Steve Jobs Virtually Kicked In Face By LG: Optimus Pad, Optimus 3D Promo Videos


Whether you can’t get enough Optimus Pad/3D or just couldn’t help but click with the aforementioned title, you’ll DEFINITELY want to check out the following Official Promo Vids that run through all the features in a pretty entertaining format.

Skip to 1 minute in the first video to see the “Optimus” take on the “A Pad” in “Spec Fighter” which is essentially a Street Fighter fake. The characters are clearly a Korean vs. Steve Jobs and, well, I think you know by the title that Steve Jobs gets pummeled with a jump kick to the face:

In case you missed it:

I’m loving my first uses of the Optimus 3D while the Optimus Pad is a little less enticing because you actually need to wear 3D glasses to enjoy the effect. For me, that’s asking a bit too much. Although I’ve been told I look pretty cool in 3D glasses.

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  1. Android is showing that its Good Money now.

  2. All of these companies might want to save their hubris until we see prices. All of these fancy features still don’t have the one feature that the ipad has…… the Apple name. FOr a lot of consumers, that’s all that matters still and so far, an ipad with the Apple name. And the iPad is looking A LOT cheaper than these new contenders. While I won’t be buying anything Apple ever, I also think Apple has set the price expectancy of the market and since Apple is usually equated with being over priced on their other goods, what do you think people feel about these $800 or more tablets?!? Yikes!

  3. Chimp I agree with you I think these prices are way too much especially for products with unproven longevity.. Not to mention I want to see a disc drive on one of these. They have a long way to go to get my money.

  4. With all these companies releasing tablets, the prices will fall. Competition is good. The apple name will only go so far. Eventually even the most naive will figure out the ipad isn’t the only game in town and that it’s lacking some basic features the others offer.

    The ipad has been grossly overpriced from the very beginning and is now getting down to what it should have been in the first place.

  5. @chimphappyhour exactly.

    Not to mention they are trashing a competitor that came out 2 yrs before they did. Just wait until the iPad 2 w/ camera etc… hits @ $500. All these “competitors” are gonna look pretty lame @ $800. Not to mention the current gen ipad will probably drop in price – akin to what apple did with the iphone. So you’ll have :

    iPad – $299
    iPad 2 – $500


    Every Android Tablet – $800+

    add on the fact that the honeycomb ui is overcomplicated and you will have a lot of expensive flops. You heard it here first.

  6. I agree with chimphappyhour. All people care about is Apple. I was buying me a new Android on Saturday and I watched person after person flock to the iPhone display while the sales rep had to explain every little detail about how to use it. These were the customers who had no idea what smartphones were about but ignored the dozen or so other phones around them, including the Nexus S, and only go for the iPhone. It’s all about that brand name and $800 tablets aren’t going to make Android any more appealing to these average consumers. For the rest of us, we will bask in green robot glory while we hold our dual-core tegra phones and wait for a tablet with a reasonable price.

    On another note, is there anyone but me that wants a smaller tab? I think that the Dell Streak 7 has the perfect size. Maybe 8″ would be fine but 9″+ is just too big for my preference. I’d love to see something around 7-8″.

  7. Same: Whats the price? Xoom is rumored to be $1200 off contract now.

    Color Nook continuing to look like the pad I will be getting.

  8. Simply Awesome! Hahahaha

  9. That Optimus 3D video was awesome and so is the phone.

  10. Apple or no Apple who is going to buy these things when you can get a full laptop for less? It just doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

    As for folk flocking to iPhones at Verizon let them flock. Once it wears off and they start looking at those phones right next to it with bigger screens and more features we’ll see what happens. Some folks however will just buy Apple because they want to be a part of the club. Nothing you can do about them.

  11. You would think these tablet manufacturers would have learned their lesson with the pricing they did for the Tablet compared to the iPad. They overpriced it and the iPad ate their lunch.

    They need to come out with at least several versions of their tablets, so that at least the consumer has the option to go with the “econo” pricing of the tablet in question. Who wants to pay $800 for a tablet that is not on their network (and so carrier subsidizing is not available)? I’d love to buy the XOOM but hey – I can’t do that with Sprint – but apparently anyone can buy that without carrier subsidizing for under $500. For once, RIM did something right.

    I love my EVO – and the playbook, with Adobe AIR interface and flash compatability – looks like an attractive option. So does the HP TouchPad. I’m not ruling anything out, unless it comes from Apple.


  12. LG should stop making ads like these targetting apple. apple is a company of great reputation and has the integrity to make the best products in the world.im not offending android
    but i need to say this,LG is no match to apple at any stage. apple is a company which has a original software and hardware but LG aint. LG just rips off some american design phones and sells them out. If motorola targets apple, thats a different issue, motorola was a great pioneer both in electronics and communication but LG was originally an OEM manufacturer, they dont have any rights to target a great giant like the apple.

  13. With all these companies making tablets prices will fall. I agree the initial prices on the high end Android tablets were a bit much but competition is will drive down prices.

    The ipad is now priced at what it should have been in the first place. It offers less and should be priced as such. And even at 299 I’d never buy one.

    This LG looks sweet and will easily walk all over the ipad just like every other high end Android tablet being released.

  14. 1. The iPad has been out for little more then a year so to talk of “longevity” is just stupid.
    2. Just because ” our head is SO back now ” Motorola prices their pad over laptop prices doesn’t mean the rest will too.
    3.LG has been making monitors, chips and many, many other things for Apple and other manufacturers for YEARS. They aren’t a “Johnny Come Lately” company.

    How about a wait and see approach before we get the pitchforks and torches out. Let’s stop acting like a bunch of children.

