Samsung Galaxy S2 Actually Getting Orion? Retailer’s Pre-Order Page Seems to Think So


The other day, we reported on some rumored specs coming out suggesting the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be getting Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon processor instead of their own-developed dual-core Orion. This lined up with earlier reports saying Samsung’s Orion wasn’t quite ready for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, thus they’d employed NVIDIA for that sequel.

A new pre-order page for the device has gone up via MobileFun, though, saying otherwise: they think it’ll definitely be shipping with the Orion. They also put up a price: 550 pounds will grant you what should be Samsung’s 2011 flagship. Other rumored goods include 1GB of RAM, Android 2.3, an 8 megapixel camera, a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED display, Bluetooth 3.0, a ront-facing camera, and an NFC chip. [Thanks, Kirsty!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. doubtful unless the S2 isn’t coming until towards the end of the year. def won’t hear anything related to Orion or any new dual-core chipset made by Samsung at MWC. they are simply not ready.

  2. I like that it has a “ront facing camera”. =)

  3. Lol that pic looks even more like the phone.. Those specs sound amazing! Can’t wait to see this

  4. And it looks strikingly similar to the iphone 4… Doesn’t Sammy have their own design team, or do they NEED to keep ripping off Apple’s designs…

  5. will not buy the new SGS2 if they put the snapdragon CPU! 1GB of ram is needed to!

  6. Would be perfect. T-Mobile please.

  7. How does the Galaxy S2 get gingerbread yet the Galaxy S’ are stuck on eclair?

  8. Aghm,anyone has looked the phone photo well.Look the screen inclination and the phone corpuse they are not at the same angle!Lol FAKE of big PS FAIL!

  9. No more samsungs for me!

  10. No more samsung devices.

  11. The screen the screen the same as the Galaxy S or a better one known as “Super AMOLED Plus”?

  12. sprint are you seeing this…..

  13. @danboy

    Samples have been put out for a few months now, mass production begins early next month, March. How is it not ready yet?

    It’s a reasonable viability that the first batches of S2’s will be put out by late March. The US probably won’t receive it for a while, considering that the carriers are still pushing first generation Galaxy S rehashes (T-Mobile’s Galaxy S 4G, AT&T’s Infuse, etc.). But I doubt many of you are looking forward to it either way, considering how your country got such poor update support. (Compared to the rest of the world)

  14. I handled my friend’s galaxy S the other day and was shocked at how cheap and plastic it felt. It felt like it would break into a dozen pieces if it were dropped on the ground.

  15. To all that complain about their phone not being updated to Froyo:

    1. STFU

    2. Root

    3. Do whatever you want after ^^^

  16. Because its a newer phone maybe? I understand your frustration but this really isn’t the thread to be moaning about it.

    Back to the subject, I wouldn’t buy this phone purely because they are trying too much to look like the iPhone. I was seriously thinking about a Samsung as my next phone but c’mon, let’s see some good designs please! Even with my Desire I get called a fake iPhone ….imagine this!


  18. Does feel cheap but I’ve dropped mine numerous times and no breaks or problems

  19. wow really go samsung go as a vibrant user officially on 2.2 i have no qualms with Samsung beside the obvious there should’ve been a ffc, flash ect. but really Samsung never said exactly when the update was coming they just said its coming in fact t mobile had the update in November and i’m sure the other US carriers had theirs around the same time so really get over yourselves this new phone will be highly spec’ed plus running gingerbread and being that 2.4 is rumored 2 be just an extension of the original gingerbread it shouldn’t be that hard 2 upgrade if so theres always xda i for 1 have no problem rooting

  20. The best “looking” galaxy s” is the captivate! Carbon fiber look is what I like. Plus is doesn’t look like the iphone.

  21. That picture looks almost like iPhone 4. Bleh….. iPhone sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @TT

    just because mass production starts doesn’t mean it’s ready… that just means they’re finished with the design phase, etc.

    after mass production, they then have to put it into a device and field test with said device. so again, towards the end of the year (end of Q2/beginning of Q3) before Qualcomm drops their 3rd gen chipsets. it WON’T be at MWC, i can promise you that.

    regardless, just like the other readers, i wouldn’t buy a Samsung device. ever.

