Why Is Verizon Pretending Skype Doesn’t Exist? [Cover-ups]

The Thunderbolt is just hours away from being available at several outlets. One of their big talking points to get folks to buy the phone was Skype video chat. All of us non-Verizon folks were jealous as they and Skype have a partnership – you’d be the only bunch of people to be able to use the video features for some time.

Unfortunately, we’re all right back at square one: Verizon is doing everything in their power to reverse anything they’ve ever said about Skype on their first LTE device. They’ve sent stickers to cover up mentions of the functionality on in-store promotional materials. They’ve changed online ads to remove any blue logo that still lingered around. And they aren’t even talking about the front-facing camera (though the folks at Tango tell us their app works beautifully with it.)

We understand there may be difficulties in launching new technology, but why won’t Verizon just come out and address the issue instead of trying to cover it up? Is Skype not functioning well over the LTE network? Is the application itself not yet ready? Is there some legal issue to settle first?

I think we’d all be a bit more at ease if a simple explanation is given, but Verizon seems to be hiding an elephant that is obviously visible in a very big room. At any case, start looking for video chat alternatives as it seems Skype with video is yet again a mere wet dream.

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  • tmoman

    It’s a shame, really, tell us the truth, vzw. If you were not sure if itd work in the first place, do not include it in ads, and if you get the bugs worked out, THEN advertise it, not vice versa. No one likes a tease. Other than that, I’m still excited to check it out tomorrow, and I’m a tmo guy lol

  • Lucas

    This has been a nightmare of a launch for big red. I hope the rest of the lte phone launches go better for their sake

  • My Two Cents

    It’s a problem with the software…transitions between a 3g and 4g network. Stay tuned…

  • Nathan Stover

    You are making a big deal about nothing! Its all about marketing.. The software is not yet ready!!

  • kyle

    the new pic says stream hd movies from phone to tv… i saw that in the commercial too. Anyone know how that works and if i will need a special tv or adapter? thanks

  • My Two Cents

    @4 Kyle uses DNLA. Need to have DNLA cap TV or get an adapter or if you have a PS3 it will work through there.

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s too bad.. I wish they get this video chat business off the ground it’s a great feature i use it on yahoo messenger. I believe Skype’s purchase of Qik is why they have delayed this application for the tbolt. Everyone on tmobile, sprint, and at&t android based devices have this Qik application on there device if there phone has the front facing camera so Skype and qik maybe trying to fiqure out how to merge everyone together I wish they fix this soon

  • jeff

    Talk works great for me.

  • jeff


  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    Skype really blew it. They went from being the #1 video chat app to being too much trouble to bother. Just wish there were some good phone -> pc alternatives. (Can we please get google chat with video in older versions?)

  • sha

    Tango and oovoo work fine for me never really liked Skype to much and you can get oovoo mobile by going on the site on your phone they took ot off the android market for some reason

  • Bela

    This is on the iPhone and working wonderfully. I don’t see why there has to be exclusivity BS when it comes to Android.

  • kujayhawks77

    @Bela Did you just essentially say that iPhones don’t have exclusivity issues? And I’ll go ahead and enjoy the 4G on my phone that the iPhone can’t give you.

  • Jim

    Quentyn… I realize we’re all probably nerdy guys here… but if you could avoid the nocturnal emission references I’d appreciate it. And now back to the geekery…