Android 2.2 for the HTC Aria Out Tomorrow

AT&T wasn’t kidding when they said that the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the HTC Aria would be out “soon”, and now they’ve taken to their Facebook page with a message letting everyone know that they’ll be posting instructions on how to download and apply the update tomorrow. We’ll be looking for those instructions and you bet we’ll report back with whatever they grace us with. [Facebook, Thanks Ace!]

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  • Slinger2112

    I’m shocked that my wife’s phone almost got Froyo before my damn Captivate…

    Just did the Kies update… we’ll see how it goes… :)

    Looks like I’ll get to do it again tomorrow for her handset.

  • Person with HTC phone

    I realize that for people that have the Aria and have not gone the way of rooting (have not researched it so do not know how easy root is, I assume it is easy given it is HTC). But seriously, am I the only one who thinks that this is ridiculous that it is news that a phone is being updated to froyo ages after froyo was released and when Gingerbread has already gotten an update??

  • Content

    Thank god, now we don’t have to listen to all the sniveling malcontents that have been whining forever about AT&T not giving them what they want, as if they didn’t have another option in the world.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Let’s see how ass t&t deals with this update for there android users. They must do better than that samsung epic 4g disaster

  • Ace Curry

    Lol this is why HTC is the best. Even their low end phones are supported. The Aria in Europe/Asia has had Froyo for a fairly long time (I think since last November) but it has taken super long for AT&T (guessing the disabling HSUPA, disabling side-loading apps, adding all of AT&T’s stupid crapware, etc).

  • InspectorGadget80

    well now that was fast

  • Paul J

    PRAISE THE LORD :D I’ve been getting tired of not having a transparent lock screen.

  • tuteck

    Why is it considered sniveling and whining to expect a product to operate as described and advertised?

    Many of us who want the Froyo or better Android OS on our phones are wanting the upgrade to fix glaring shortcomings that we were told time and again would be fixed.

    A multitude of us are stuck with this crippled product with a contract that would cause financial hardship to get another phone and/or provider that does what we need.

  • js

    HTC did abandon the Hero after one upgrade, less than one year after release. Interestingly, HTC told me it was a joint decision while Sprint blames HTC.

  • JohnFL

    Ok AT&T you’re about to take care of me, but what about my wife’s X10???

  • Content

    tuteck: Didn’t you know what you were getting when you bought the phone? How is your phone “crippled”? It’s working just as was advertised when you happily bought it, right? It’s just that AT&T didn’t upgrade in your expected timeframe. You’ve had the option to root for quite some time, but apparentely you’re one of those that likes to sit around and let life happen to you while everyone around you has to hear you constantly whine. Sound about right?

  • Richard

    My Sanyo Zio just got updated to Android 2.2 today! It just became available.