Vanilla phones receive the “Google” branding (see Nexus One, Nexus S).

    1. My OG Droid says “with Google” and that’s vanilla Android. Of course, that is something that could have changed since. I believe the Nexus One was branded “a Google Experience” phone.

      1. That’s true I didn’t think about my OG Droid, however it was never advertised as a Vanilla Android Phone (although I once read that the plan was for it to have blur but blur wasn’t ready and they didn’t want the Eris to be released before the Droid, don’t know if there is any truth to that. The branding on the back of the Nexus One just says Google.

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