Microsoft Continues Indirect Attack on Android, Files Suit Against Barnes & Noble and NOOKcolor


Microsoft won’t attack Google directly, but they sure are making a time of going after manufacturing partners, determined to prove elements of the Android OS violate patents owned by the computer software company. Now in their sights are Barnes & Nobles and several manufacturers involved in the making of the NOOKcolor, including Foxconn and Inventec. MS claims elements of the NOOKcolor copy “natural ways of interacting with devices by tabbing through various screens to find information.” That sounds like just about every computing device, but OK.

Microsoft claims they attempted to reach a licensing agreement last year with the companies involved, but terms were refused. MS believes they are left with no choice but to sue. You can read all about it at the Microsoft source link below.

[Microsoft via AndroidCentral]

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  1. First. MS= Whiners!

  2. Ms suck a fat babys balls.

  3. MS haters… just cuz their mobile has been shit all along it dont mean they gotta attack the andy movement… i bet if it was their software in there they wouldn’t say shit nor a word.

  4. I’m going to patent “a natural method of delivering oxygenated air to living organisms” and sue everyone who breathes.

  5. Apple 2.0
    That’s all that needs to be said. People seriously need to stop sueing competitors just because they sel more products than they do.

  6. If this goes Micro$hafts way, then I guess the only thing left is to use the devices in an “unnatural” manner.

    “Hey, Bob, let me show you something on my phone” *whip out penis; flop it onto the screen*

  7. @Aaron Clay, are you 5 years old? whats with stupid ass first comment thing… wow, moron.

  8. If you can’t beat em, sue em.

  9. I assume they are referring to the GUI technology they stole from Apple in the 80s (which Apple stole from Xerox)?

  10. lol @ Sean: Exactly how I feel.. these “patents” are getting ridiculous.. Makes me wonder how they can even end up patenting crap like this in the first place.

  11. Come on MS. . . if you want to sue Android then go at it with the big boys–take on Google and straighten this out, if you have a case that is.

    Nonetheless, I’m sick of this behavior. . . will do what I can to make sure they aren’t getting my $$$ any more.

  12. With the Android OS popping up on everything from phones to tablets, to maybe even laptops and desktops, Microsoft is right to be worried. Build a better OS and people will buy. As soon as someone comes up with true laptop replacement in an Android tablet, my Toshiba and I will part company. Bye, bye, Bill.

  13. lol idk much about this lawsuit but LOVE MICROSOFT & WP7!
    Seriously though, it sounds kind of dumb. Apple & Microsoft are both suing over the silliest things. Oh well, still love Microsoft(and google)

  14. @nomnompie I hold the patent in patenting crap. Don’t use it again unless you want me to sue.

  15. Here is the real problem:
    General Counsel for Intellectual Property & Licensing. “HTC, a market leader in Android smartphones, has taken a license under this program. We have tried for over a year to reach licensing agreements with Barnes & Noble, Foxconn and Inventec.

    HTC caved in a set precedent along with all the others. When a conpany agrees to claims like this, it lend credence to all those claims.

    I distinctly remember MS Balmer going around saying that Linux violated a lot a patents but they not ONCE would ever listed those or sue over them to set precedence. FUD at its finest. And it could deter others from entering the market. Soon after Suse did that stupid as hell agreement. Microsoft has done more harm to the computing industry than they have ever helped.

  16. Bye bye Bill? You realize Bill has nothing to do with the company now right?

  17. This is Balmer definatly, he is in Bills deep shadow and is desprate to keep the company strong.. he doesn’t have the skill bill had so he is borrowing ideas from Apple. Close of your systems and sue everything that moves.

  18. “Bye bye Bill? You realize Bill has nothing to do with the company now right?”

    Does it really matter? There doesn’t seem to be any difference in the Microsoft does business.

  19. “will do what I can to make sure they aren’t getting my $$$ any more.” Me too.

  20. I’ve never been a M$ hater, but ever since they sunset Windows Mobile and replaced it with “Windows Phone 7” I have been losing more and more respect for them all the time.

  21. You know I was really the first one to come up with the idea of buttons. I thought to myself, what if I could push something to activate something else….I need to get going if I want to sue companies that have incorporated buttons.

  22. I don’t blame Microsoft (though the are being dicks!) but it’s the American law that alows lame software patents that is to blame.

    I think at most if you allow these kind of crazy patents they should only be enforced for 3 months after the first device using them goes to market. Or 18 months after registration.

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