Bluetooth Game Gripper Makes Compatibility a Non-Issue [VIDEO]

We’ve just been informed that the Game Gripper has evolved – it’s now Bluetooth enabled. Before, you’d need a phone with a keyboard to take advantage of the Game Gripper, and considering keyboards are different shapes, sizes, and layouts from phone to phone, you had to hope that one would come out for your device.

Throw all of that out of the window: the Bluetooth functionality inside this new version makes it device agnostic. It works just as an HID Bluetooth keyboard would once paired up, and it’s really as simple as that. From there, games or emulators that support custom input options will be able to interface with the Game Gripper.

The device has a sliding clip so that it easily fits any phone you’d want to use it with, and since it’s Bluetooth, they’re now able to add shoulder buttons that are important for MANY games. Really exciting stuff if you liked the original Game Grippers, and even if your phone supports those, you’ll want to pick this one up.

That said, it’s not exactly ready for launch as the resources needed for this undertaking will prove to be a challenge for the folks at Game Gripper. They’ve gone to KickStart, a service that startups can use to raise funds toward an interesting idea and goal. If you decide to make a donation, it’ll be treated as a preorder for the device. Head on over there if you want to participate.

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  • qwer

    Sounds cool! If it works fine, I might actually get one. HDMI mirroring + Game Gripper + emulators = awesome gaming device.

  • Burko

    Perfect for any phone with HDMI out or a large enough screen to play emulators/games.

    I currently use a Wii Classic controller for my emulators, perfectly playable but hardly compact.

    Only problem i see for this is if the devs get the PS3 controller working (WIP at the moment)

  • PhillySaxon

    Just put my pledge down for international shipping. Love the idea as I’ve been neglecting my emulators a bit; really hope it takes off!

  • Dave

    Who needs a playstation phone? Had the original for droid and will get this too

  • Aeok18109

    definitely picking one up at launch

  • PimpStrong

    Awesome product and Awsome video. I barely even play the games I’ve downloaded but I want one for when I do!

  • Darren

    This is an awesome idea, but like someone on that site commented if I give the money, and it doesnt go through what happens to my pre-order?

  • Darren

    Ignore my previous comment, Kickstarters FAQ says if the total isnt reached by the deadline no one is charged.

  • Nick Overstreet

    “definitely picking one up at launch”
    The product won’t even launch unless you don’t PLEDGE to buy it now!! It needs your help! It’s only $47, commit to buying! :)

  • mr.walker

    Sound good to me! This idea Would be perfect for phone’s without a keyboard. I will be keeping a close eye on this one:-)

  • Mychal

    So he is using a N1 in the video. Will it work with the Droid X/Fascinate, T-Bolt when it comes out? Or is it limited to the 3.7″ phones?!

  • acey

    Nice concept, but imho it really needs analog controls so that it is fully compatible with the upcoming Android PlayStation suite.

  • Orad

    Keyboards can only send six buttons at a time. This thing has 16. What happens if you need to do some serious combos?

  • dc

    Makes me want to throw my epic game gripper in the trash.

  • Dustin

    Backed with international shipping and eagerly awaiting this. I have a Desire Z and as amazing as it is, I’ll be adopting the next round of Androids and will sadly have to sell mine. Cannot WAIT for this!! Love the Game Gripper I have already :)

  • Dab

    I can’t wait to get one of these. I’m going to pledge asap!

  • Sneakysolidbake

    Compatibility is still an issue. There are a number of phones, the samsung fascinate comes to mind, that still do not support hid bluetooth.