Apple Not Happy with Amazon’s Use of the “App Store” Trademark


Amazon just launched their apps marketplace for Android under the name Appstore, and if you thought Apple was going to let that one fly you are sorely mistaken. If Amazon though condensing the title into one word and eliminating the capital ‘S’ would save them from cries of unfair competition from the Apple camp, they were also sorely mistaken. The iPhone maker and arguable source of the whole apps phenomenon has already filed a complaint in federal court accusing Amazon of trademark infringement and improper use of the “App Store” trademark.

Things get a bit trickier, though. While Apple was granted the App Store trademark, Microsoft has challenged the registration and the whole matter is currently set to go before the trademark appeal board. This matter will be central in Amazon’s defense. The court documents cite Apple’s attempt to contact Amazon and seek the abandoning of the App Store name on at least three occasions, but Amazon did not respond to their requests. The online retail giant denied comment on the pending case.

[via Bloomberg]

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  1. THIS JUST IN… Exxon Not Happy With Shell Over The Name ” GAS STATION ” !?!

  2. Apple sucks balls….you dont own everything

  3. Apple sucks balls….you dont own everything

  4. F’em

  5. LOL @ ‘gas station’ reference

  6. From what I’ve read yesterday, Apple hasn’t gotten the trademark approved for “app store.” If this is true, they don’t have much of a case. I’m betting Amazon will continue wiht the name as is and Apple will just have to deal with it. What kills me is the amount of stores that use the term “app” as selling points. Apple may have made it popular, but it’ll be interesting to see if they are the only ones that have the right to use it without having to pay for it.

  7. Go blow a goat Apple. There is a finite number of words in the English language, and only so many ways to effectively describe something. What else do you want to call an app? What about a store? Apple would trademark every language on the planet if they could.

  8. Apple invented the store. We all know that…surprised they haven’t gone after the grocery store yet for use of the word store.

  9. Apple needs to grow up. I couldn’t agree more with the ‘you dont own everything’ comment and the gas station comment.

    I wonder how many taxpayer dollars have been wasted by all the frivolous lawsuits Apple brings up.

  10. Its totally different. Amazon’s is Appstore and Apple’s is App Store, those aren’t the same.

  11. Apple need to take a big one and shut up. Hot damn. They called out ALL their competitors at the iPad 2 showing, then get angry when someone uses a word they’ve used.

  12. How is Apple not being happy news? Anyone?
    Anyways this is sort of like Harley Davidson sueing anyone using the name Hog for a motorcycle.

  13. Well shoot, I’m gonna start an appraisal store and call it an App Store.

  14. Hey Apple Stayfree called and they are not happy about you using their word “Pad” lawyers might have to get involved.

  15. So if i opened a fast food restaurant and named it “Burgerking” or “Tacobell” then those fast food chains have no right to come after me, right??? BS…..I would get slapped with a trademark infringement suit the moment I opened the store! If Apple was awarded a trademark then its their right and their responsibility to their shareholders to go after the perpetrators. Personally, with all of these fake iPhones being released almost daily, I don’t think Apple has gone far enough in their infringement lawsuits……once again we have a shining example of how Apple leads and the rest of the world follows

  16. @iKing – No, it’s more like Beanburrito and Curlyfries.

  17. Leave it to an iFollower to come to the rescue of Apple.

    Nobody is saying that they don’t have a right to defend their intellectual property. We are just saying that they should not have had this wording trademarked as intellectual property.

    P.S. @iKing what are you talking about everyone is following Apple? Steve just showed off his NEW iPad 1.5 and Apple is still behind the ball. Who is following who?

  18. When is Apple going to sue the farmers of America for growing a fruit called an apple.. Surely they had the name first right? Obviously something you eat and an iPad are exactly the same thing.. Duh Apple! In the words of Stan Marsh, “Don’t be gay!”

  19. ifan boy you suck, Apple doesn’t even own anything in their famed iOS it was stolen intellectual property from NextOS and BSD OS, they stole it and tried to say it was their innovation, educate yourself people Apple Inc, is a tyrannical entity looking to only deceive you, Apple, Inc. = Nazi Germany ;-)

  20. iKing, take all of boring those apples, shine it up REAL nice, turn that son a bitch sideways and stick straight up your candy ass!! Oh wait, they’re already there.