  23. That pictures looks almost like iPhone 4. iPhone suckssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Tab 2 is getting Tegra 2 because Google optimized honeycomb for that first, but S2 is getting Orion according to Korean sources. Did you guys not even see the news posted also here on phandroid that Samsung named Orion as Exynos processor and will begin production on March?

  25. Best “looking galaxy s” is the captivate.

  26. @danboy
    You obviously have no idea how semi-conductor industry works. There is nothing to back up what your saying. Anyhow just sit back and watch Orion destroys Snapdragon badly this year.

  27. Oh please the only thing making it look iPhonish is that wall paper

  28. I highly doubt that picture is the real sg2, the status bar is literally the iphones status bar but still I wouldn’t buy another SGS

  29. Its samsung. They should be paying me to use their phone.

  30. @Jinwon

    all i’m trying to say is that just because it’s in mass production doesn’t mean tomorrow there will all of a sudden be a device packing the Orion. you are all dreaming if you think mass production means you’ll see this in anything in the very near future. again, Q3 is most likely when you’ll see them start showing up.

    and i’m no fan of any particular chipset. i’m a fan of whatever the best is at said time. i’ll never own a Samsung device though so i don’t care how crazy the performance is.

  31. I used to be in the anti samsung camp like many of you posting here because of the 2.2 update fiasco. I got tired of waiting so I rooted my phone and discovered that I do not have to be at the mercy of samsung or tmobile. I tries out a few roms and decided I liked Team Whiskey’s bionix-v the best. It is smooth, snappy, working gps, great battery life, crapware removed etc… I have the option to install overclocked kernals as well. And if I brick the phone I can easily restore i with odin. I can do all of this and I am not very tech savvy. I will continue to buy samsung phones as long as the devs are making roms for them. The specs of the sgs2 are amazing… can’t wait! So everytime I hear “never again” I now hear “I am lazy to do any research and unlockvthe potential o my device and want an excuse to bitch”…..

  32. Holy iPhone 4 Batman!

  33. The Orion processor will be first used in the Nexus Phone. I’m making that up but I can always hope.

  34. @jeffe double amen!!!

  35. @danboy

    The fact that it’s going into mass prodution means production testing is already done. As does the fact that sampling has already begun months ago. One sample can easily yield about a thousand units. If they wanted to do prototyping, field testing, etc. they could’ve done that too. (There have been demonstrations of Orion testbeds already)

    The majority of the design phase of this particular chip was done over a year ago. The reason it wasn’t “launched” immediatly afterwards is because it takes time to adjust/create manufactering procedures/facilities. Early sampling can be done during that process, and once the yield (amount of functional units extracted from a single sample) is high enough, it will go into mass production.

    So yeah, the chip is done, the phone could’ve been prototyped already; the launch date simply depends on how fast they can get each component manufactered and assembled. And considering the size and vicinity of Samsung’s facilities, that may not take very long. (The Galaxy S was launched about a month after the Hummingbird went into mass production as well, while the Hummingbird itself was announced early 2009)

  36. @TT,
    Very well said. That’s what I was going to say to @dandy, but I got too lazy to explain it. Yeah, mass production means that field/device testing is all done, a common sense in semi-conductor industry. Apparently he doesn’t want to see it coming soon.

  37. @jeffe. Congrats! Another user has seen the light. The instructions these days are very good, aren’t they? Synthetic benchmarks don’t mean much, but with the custom roms the Hummingbird is very impressive.

  38. Thanks Killi, its true! :) I like that Samsung does not lock their bootloaders like Motorala does….

  39. Thank you, jeffe.

  40. @jeffe. Congrats! Another user has seen the light. The instructions these days are very good, aren’t they? Synthetic benchmarks don’t mean much, but with the custom roms the Hummingbird is very impressive.

    ~ Yes the instructions to root and load the roms are very clear & easy to follow. A chimpanzee could do it! I downloaded one click root to my mac, plugged in my Vibrant, a little window pops up and gives me two options, root & unroot. Installing the roms takes a little more care because you have to do it step by step but it is super easy! & yes the Hummingbird rocks!

  41. ZEO

    ~ Yes the instructions to root and load the roms are very clear & easy to follow. A chimpanzee could do it! I downloaded one click root to my mac, plugged in my Vibrant, a little window pops up and gives me two options, root & unroot. Installing the roms takes a little more care because you have to do it step by step but it is super easy! & yes the Hummingbird rocks!

