Grooveshark Pulled from the Android Market Over Copyright Concens


Grooveshark still hasn’t settled it’s beef with record labels over copyright issues, and now it has led to their app being pulled from the Android Market. While Google would only comment to say apps are pulled for violation of the Android Market’s Terms of Service, it seems apparent that alleged copyright violations are behind the removal of the application. Apple made a similar move last summer, removing Grooveshark from their App Store when contacted by record labels.

Grooveshark already reached settlement with major label EMI resulting in a licensing deal between the two entities, but the streaming music service is still in the midst of a suit launched by Universal Music Group. Google, as you may know, wants to do right by the major labels in hopes of securing the proper licensing for their own Google Music Service. The removal of Grooveshark also lines up with the testimony of Google’s Kent Walker at a House Judiciary subcommittee investigation into internet piracy, coincidental or not.

[via CNET]

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  1. *dislike*
    Also, First!

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooo

  3. This is good for Google, we dont want them to get tangled up in all that mess. I’m sure grooveshark will make the apk available for sideloading.

  4. Download TinyShark, still works great.

    1. thank you for this info

    2. Glad to know it still works. Haven’t tested it since this story

  5. Surely sucks. I paid for an entire year. Suppose I won’t get a refund. 15 minutes have passed. THANKS GOOGLE!

    1. Did they use the kill switch to remove it from your phone? Or did you just never download it?

  6. And yet the free, unofficial Tinyshark is still available. Everyone wins. :D

    1. And this post sums up why developers aren’t serious about bringing the best quality apps/games to Android. People just aren’t willing to pay and Google isn’t worried about controlling an app like Tinyshark.

  7. At least you don’t need to jailbreak your device to install it, just navigate to their site, download and click install.

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