  21. Someone just call their Application Service, “Apple Store.” And see what happens…

  22. @Steve – no it’s not. Bean burritos and curly fries are menu items. Taco Bell and Burger King are the names of the stores that sell the menu items. The “App Store” is the store that sells the menu items (apps)…..nice try

    @SavageJeep – why shouldn’t they have the wording trademarked?? It identifies THEIR store! There’s nothing unique about the words “Burger” or “King” individually. But when those two words are used together they identify a specific franchise. Same applies in this scenario. The words “App” and “Store” mean nothing individually….put them together, however, then it’s a different ballgame.

    P.S. Just like the droid, Evo, droid incredible, and all of these other wannabes wouldn’t exist were it not for the iPhone, the galaxy tab and the Xoom would not exist were it not for the iPad….like I said, Apple leads…..everyone else follows

  23. I am currently in the process of pattenting the name “Gas Station”. I have a feeling I’m gonna get rich off this one.

  24. hahahaha @iking please stfu.
    i love apple, but you are taking it to a whole other level. relax. i hope apple loses this “lawsuit”, if at fact there is any. APP=applications as long as it has their own name, knowing to which the “app” store belongs too in front, there should be no problem.

  25. @dork – u can kiss where the sun don’t shine

    I will continue to call out these LAZY companies who just sit back and waits to see what Apple does, be absolutely dumbfounded when it’s a runaway hit, and then try to piggyback off their success. Get a clue moron….

  26. iKing take all of those boring apples, shine them up REAL nice, turn them sideways and stick them straight up your candy ass!!! Oh wait, they’re already so far in there!

  27. iKing you giant D nozzle, it’s not like “Burgerking” at all. It’s like McDonalds trying to say they have the rights to the name “Fast Food Restaurant” I’m going to guess you’re 11 years old because most 12 year olds I know can figure this one out.

  28. @iking please enough of you fanboi ways. the appstore name is so vague it basically describes that its an application store. its like putting up a store that says “Vinni farmers market” and get sued by henry’s farmers market for copyright. apple should not be allowed to trade mark stupid vague names like that. like cinema display, how vague is that?

  29. @su2lly I’m 12 and what is this?

  30. Fine, I am trademarking my name, and am going to drive past night clubs, bars, and radio stations, and sue them everytime I see “DJ” – it isn’t just my screenname in here.
    On another note.
    .iKing wrote on March 8, 2011

    Steve Jobs is not afraid of Android. His disdain for Android stems from the fact that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a snake in the grass. All the time he was sitting on Apple’s board of directors he was plotting the launch of his own rival OS. So yeah Jobs hates Android, but it’s not bcuz he fears them. It’s bcuz of that Google-sized knife he had to pull out of his back….

    Okay, go back to that thread
    and read comment #108, it’s the really long one I posted, and everything historical in that is true – in this case I direct you to the parts where Apple and Microsoft were ripping off other companies (xerox, etc.).

    This is certainly not quite the same; this is completely idiotic. This runs parallel with Paris Hilton trademarking “That’s Hot”, or OJ Simpson trademarking “OJ” (neither worked), or as the OP stated; trademarking “Gas Station”.
    If Apple wants to trademark their app store, I should think they should be more specific, since it is a store, and it is selling apps. As others have mentioned, there are just so many combinations. “App Market”? – doesn’t sound right, and I get the feeling that Apple thinks they own the term “app” as well.). There is a difference betwen trademark disputes and common sense. Unfortunately, “common sense” is increasingly uncommon these days. Before you go about calling companies “lazy” do some actual research on what goes on behind new technologies, otherwise, you just sound like a 12 year-old iFan with ADD. This is an Android forum anyway, why the hell would you even care? If you don’t like Android, there is a VERY simple solution to that (you probably missed it, it’s okay, we can’t all have 3-digit IQs) YOU DON’T BUY ONE. I don’t care for iPhones, so I don’t own one, or go into iPhone forums, why would I? That would be pathetic, very pathetic indeed.

  31. @ su2lly +1, btw for the gas station comment. lol

  32. Apple is going to sue McDonalds for having the Big Mac.

    Microsoft is gonna sue Home Depot for selling windows.

