Feb 14th, 2011

Whether you can’t get enough Optimus Pad/3D or just couldn’t help but click with the aforementioned title, you’ll DEFINITELY want to check out the following Official Promo Vids that run through all the features in a pretty entertaining format.

Skip to 1 minute in the first video to see the “Optimus” take on the “A Pad” in “Spec Fighter” which is essentially a Street Fighter fake. The characters are clearly a Korean vs. Steve Jobs and, well, I think you know by the title that Steve Jobs gets pummeled with a jump kick to the face:

In case you missed it:

I’m loving my first uses of the Optimus 3D while the Optimus Pad is a little less enticing because you actually need to wear 3D glasses to enjoy the effect. For me, that’s asking a bit too much. Although I’ve been told I look pretty cool in 3D glasses.

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