Google Mobile Search Gets Tilted [April Fools Hangover]


Google had some fun this year for April Fools’ Day, and it appears a few of their tricks are still hanging around. Either that, or big G wants to take its antics on the road year round. Try searching “tilt” on your Android or iPhone. Your screen suddenly looking a bit askew? Here is a quick video the globetrotting Rob Jackson threw together at the airport:

Ignore the fact that he is reading Phandroid, using a Motorola Droid X, and capturing video of the whole thing from his Motorola XOOM. Don’t even mention the quick glimpse we catch of the reflection of his rockin’ Android t-shirt. Say it with me now: fan boy. If we can look past all that, there you have it. Below is a shot from some other phone if the video wasn’t clear enough. A tilted search experience for sure.

[via SearchEngineLand]

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  1. Showed up tilted on my D2 and EVO, but not on any of the computers, the D1 or the Thunderbolt. Neat.

  2. Worked on my DX and my Galaxy Tab.

  3. lol…fun stuff…you gotta love google for adding this…..its like a continuation of their google jokes…..its like searching “recursion” in google, try that if you don’t know what I mean.

    ps. it worked on my nexus one

    1. Some of Google’s jokes are funny. My favorite was, a few years ago, when you put in directions from a US city to say, Paris, at one point, it said “Swim across Atlantic Ocean (29.0 Days)” then picked right up with the driving directions again.

  4. Tilted on my original Droid running Cyanogenmod 7 RC4

  5. Only works on the stock browser. I tried it on my EVO using Opera Mobile and it didn’t work (i don’t use stock browser as default because it lacks hardware acceleration). But then switched to the stock Android browser and it did work.

  6. Google humor. :)

  7. Didnt work on the Xoom…

    1. because the browser doesn’t use the mobile version of

  8. Askew works too.

  9. Whose dumb idea was it to use the iPhone to take the screenshot for this article?

  10. works on a computer….

  11. It worked on my Sprint HTC Hero. I tested it on stock Android 2.1 with Sense and AOSP Android 2.3.3.

    Both worked fine. Cool find.

  12. Worked on my D1

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