    Im gonna sue Phandroid cuz im a fan of the droid. Cummon this crap is rediculous

  33. @su2lly – no you’re an idiot. The name “Fast Food Restaurant” does not uniquely identify anyone. The name “McDonalds” identifies a single company that is not to be used by ANYONE else. That’s the whole point of obtaining a copyright, dummy. Apple ignited the modern apps craze. They coined the name “App Store”, and like any smart business would do, they copyrighted it. Why? Bcuz they knew the copycats would jump on the bandwagon and they wanted to keep their store separate from the wannabes. The ONLY reason this is an issue is bcuz it’s Apple. If this were any other company it wouldn’t be an issue at all, but bcuz of the Apple hatred(envy) that exists here you fandroids react in such a typical manner……how telling

  34. @iKing – you are clearly confused here, you repeatedly cite “McDonalds” and “Burger King” as comparable to the term “app store”, now I’m not sure if you can understand this, but the first two are Company names, and as such subject to all the relevant trademarks and licensing laws, the second is a generalised term describing a place a consumer may go to purchase Apps, now I’m sure you’re not attempting to suggest that Apple coining the term App, ( I know it’s a lot of the same letters and that can be confusing) however it has been around for a long time . Now I’m sure that there is currently no trademark on shoe store, or the afore mentioned gas station, now do you think I would be allowed to go out, obtain this trademark, and then start suing everyone who dares to include it in the name of their business?

  35. @ iKing – Right. Do you honestly think we wouldn’t have multitouch phones without Apple? Are you that iBlind? Apple didn’t invent multitouch, they just incorporated it into phones first. Furthermore, Apple might have made apps more popular with the iPhone, but in no way did they invent apps or make them more magical.

    And no, this has nothing to do with “Apple envy”, as you suggest, which is also the goto argument for Apple fans. You don’t have to be a smartphone user to see the irony here. Microsoft was always shown by Apple fans as a monster, suing everything and everyone in sight. Now it’s Apple. Ironic, no? Pointing out that irony is completely outside any particular OS fanboyism.

    Your “Apple invented everything” delusion really clouds any other argument you make. The iPhone actually copied the “slide to unlock”, the wall of apps, and a whole slew of other multitouch features. In fact, if you watch the multitouch presentation on TED TV you’ll notice how little Apple innovated in terms of the iPhone. Besides, Microsoft was working on Surface before the iPhone came out. Take your head out of Steve Jobs’ butt and use your brain.

  36. @iKing app store is clearly a direct abreviation of application store. gas station is a direct abreviation of a store that sells gas. fast food is well what im eating right now but it is also a direct abreviation of food that was prepared fast

  37. It amazes me at how much credit people give to Apple. Apple did not concept the idea of a smart phone, apps or even the tablet computer. They might have improved on the concept a bit and made big announcements and fan fair when releasing them but I think it is a bit much to say they are the ones to have come up with the idea and everyone else is trying to piggyback off their success. Apple after all did not come up with the cell phone or the computer.

  38. iphone without google search and gmail would be nothing.

  39. also i-pad is not a direct abreviation of mobile tablet so yes they can patent that same with i-phone mac or i-pod.

    apple should just make it the i-store if they want to sew everyone in sight.

  40. iKing, it’s a good thing you spelled the word because “bcuz”, because I own the rights to the word because. Oh crap, now I owe myself some money. For the record I don’t hate Apple, just the asexual person running the company. That’s a joke, I don’t hate anybody because that would be wrong. Sh*t, I did it again.

  41. I am not sure why it matters what Amazon names there store. Seeing as iPhone and iPad users can only get apps from the APPLE App Store, it isn’t like Amazon will be able to steal away customers and app dollars away from them.

    For this reason, I cannot see how Apple and any court could even possibly fathom forcing Amazon to change the name. This is completely ignoring the stupidity of the claim in the first place.

  42. I am not sure why Apple is getting all bent out of shape about this.
    #1. It is not like anyone will get the two confused. If I have an iPhone I cannot go to the Amazon store to get apps anyway, and vice versa.

    #2. Ya the name is similar and sounds alike but they are clearly spelled differently. Ya,ya I know it is too close for Apples comfort but do you think this has not come up before. Macys is the big clothing store well known for their thanksgiving parade in NYC. Maceys is a grocery store chain. When said both names are the same. I am sure there are other examples of stores and business’ having similar names.


