Mar 28th, 2011

For years, the world of personal payments via electronic means has be dominated by one company and one company alone: PayPal. Enter Serve, an American Express answer to the market begging for some competition. Just like PayPal, users with Serve accounts can send each other money, but that ain’t all. Money can be transferred to a pre-paid debit card for purchases in the real world and sub-accounts allow for money to be allotted to others (such as a spouse or kids) for spending. Don’t worry, spending can be monitored and limits enforced to prevent your cash line from running into the ground.

Of course, the new service comes with the no pre-requisite mobile apps. Serve is available for Android with features such as sending and requesting money, adding funds and managing your account, and split-the-bill for group purchases. Find it now in the Android Market.

Android Market Link: Serve

[via MobileCrunch]