Rumor: Nexus Tablet to be Made by LG


We’re getting the rumor mill started a bit early this morning. The latest comes by way of Mobile-Review’s Eldar Murtazin. He claims that Google will be partnering up with LG to bring a Nexus tablet out that’ll serve as a reference point for the industry. Details were a bit scarce but I could totally see where Google might want an official tablet for developers and OEMs to identify with.

BGR notes that whatever it is could just be for internal use, but what’s the fun in that? If true, LG is an interesting hardware partner considering they gave Motorola early access to the bits of honey found on the Motorola XOOM. It’s said that this will be out of the factory in late summer or early fall.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. If this is true, after JUST purchasing my Xoom I’m going to be a bit annoyed…

    1. Sorry, but you made a bad move.

  2. Good thing I didn’t spend money on a tablet yet. >_>

  3. Why didn’t this debut with the Xoom? My gosh.

  4. Tegra 3?

  5. Didn’t nvidia say something about the quadcore / tegra 3 chipset being publicly available in tablets around that time when demo-ing it at MWC? Could this be the first quadcore device?

    1. yup.. this most likely will be.

  6. LMAO Now there are talks about an actual Nexus tablet. I have been talking about this for months already, I thought it would be the Xoom but I was wrong.

    1. How is the XOOM not a “nexus” tablet? Andy Rubin said that was the hardware they used to develop Honeycomb.

      1. When he said that I was sure that it would be but now these rumors of an actual “Nexus” branded tablet say otherwise. Also I own both Nexus devices and neither of the two have carrier branding so that means they can’t slow down any updates. Although Verizon is pretty good with updates. I know that the Sprint’s “Nexus” is carrier branded but only time will tell if it also gets updates as fast as my non-carrier branded Nexus S.

        1. Verizon would have nothing to do with updates to a device not requiring a contract (i.e. updates come via Wi-Fi too), running stock Honeycomb, with no pre-loaded Verizon bloatware whatsoever.

          1. I will remember that comment since I have been reading similar ones for 2 1/2 years, Probably 30,000 already or more.

          2. 30 whole months! I’ve only been dealing with smartphones since 2004. What comments could you have possibly read for a data-only product with no carrier bloatware or manufacturer skin?

  7. My guess is, Google partnered with Motorola and the Xoom because Motorola really wanted to get a tablet out the door before the iPad2. Since then, Google’s publicly stated that Honeycomb was rushed, they’re forcing OEMs to not change the UI until it’s completed, and they’re holding back the source code.

    This is probably real. LG probably had to agree on not releasing a larger tablet until the Nexus version is complete. Truthfully, I was a little disappointed that not a single Android tablet has NFC. I wanted to be able to tap my Android phone to my tablet (just like Palm) to transfer images, webpages, etc. back and forth.

  8. I seriously don’t understand why Google is shafting HTC lately. You and I both know HTC has better phones than anyone.

    1. No.

    2. HTC’s last 8 phones are the same hardware.
      Samsung are way above them in technology, design, and everything else.
      The camera on HTC’s phones are really bad

      1. yea! I would love to see Nexus slice of Tablets made by Samsung.
        (with SAMOLED or more awesome)

      2. You do realize that parts inside these things are just off the shelf parts any of the other manufacturers can buy don’t you. That of course includes the camera. It is not like Samsung or LG or Apple are inventing all new components every time they come out with a product.

    3. Lol the Desire line is getting increasingly boring, the same Sense gets tiring…. HTC is so dead, they lost it after they made their 8th Evo…. its sad that people still think HTC is the best when they haven’t even announced Gingerbread for any of their devices.

      1. Thats fanboying for ya when will people ever learn?

      2. Umm….Nexus One anyone? :)
        Rocks the house…oh, with Gingerbread!

    4. HTC does make great stuff, but Google isn’t “shafting” anyone. They clearly are just spreading their attention around to all the companies that are investing themselves in Android, smart move.

    5. Your fanboyism is appalling.. HTC doesn’t make better phones than Motorola nor Samsung.

  9. LG Optimus Tab?

    1. Or the G slate

  10. Wonder how this would differ from the xoom. Google worked with Motorola on the xoom and it is running stock android.

  11. Google is punishing any manufacturer who released non-honeycomb tablets.

  12. perfect! that’s prob around the time my nook will begin to feel underpowered. until then my 1.2ghz nookcolor dual booting HC and CM7 will have to do ;-)


    1. Woah…that’s a lot of anger! What’s wrong with the Tegra 2?

      1. Nothing…but if the release date is near the end of the year…it better be Tegra 3 (the quad core).

        1. Yeah. yeah.
          Nvidia make a bad uneffecient chip, and then to make it better they just add cores.
          thats really creative i guess..

      2. It’s inability to play 1080 at a reasonable frame rate. The A5 kills it in graphics and gaming.

        1. Indeed.
          And even though the A5 kills it, i feel that the iPad 2 is slower than my Nexus S in everything.
          Even in web browsing :/
          And with a that low resolution screen i can’t belive it.
          Something is wrong with the industry….

      3. Its not really anything wrong with it.
        Its just that the GeForce ULP is weaker than the SGX 540, let alone the 545, or 543 with mulltiple cores.
        And all Tegra 2 devices have lagged so extremely that its unusable.
        Just look at the Xoom in the videos.
        And it doesn’t support Neon either.
        And the processor is most of the time, weaker in single threaded tasks.
        If LG uses the Omap4 it won’t be a problem however.
        And Omap processors can clock like shit :3

    2. I like your thinking. Android enthusiasts deserve better. Qualcomm will most likely disappoint considering they’re using the A8 Cortex. Samsung may be our only hope.

      1. The qualcomm’s will have great battery life! But we won’t see any difference until google brings out ice cream!

  14. I doubt it… this sounds stupid, Google made the Xoom the dev device and the device for launch with the new software…. unless this is true and I am just a raging wifi Xoom user lol.

    1. Google didn’t make the Xoom the dev device and if i’m not mistaken the Xoom runs a modified version of honeycomb

  15. This move makes the most sense considering Google is holding back the source for Honeycomb and it backs LG’s claim that (despite Samsung’s TouchWiz 4.0 implementation on the new Galaxy Tabs) Google has restricted them from altering Honeycomb. Hopefully this will come out light, thin, packing dual cores and dual cameras, in 16/32/64g flavors with both 3G/4G and WIFI only options all available at launch like those fruity guys.

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