    Apple doesn’t even own anything in their famed iOS it was stolen intellectual property from NextOS and BSD OS, they stole it and tried to say it was their innovation, educate yourself people Apple Inc, is a tyrannical entity looking to only deceive you, Apple, Inc. = Nazi Germany ;-), AND IF YOU REALLY THINK ALL THEIR CONCEPTS ARE ORIGINAL THEN YOU NEED TO FURTHER EDUCATE YOURSELF, THE WHOLE IPOD-IPHONE IDEA WAS A STOLEN CONCEPT FROM SOME SMALLER COMPANY WHO SOLD THE IDEA ONLY AFTER MICROSOFT BRUSHED IT OFF, STUPID APPLE FANS, YOU CONFORM JUST LIKE THE GERMANS IN NAZI GERMANY DID IN THE 1940s

  44. @avenuePad – first of all, I never said anywhere in my posts that Apple invented multitouch….where did that come from???? Whether or not there would be phones that have multitouch without the iPhone is a matter of pure speculation on your part. Multitouch technology was available for any of these companies to use anytime they wanted, but it wasn’t until Apple employed it in the manner that they did that the rush to put multitouch on phones was ignited…..copycats

    Personally, I have never begrudged Microsoft or anyone for going after people that infringed upon their intellectual property. If you have been legally awarded a patent or trademark and someone willingly infringes upon it, then it is your right and your obligation to go after them. That goes for Microsoft, Apple, HTC, Motorola or anyone else. If Apple is found to be guilty of infringement, then go after Apple. I’m not discriminating here…..

    Again, you make arguments based upon statements that I have not made. I never suggested that “Apple invented everything”. They are the ones, however, that are credited with blending these features into single product that essentially created the modern day smartphone. A smartphone experience that each of their competitors, especially Google, has tried to emulate. Your argument sounds like this: you use eggs, flour, butter, sugar and other ingredients to create the poundcake. Someone comes along, imitates your creation, and then rationalizes by saying, “you didn’t create the eggs! You didn’t create the flour! You didn’t create the butter!” Which may be true, but you did create the RECIPE. Apple created the recipe for the modern smartphone, and the rest rest of the smartphone (and tablet) world has followed….period

  45. My old Palm phone had apps before there was even an iTunes, no less iPhone. Hell, my old Sharp personal organizer had them in the mid 1990s…. but I guess Apple invented apps, just like they invented video chatting and the touch screen.

  46. Holy crap.

  47. I think I am going to sue Steve Jobs for my liver back.

  48. oh boo hoo go suck a dick apple and grow the fuck up…its just a little name

  49. @ iKing – Well, if Apple didn’t invent multitouch how are all other smartphones “fake iPhones”? I’m not making arguments based on things you haven’t said. The only way you can make your bold claim that all other smartphones are fake iPhones is to assume that Apple invented the smartphone, which is simply not the case.

    It may be speculation that other companies would have released multitouch phones, but it’s equally, if not more, speculative to suggest that without Apple we wouldn’t have multitouch phones. Since there already were numerous touchscreen phones before the iPhone, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to believe that multitouch was just the next logical step. Kudos for Apple for getting there first, but it was really just a matter of time.

    As for the recipe metaphor, I don’t think Apple really can be credited for too much besides just being the first to utilize multitouch. The main smartphone “recipe” had already been created by IBM in 1992. It was nice of Apple to join the game in 2007, but by no means did they invent the smartphone. The smartphone industry had been growing incrementally for well over a decade and Apple simply added their voice to the choir. For example, Palm OS had a touch interface, a “wall of apps” and its own unique UI. The only unique ingredient in iOS was multitouch, but you can’t begrudge other companies for using a more up-to-date touchscreen interface.

    How many touchscreen devices were there before the iPhone? Were these companies all copying each other? Yeah, I guess they were, which is what generally happens in any industry. Do you call Subaru, Mercedes, et al copycats for utilizing 4WD/AWD technology after Porsche? Sure, Porsche was the first, but so what? No one cares or even talks about how Porsche was the first to use 4WD, and they actually invented the technology. To continue with your recipe metaphor, how about soft serve ice cream? Does anyone really care who invented the soft serve cone, or who first utilized the technology/recipe first? Is everyone besides Dairy Queen “copycats”?

  50. The simple fact is there exist terms that are in common use and cannot be trademarked. This also applies to terms that can reasonably be extrapolated. Neither the word App, nor Store are particularly noterworthy. You can’t trademark them. Putting them together may be another matter, but it could probably be argued that the term App Store is not trademarkable, because it’s a fairly obvious name for a store that sells applications.