    OH. And most Apple hardware products as well as Moto products aren’t made in the USA so LG can target them anyway they want. Until we get a manufacturing base again in this country we should just have a nice can of shut the **** on this nationalism crap. We need to stop taking the “when in Rome” attitude .. the Roman Empire fought well, fought hard but the Roman Empire DIED. Chew on them Apples. ;)

  15. I think LG can be a winner if they price this right. Thats one thing these manufactures agent doing right, these high prices are going to turn potential buyers away. They will eventually fall but its discouraging to degree for consumers.

  16. If it was 10 inch this would be my final decision on a tablet.

  17. I don’t know what’s funnier the video or the Apple fans getting their panties in a wad. The degree to which those people worship that guy is really bizarre.

    You want to make an Apple fanatic angry? Tell them Jobs has aids according to wikileaks and they’ll friggin lose it.

  18. LG (Hitachi/ Lucky Goldstar) is more of a match for apple than people give them credit. They have been around in the electronics and communications industry almost as long as Motorola. Their resources and longevity to produce a far superior product and have taken time to properly engineer their products so they do not fall short of what is expected. Personally I think Motorola is off their nut for trying to smack people with an over priced (no doubt great product) tablet. They need to rethink their concept of competition. The point to to make it affordable and attract customers not drive them to the competitors. I’m sure LG has a decent grasp of this concept but we will have to wait to see their pricing.

  19. No worship, but respect for Jobs. He has a great mind for business, business’s are in place to make money, Apple is a business and with Jobs running Apple they make money hand over fist. With all the crApple talk out of the way, the commercial was funny and the Optimus looks awesome.

  20. steve jobs started this trend and android fellow. watch out this summer, i bet android and other companies will just fellow apple foot step again.


  22. Jobs took an itouch and made it bigger, big deal. If he didn’t do it someone else would have done the same thing with an android phone. What apple did was reinvigorate the market with their brand might, I’ll give them that, but that’s all they’ll get.

  23. Great. Can I get it now? As in today?

    If not, comparisons to the iPad are pretty useless.

  24. Hey Rob or anybody over at MWC, do you know if LG or TMO will be having a US-focused event sometime during the next few days?……….Im dying to use this upgrade on a NEW phone

  25. unlike many idiots here.. I’ll comment about the post and not anything else…

    The video is funny, the tablet looks cool… BUT, I think that this is only the start of how amazing these things are going to get in the future.

  26. i don’t see apple doing this with say LG’s CEO , why won’t they wait to compare their tablet to the iPad 2 not the older iPad 1

    you stay classy LG

  27. cool tablet and it looks like the innovation will be coming from other companies now… and don’t you ifanboys throw a fit… I went over to droid after I felt bored with my Iphone 3gs…

  28. if this phone comes out for vodafone and three can i buy a unlocked one for att

  29. Steve Jobs didn’t start trend. He copied orginal linux touch based phones which morphed into Android. crApple just copy Android sweetness. The latest Chinese handsets at least 2 generation ahead of crApple now and crApple never catch up. As more free content make way on Android ecosystem crApple and Itunes die soon.

  30. oh man i want that optimus 3d SO SO SO BAD!! i don’t really care about tablets but man OPTIMUS pad looks promising!!! i always liked LG phones but they were really really behind their smartphone game but they are making a comeback with “awesome 3d”ness!!!

  31. im getting the xoom idc if its 800

  32. WOWW Never seen so many Apple Trolls on Phandroid, its an assault. Me personally scree the Pads, Pads are what women wear once a month, give me the Optimus 3D and Im good!

  33. The Apple fans are upset because if the iPhone was first to come out with 3D and dual core/channel, they’d be all over praising how wonderful it is and how it will change the world and why android is doomed for not having it.

  34. I don’t see any Apple Trolls or iPhone fans here, just people who realize the reality of the mobile market. While Android as an OS is taking the OS market, the iPhone is the best selling phone. And I suspect the same will go for tablets. Again, I don’t see myself ever buying an Apple product but I do know what the reality of the market is. That reality being, the masses see the bar as being set by Apple.
    I’m sure we all remember those odd animations that went around when the iPhone 3G (or 3Gs or 4G, can’t keep up on those) came out with one person ignoring all logical arguments about why phone X was better than iPhone, yes? The reason those were funny was because we all know it’s true. People would buy Steve Jobs’ turds just because they came from his mouth, er, sorry, butt. All of this bravado by the other manufacturers amounts to not much of anything in the eyes of the average consumer. A $800 or more tablet from a company that isn’t Apple is a bit of a lead balloon to your average consumer (the ones that will buy most of the goods) who sees an iPad for literally hundreds less.

  35. Drones will be drones but eventually they learn and in the end, only the die hard and grossly uninformed will continue to purchase based solely on brand name.

    The remedy for that is advertising even if it means attacking the competition. Verizon with the Droid campaign proved it was a successful tactic. And now the barrage of Android tablets and advertising is going to do the same. Apple’s products aren’t hard to pick apart. Every single one has major flaws. They use glitz and style to try to cover them up but anyone taking a serious look will easily see the mediocrity for what it is.

    There is a reason the iPad has dropped so much in price. And it’s not because Steve Jobs loves you. It’s because of competition and Apple beginning to see the writing on the wall. The Droids, EVOs, Galaxies were successful, so will the tablets. When people realize their favorite Flash websites now work on ‘this other tablet’ they’ll see brand name as less of a deciding factor. And of course when you have so many companies competing prices WILL fall and in some cases drastically.


  37. 15:9 aspect ratio, not 16:9 ??

  38. it’s missing one thing: the price. if it comes for under $500 (sales tax included) then i’m game (:

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