Father of Java James Gosling Joins Google


Though he has been a rather vocal critic of Google and their handling of the Android OS in the past, James Gosling, otherwise known as the father of Java, has taken a job with the company. To be clear, it is not certain if his work will focus on Google’s mobile OS or if his attention will be needed elsewhere. His feeling is he will be working on “a bit of everything.”

Gosling is formerly of Sun Microsystems, though he left the company after their acquisition by Oracle, the company currently suing Google over claims of stolen code within the Android source. He said it was apparent from early stages of the merger that Oracle wanted to pursue legal action against Google, but for this and other reasons he parted ways with the software company. That is not to say he hasn’t had a few words to say of Google in the past. Speaking about Android, Gosling once said the OS “has pretty much played out the way that we feared: there is enough fragmentation among Android handsets to significantly restrict the freedom of software developers.”

Past feelings aside, Gosling brings years of knowledge and innovation to a company that sees no short supply of the two. Even if Gosling never sees any work on Android, it is a major win for all.

[via The Register]

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  1. Before I scrolled down I thought the picture was of a toe.

    1. inside that ‘toe” is a brain so powerful that you can’t even imagine.

    2. LMAO

  2. lots o cash heals all wounds

  3. Gosling is real cool. I bet he will work with the Android-Team…

  4. LMAO @ Sucklefish

  5. I guess Google thought Android was progressing too fast.

  6. Oracle stinks. Many openoffice developers decided to quit after they took over.

  7. Goodbye Oracle lawsuit. All they can probably hope for now is a settlement for damages done as Gosling will know how to go around any VM patents they may infringe upon…which I don’t think would stand anyway. I think the copyright stuff will either turn out to be nonsense or will piss the Java community off to the point no one wants to use it.

    What I’m really hoping for is the next language to replace Java. The memory requirements, track record on the desktop, and muddy waters of the framework ecosystem make it unattractive. Time to go new or elevate something like Python or Ruby to place it should be. With Gosling, and the creators of Python and Go all at Google something has GOT to happen. Writing Android apps in Python syntax would be a blessing.

    1. I see it being replaced…with C/C++ :)
      You don’t see any managed code in ios apps, NDK on android is expanded and nobody cares about WP7-only apps.
      Managed code makes more sense in the enterprise but it is not where mobile consumer apps are going.

  8. Will Android begin interrupting my work with constant update pop-ups the way Java does?

  9. Winning!

  10. more brains to google, WIN!

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