Sony Ericsson Continues to Freak Us Out with Xperia Play Commercials


We know one thing about the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play for certain: the company is putting all of their might behind making this thing as big a success as possible. Whether it IS that big success remains to be seen, but here are yet more commercials for the handset featuring the oft-hilarious Kristen Schaal. Yes, she has demon eyes in one and becomes a cross bow-weilding dawrd in another. Freaky, but what more could you ask for?


[via Engadget]

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  1. Lol I like them

  2. Okay, these are much better than the creepy thumb transplant ads.

    A Kristen within a Kristen actually made me laugh out loud.

  3. That wig on the second video doesn’t even look like it’s really on her head, it keeps shifting around in an odd manner.

  4. wtf? These made me not want this at all.

  5. I still dont really want the phone, but I do love these ads!

  6. Shouldn’t have used some1 so ugly. lol sony i hope u fail.

  7. Why is Mel selling phones? Where’s Doug?

  8. I don’t want it.
    I don’t like her.

    But these ads are amazing.

  9. I think the Kristen within a Kristen one actually just made me want this phone.

  10. These ads are great. And Alexander, I think it’s supposed to look like that, considering it’s not her body either. ;)

  11. well done, Sony. I’m loving the ads

  12. God the old spin the record backward (I know what is a record ?) , it was said in the 70’s a album played backward the Devil could be heard talking , old tricks that still get attention .

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU4QuP–FnU&feature=relmfu

    Hey I’m watching me on youtube!
    hey I’m watching me watching me on youtube!
    Great! I’m on youtube!


  15. and the winner is…
    It’s pocket grenade time you hussie! TAKE IT!

  16. @6 go back to playing bejeweled

  17. @5 Alexander – That’s because that video is her face superimposed on someone else’s body, that’s why her face moves around oddly, it’s like when Conan does the fake mouth gag.

    @9 Tim – Laugh out **cking loud!

    The the people complaining about Kristen not being hot, she’s hilarious, she gets a pass. She’s one of the funniest people in or around showbiz.

  18. Great ad….butterface has to go.

  19. Oh man, the one where she is attacking herself is just glorious

  20. I’ve never even heard of her.

  21. Awesome!!

    She is great she unleashed some of the crazy from her character in Flight of the Conchords :o)

  22. I love these! Every one of them has made me laugh. This is the kind of advertising that the Play Needed.

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