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If you missed the HTC event at Mobile World Congress, you missed their announcement of 5 new phones and the HTC Tablet – the company’s first Android Tablet. It’s a landmark announcement for HTC and you can watch it below:

I was personally disappointed in the HTC Flyer and felt the company should have waited until they had Android 3.0 running on the device before they announced it and showed it off. To me, launching with 2.X and claiming it will get 3.0 isn’t good enough. Others have commented – including many readers here – that the Stylus features alone make the Flyer the Android Tablet they truly want and I can appreciate the desire there… I’m just liking the XOOM, Optimus Pad, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 much more.

As far as the actual announcement presentation goes though, well done.

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  1. I feel you. Now I’m just waiting for Toshiba to really announce their Honeycomb tablet before I take sides.

    Really disappointed in HTC this time round and I heard they’re going to slap Sense over Honeycomb while the competition has stock Android? That makes no Sense!

  2. $399 or bust.

  3. If HTC says it will get 3.0, it will get 3.0. This is not a worry of mine at all. Perhaps they SHOULD have waited from a business standpoint, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it as a prospective buyer.

  4. Any word on the 16GB model?

  5. And another Android warrior stands up to fight evil crApple overlords who take from the poor and give to the rich. I can’t wait for day when only Android exists on non-US hardware. It coming I give it 2 year max.

  6. I agree with Bela 100%. Stop crying about it not having it out the box…It’s coming! That’s far better than not knowing at all like those of us with the first Galaxy Tabs.

  7. The stylus features puts it over the top for me. I’m cool with getting honeycomb Q2. HTC looks they really thought about how a stylus can and should interact with a tablet. If the price is too high I will fall back to the Asus MeMo which starts at $499. In case you haven’t noticed my top priority is to get a 7″ Android tablet with stylus support. It would be insanely awesome for the research lab environment in work in. 10″ is nice but I’m trying to carry it around with me 100% of the time at work. That’s hard to do with a 10″ unless I want to start carrying a man purse.

  8. I am super excited to finally see HTC come out with a tablet. I have to say HTC seems to upgrade their OS much faster so i am not worried about that. and the SENSE just adds a little bit extra like the time frame. awesome ideas!!! Does anyone know the screen size????

  9. @Android Fan
    Why are you so anti-US? We are actually pretty cool!

  10. Well I have to say that the HTC Flyer would be great for students such as myself the ability to record and take notes haveing all of my school books on this device. Let me tell you HTC just made school a lot lighter for me and anyone else who attends school or has meetings regularly. No I do not know if I am going to get the Flyer but I think that I am going to wait for the next HTC tablet to come out as it will have Android 3.x I am sure not to mention I want a bigger screen. I have high hopes for HTC and their envolvement in the Tablet war.

  11. @ htclover it is a 7inch screen…

  12. Stylus input for the HTC Flyer and ASUS Memo are HUGE selling points for me.
    To this day, none of the tablets announced aside from those 2 (and the ASUS Slate which is too much/too big for my needs) has the capability of replacing my ancient TC1000.

  13. I would honestly prefer the Slate because of the capacitive touchscreen and WAACOM Digitizer.
    The size is more of an issue to me then the price. I don’t want a 12″ tablet. 10″ at MOST.

  14. Scribe is another home run for HTC. The 7″ form factor and the low weight will make the Flyer easy to carry around as a consistent companion. I can’t imagine doing that with a netbook, laptop or even a tablet with a 10 inch screen. Assuming the price is right, I will place an order as soon as the Flyer becomes available.

  15. HTC does it again. I have been a user of other Android phones and the HTC phones are by far the best in every way. They just work better. You can see that it will be the same with the Flyer. Others will have stock Android UI and HTC will have Sense. I know that some of you want the stock UI but I disagree. HTC Sense is just better in my opinion. OK HTC we need a 10 inch Flyer.

  16. I hung up because US imperialism and business control has tried but failed to dominate world innovation. Android had freed the world of technology control. Decades of MS and crApple near to end thank you to Android. US now forced to give up control of games music videos too as Android allows for freedom of media too. China and its allies hassed to show US how the world has to be.

  17. @Android Fan – you do know that Google (owner of Android OS) is an AMERICAN company, right?! If you are going to hate USA (which is fine, you have the right – we in America call it FREEDOM) and hope China takes over the world at least use a CHINESE product.

    Love, an American…

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