Leaked Dell Roadmap Shows Honeycomb Tablets, Ice Cream Smartphones


Dell has a pretty busy year ahead of them, according to a leaked roadmap that shows their time split pretty evenly between Android and Windows products as they ramp up their mobile game. Two new Android smartphones will be coming towards the latter half of the year while there will be a total of four tablets running Honeycomb by the time CES 2012 rolls around. Oh, did we mention the two Android handsets will be running Ice Cream? Here is a look at what to expect:

  • April brings us the tablet codenamed Gallo, but it will most likely be released as the Dell Streak 10. A larger slate than the Steak 5 and 7, it should have a 10-inch screen and Android Honeycomb.
  • Aside from a potential update to Honeycomb for the Streak 7, the summer remains pretty quiet for Android fans, but come September we get Dell’s first Android Ice Cream handset, codenamed Hancock. A 4-inch qHD display, dual cameras, and 1080p recording are all listed as features. The picture shows a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.
  • October hosts the Sterling, but little info can be gleaned from the roadmap. Possibly a mid-sized slate picking up where the Streak 7 left off.
  • Even later in Q4 of the year comes a QWERTY-less, 4.3-inch display handset with Ice Cream, Millenium. It boasts dual-core processing and DLNA support.
  • The beginning of 2012 sees two more Honeycomb tablets, the Opus One and Silver Oak. They should offer two different size ranges as Dell takes their Android lineup into the new year.

We are excited to see more Android from Dell, especially after a rather limited showing at both CES and MWC. Their hardware has always been pretty good, but the Android experience not so much. If at least the tablets land as stock Android devices they will definitely be worth a long, hard look.

[AC, WPCentral via Engadget]

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  1. first

  2. I got my eye on that Millenium. Now I’m definitely gonna sit on my full upgrade from June to December to see what 4.3″ beasts roll out.

  3. This one make me laugh a lot. Dell can’t get their act together and produce a premium phone, it embarrassing. Their plastic pos, though better than the icrapple 4 are low build quality compared to almost all other Android handset. They come to market late and copy HTC who single-handly created the smartphone market. They almost as bad as those evil pisshead crApple people. They digging US into a whole that they cannot get out of. Thank you that Android has HTC Samsung LG and ZTE to progress the platform. This where Android wins US produce Ada, Asia produce hardware Europe produce content = win win win.

  4. Aren’t quad core supposed to be out by Oct of this year? Way to stay behind the times Dell…

  5. I like when stuff like this leaks because I know what to look forward to even though I’m not up for an upgrade for a year. I’ve got my eye on the hancock

  6. In the first image, the Venue is running Android Foyo. Not sure we’ve seen that yet. Not too sure I would trust this thing for naming purposes.

  7. Oooh, Windows 8 tablet, sweet. Why are they calling an Android phone “x” and a wp7 “x pro”, furthermore why do they even make Windows phones overall

  8. A single core Windows phone releasing in July 2011, yea that’ll sell, way to go Dell, way to go

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