  42. “So everytime I hear “never again” I now hear “I am lazy to do any research and unlock the potential of my device and want an excuse to bitch”.

    I couldn’t agree more. But then I haven’t had a stock ROM on any of my phones for longer than a few days ;)

    To be honest I don’t see why I would want to upgrade my Galaxy S. A faster processor / GPU would only be nice for games, and I’ve yet to see a game that my SGS doesn’t run with ease.

  43. WOW. Ipone clone anyone. maybe that “s” stands for shitty.
    Im sticken with my droids.

  44. WOW. Ipone clone anyone! maybe that “s” stands for shitty.
    Im sticken with my droids.

  45. @zeo @jeffe i for 1 buy the high end fones just to root. rooting is one of the main reasons i love android, because of the openness, the freedom not to have to wait for updates from manufactures and carriers i’m glad y’all are not part of this Samsung bashing fad because they really do make good fones

  46. Samsung has great hardware…but terrible software. But it is android, just root your phone and install a ROM. With that said, this phone will be a sweet upgrade to my Vibrant.

  47. The screen appears to be sticking out.
    Is that some sort of new 3d technology?
    If not that might get in the way of talking on it.

  48. The screen appears to be sticking out.
    Is that some new 3d technology?
    If not that might get in the way of making calls.

  49. Look like an iPhone 4. Who cares though, Samsung great company now it solved the update problems. Samsung can now bring iPhone 4 handsets with Android excllence. Android and Samsung eating away the US dominaion of the industry. 10 year from now only Samsung LG and HTC will be in business. Nokia, crApple and BB are dead in industry cause they failed to inoovate fast enough! Go Android.

  50. I don’t really care if it looks like an iPhone or not, I don’t see why that’s even a bad thing, iPhones aesthetically are very well designed.

    iPhone 4 looks with 4.3” SAMOLED Plus, Orion Dual core, 8mp Camera with 1080p recording = Win.

    But I guess haters are going to hate, their loss.

  51. this is the phone i want for my tmobile account, as i give up on sprint getting anything nice.

  52. That picture is clearly a mock up of the 1st gen galaxy s, and a particularly bad one. I seriously doubt the phone will look like this. Anyway, excited to see the real specs. All the sammy haters have probably never even touched a samsung phone. Yeah, software updates from samsung are fail, but the phones are sweet.

  53. Looks vs performance? Sure, functionality of design is important but those who place that much emphasis on looks should stick with iphone. That being said, why dont we stick to sharing important information that affects actual phone performance?

    I love my samsung vibrant. The call quality, playstation emulation, movie playback, battery life, internal storage, and ability to use one handed are excellent. These features are better than other phones due to the superior hardware-super amoled screen, 16gb internal storage, humming bird, and yes plastic frame. I agree that button placement seems annoying at first, but once you get used to it, one handed operation seems faster than hd2, iphone 3gs, iphone 4, original droid, or evo. Still I admit that is more based on the personal user rather than the device. Still, the “plasticky feel,” disadvantage I often hear coming from mostly from cnet groupies makes me laugh. The lightweight use is an advantage. Use your brain. Try holding up an ipad, tab, kindle, nook, sony, or any metal phone while reading or watching movies in bed or under a tree. Lightweight is a huge advantage for practical use. Also, have you actually dropped your phone? My heavier phones sustain much more damage. Lighter + flexible=less damage from drop. Fell asleep on it, stepped on it, sat on it(all 250 pounds of me) its pretty tough.

    That being said, I do not intend on buying another samsung phone with the current or soon to be available models. Why? As good as it is, it has its problems. As long as this post already is, getting too far into detail would be crazy. Instead, I will drop the two most significant reasons that I have encountered through actual use.

    Processor performance
    On paper, hummingbird is supposed to be almost 3 times better than snapdragon at rendering polygons. Yet, this was not the case when using emulation games. Yes, device and software factors are different, but why can I play tekken 2, ff7, street fighter explus2alpha better on my hd2 running fspce, while marvel vs capcom and all other sprite heavy games run smoother and faster on my vibrant? Along with movie playback, my tests seem to sugest that hummingbird does do media better, but is not better at rendering polygons in stock form.