  51. Why are people getting so worked up over a store where you buy appetizers? I have called them apps long before the iphone came around.

  52. @Carl – then by your logic, Burger King should have never been awarded a copyright bcuz it’s fairly obvious for a store that sells burgers…..

  53. Taco Bell should have never been awarded a copyright bcuz it’s an obvious name for a store that sells tacos…..

  54. OKAY. iking should be sued. WHY? for the infringment of the “i”. apple is going to take you to court dude. watch out.

  55. @avenuePad – they’re fake iPhones bcuz they’re followers: Apple makes a full capacitive touchscreen phone that eliminates the use for a stylus, the world follows. Apple is the first to use multitouch, the world follows. Apple creates visual voicemail which allows you to listen to your voicemail in the order you want, the world follows. Apple begins the app store, the world follows. They even followed Apple 70-30 revenue split with developers. Apple begins in-app payments, the world follows. If you don’t think that competitors, especially Android, have attempted to copy the look and feel of the iPhone then you are absolutely fooling yourself. Even the most respected techies and reviewers have stated that Apple’s competitors have tried to imitate the iPhone experience. That, my friend, makes the term “fake iPhone” completely valid. It is as proven fact that early versions of Android more closely resembled Blackberry’s OS. But when the iPhone launched, it was like, “back to the drawing board, fellas!!”. They did a complete 180…..

  56. @dork – (yawn) you bore me….

  57. By that argument, you could call the iPhone a fake ROKR; As it was the firstst phone to have iTunes on it…

  58. @iKing – If Burger King was called Burger Shop, and Taco Bell called Taco Store, you’d have an argument. But as it is you just sound like a typical angry internet nerd.


  59. Next they want to trademark “One-Click”

  60. @iKing, if you don’t know the difference between the words King, Bell and Store you’re idumber then I thought.

  61. Here is a list of Apple’s legally protected trademarks:

    I guess the folks who actually issue the trademarks are Apple fanboys, huh? Absurd….

  62. I called it a store before it was cool to do so.

  63. He who screamed loudest has the least worth hearing. . . Shhh iKing!

  64. “Microsoft is gonna sue Home Depot for selling windows”

    haha, that’s great.

  65. It’s a store that sells apps….an app store. Nothing wrong with that.

  66. @iking

    Apple stole ideas for the iPhone from LG. And they weren’t the first to come up with the idea for an app repository (which they simply stole and called an app store). Windows mobile phones and blacberry had ‘app stores’ before Apple.

    I’ll agree however Apple was the first to really invigorate the smartphone market and to bring the webkit browser to the masses (another technology they stole). So what??? The iPhone is old news. The competition has a better OS and better hardware.

    And to call any Android phone an iPhone copy is truly an insult to Google.

  67. John go play with your Samsung Galaxy Turd…..

  68. Why do ifag fanboys come to phandroid to try and talk shit??? Anyways I don’t know if apple leads and everyone follows because first of all mp3s lead to ipods(which is an mp3 player of course) touch phones like windows lead to iphone…windows been made tablets apple made it famous and now android will make it better…microsoft made pcs and if it was not for microsoft to fiancially help out apple macs n ifags n so on wouldn not exist…besides apple only sells cuz its name…zune is better then ipods but yet apple sells…

  69. @iking

    I’ll play with my Tab after you cram that IMaxiPad between your legs.

  70. “besides apple only sells cuz its name”

    A great name is born from great products, Phantom……it’s impossible to build the “name” Apple has built if they made products that nobody wanted (like the Xoom, for instance)

  71. U mean that iMaxiPad that has sold more in one weekend than that Turd of yours has sold in six months???

  72. @iking

    Yes the iMaxiPad sold more because mostly women are into Apple and I heard Stayfree isn’t doing the job that well anymore. Maybe you can shed some light on that subject. How’s that iMaxiPad working out for you? Absorbent enough? Do you have plug it into itunes before wearing it?

  73. Whew! That Galaxy Turd stinks! Anybody got an air freshener???

  74. @iking

    You probably need to douche more. That poor IMaxiPad is doing its best but just not cutting it. Maybe you should try the thinner lighter more absorbent version…….. the IMaxiPad 2. Your boyfriend Jobs said it did wonders for him.

  75. Man that’s a huge brown log in the toilet! Flush that damn thing!!

  76. @iKing, I like how you dropped the subject of the word “store” being invented by Apple. Did your mom finally point out the mistake in your ilogic?

