HTC Flyer Heading For T-Mobile?


T-Mobile’s apparently not going to let Sprint one-up them as rumor has it they’ll be bringing the HTC Flyer to their customers sometime this year. Promotional materials and a mock-up of its in-store display were sent to PocketNow but no other details were afforded to us.

PocketNow couldn’t confirm if this was for the UK or the US, but T-Mobile’s YouTube channel will apparently be getting full-sized makeover for the device and pictures of the T-Mobile girl (still not exactly sure who she is even though I met her) from their United States marketing campaign are present.

I know many of you are hesitant about buying T-Mobile devices at this point, but will this be on your radar if it ends up being real?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just imagine if tmo would have held out for a few more months. They have a helluva projected lineup in the works. Vibrant 4g, pyramid, g2x, galaxy tabs, g slate and now the HTC flyer .. everything people complaining tmo didn’t have high end phones etc..

    Now they will n no one with touch them cuz of att. I myself haven’t made up my mind specially since ill be paying full price :(

  2. Ive been a tmobile customer for a while now these are my thoughts on dis supposed 2 be merger: one y is everyone panicing 1st point this will take up to a year 2 complete dat gives us 2 play room IF this deal doesnt go through tmobile stands 2 reap some good benifits namely spectrum, roaming agreements, and cash. So if we dnt want this merger to go through theres still regulatory approvals that have to be met so we need 2 exercise our right to freedom of speech 2 our goverment till the descision is out tho its still buisness as usual for me

  3. I’m interested in the flyer but personally wouldn’t touch t-mo with a ten foot pole…..

    1. T-Mobile is awesome compared to the other carriers. Their value for the price can’t be beat. They are the innovative smaller carrier working harder for my money than any other carrier ever has.

  4. Its nothing personal its just business


    The Flyer is on this site and it’s $899!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  6. That site say’s it’s on Android 2.4 HAHAHAHAHA again!!!

    1. What’s so funny……it is……

  7. If it has a Wi-Fi only version, you wouldn’t have to use T-Mobile

  8. Why is HTC releasing non-Honeycomb tablet now, with a slew of HC-Tabs coming out? SMH. I’ll be looking to get that Samsung 8.9

  9. I’m definitely interested in it; I can’t use t-mobile here at my office, thanks to a communication tower next door that pretty much ruins TMO’s 3G Verizon and Sprint both work fine, though, so I may well get this for Sprint.

  10. If it were at least 9″, then I’d be interested. Draw on my 10″ iPad screen is fine, but 7″ would be too small. If HTC comes out with a bigger version with a stylus like this, I’d be interested.

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