  77. Wow, iKing you are taking this so seriously, we arnt talking about your kids here, were talking about phones!! Apple may have brought out this new and magical device and OS but Android does it all better and then some. You dont need to show up on a android site and talk s%#& to make your purhcase of a restricted (I wish I was a droid) phone seem smart. Now please start to flame!!!

  78. Uh, su2lly, who the hell ever said that Apple invented the word “store”??? Did Boston Market invent the word “market”??? Boston is a common term, and so is market….by themselves. Take those two common terms and put them together then you get the name “Boston Market”. A copyrighted name that would subject you to a trademark infringement lawsuit if you tried to open a restaurant using those two “common” words in the same title. Apple has been awarded a legal trademark on the phrase, “App Store”. Not “App” by itself or “Store” by itself. But the phrase “App Store”…….seriously, if all of you fandroids are gonna share the same brain, can you please find one with some common sense????

  79. Iking, app store is a common generic term just like grocery store just like dollar store. It’s a store that sell apps. The suit is frivolous at best and will go NO WHERE. Now that’s as simple and Steve Jobs like I can make for you.

  80. Uh, John, I know this is hard for you fandroid retards to grasp, but it’s not even debatable…..THEY HAVE A COPYRIGHT, DUMMY. If it’s such a generic term, then WHY WERE THEY AWARDED A TRADEMARK IN THE FIRST PLACE???? Do you think a trademark exists for “grocery store”??? Before 2008 when the App Store debuted, nobody even used the term “App”. They were called programs, downloads, or even applications; Apple is responsible for popularizing the term “App”, therefore, they were awarded a trademark for the term App Store. And you fandroids pretend to be sooooo smart, yet you can’t grasp a simple concept like this…..but I get it. Your Apple hatred inhibits what little common sense you have

  81. Iking you must be really young or retarded. The word app as an abreviation for application has been used forever. If they did get App Store trademarked then that was a laughable mistake that any decent lawyer will have fun with.

  82. More BS from the i11 year old. They have yet to be granted the trademark. This guy talks more sh*t then Jobs at a key note.

  83. @iKing hope u realize that “burger king” and “burger store” would create two completely different scenarios here as far as trademarking… if apple named it the “app king” it would be a legitimate trademark

  84. Boy I didn’t realize I was dealing with Dumb and Dumber(well actually I did):

    John, if you’re trying to suggest the the term “App” has been a part of people’s everyday conversation like it has since the opening of the App Store then you’re either a bad liar or incredibly stupid (both actually). Again if this was Google instead of Apple your position would be entirely different.

    Su2lly here is a list of Apple awarded trademarks:

    Notice that the term “App Store” is featured prominently on the list, if you can read (doubtful)…..

    That’s it…..I’ve wasted enough time on the dumb twins…have a nice day

  85. ps you should have waited a little longer before talking your breath smells like steve job’s dick

  86. @grant – I would understand your argument if “Boston Market” was not a trademarked term…..the word “market” is as generic as “store” is it not??

  87. Grant, how would you know what steve jobs dick smells like??? Hmmmm??? I guess somebody’s spent some time on their knees!!!! Too easy!!! Lol

  88. @iKing just because someone has a trademark doesnt mean it will hold up in court, things like that are given out like nothing and then never enforced…

    do u think the company that patented icons last year really has a case for anything?

  89. It also shows how language evolves, app store could become the generic term for “an online market that sells games and applications for mobile devices”. A bit like Sellotape for sticky tape and Hoover for vacuum cleaners.

  90. @grant – That may be true. It may hold up in court, it may not. But if they hold the trademark, it’s their right and their duty to go after those who willingly infringe upon it. I think people are offended that Apple would dare try to uphold their legally awarded trademark…..if you’re not going to defend your copyright, why file for it in the first place???

    @Alan – I completely agree….

  91. @su2lly

    LMAO. Exxon must be face palming now for not filing ‘gas station’

  92. @iking

    I really hope you are joking because if you believe the word Apps wasn’t used to refer to applications regularly before Apple’s app store then you are the dumbest troll I’ve come across. And there’s no point arguing with you.

  93. Amazon should change it to “App Repo” and pronounce it like “apropos”.

    OK, not saying they should back down but a lack of afternoon coffee brought that thought through the fog.

  94. since when has apple been happy about anything, just saying is all

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