    Finaly froyo update fiasco highlighted 2 issues. One hardware, one support.

    Ka2, ji5, ka6 builds. Through bits and pieces, I have formed the following assumption-first devices were not updateable to froyo due to hardware. Customers with ka2 devices had to send their phones back for replacement in order to get froyo. Majority ka2 found in first batches. Ota update would have fucked you up.

    See above. Like most manufacturers, support is one year. Go with proven hardware like htc. Maybe samsung will get better soon.

    Bottom line
    Samsung has best display, but if youre looking at a samsung smart phone, chances are you want a good phone. Samsung is good, but there are better ones out or coming out.

  54. I don’t get the “cheap” and “plasticy” comments. Buy a case for it. I would never carry around a high end phone without one. I’ve never owned a Samsung but a couple ladies at work have them and they love them and I was liking them as well. I do though prefer a heavier phone…these are very light.

  55. The phone looks snazzy. Maybe they will make the phone feel a little more sturdy!

  56. That picture is old, that is fake… A iPhone 4-Android photoshop.

  57. I am getting this is the specs are true.

  58. i just want a damn flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. The Galaxy S may feel cheap but it can take a beating. I dropped my Vibrant from about 4 feet up and it actually bounced high enough off the ground that I caught it. Sammy is slow on the updates but rooting is a good option. I’d at least have to consider the GS2.

  60. Fool me once samsung, shame on me. Fool me twice samsung, fuck your mother

  61. That is an old picture from over 6+ months ago.

  62. Man I’m glad people are holding their ground against shitty samsung. And don’t forget, not onlly did they intentionally delay 2.2, the DAMN GPS DOESN’T WORK! I’ve literally had 4 replacements, that’s 5 vibrants, none with working gps. Not to mention this phone lags like crazy, freezes regularly, and samsung doesn’t give a rats ass. There are a lot of choices out there, don’t reward samsung for making a below average product and making customers keep broken phones. 2.2 is the edge of the iceberg. And by the way, please tell me androids will start sporting decent resolution. This 800×480 nonsense is like offering me a game boy while everyone else has a PS3; it’s insulting, it’s older than dirt, and it’s really embarrassing (especially when friends who have i4’s use it)

  63. Rich please read comment # 32, 38 & 26 … You obviosuly have no desire to unlock the phone’s potential…

  64. I mean 46… Not 26

  65. I love the galaxy s. Only problem is no flash. Hopefully the s2 will have it. Rock on tmobile!!

  66. iPhone 4 much? Come on Samsung, you can do better than that. I know your processor powers the iPhone 4, but that doesn’t mean your phone using a variant of the same processor (likely sharing with the iPhone 5 in this case) has to look like an iPhone.

  67. Have you people who’re complaining about the galaxy s ever looked at the Nexus S? it literally epic. Best device of 2010!

  68. Yes I have tried nexus s, but did not buy. Why? It has some good features but lacks key components. Mainly 4g. Look at atrix and other phones in the pipeline. Dual core processors? 4g? Lte networks with possible 26mb type speeds? Hello? Verizon iphone 4 anyone? I am waiting to laugh at them when they find out no 4g. I will just sigh at the android users with no 4g who cry because they should have known better. The post shows whats in the works for samsung. Samsung has a lot working for it, but still has some issues. Bottom line: Go with what works best, leave the prettiest contest to the beauty pagent moms. Theyre the ones who will be stuck with iphone 3gs with a 2 year contract.

  69. I want a dual core because silent my buddy up. He thinks his evo is still the shit! It’s so annoying! Lol.

  70. Who cares? Its Samsung…

  71. Who cares? Its Samsung…

  72. Who cares? Its Samsung…

  73. Lol Well tell ya wat the Evo isn’t the number one Android phone anymore my G2 is =) but the same thing with my sister she says her Evo is better than my phone. Her Evo is waaaaay laggier than my G2

  74. I don’t mind the plastic feel.. As I have dropped my phone from 4ft-ish on concrete or brick and no notice damage.. Only a scratch on the chrome. My brother left his vibrant on top of his car while driving 40 miles an hour he noticed thumping noises on his roof.. Reached for his phone and notices the thumping…. Was his vibrant slipping off the car.. He is still using it today.. Only problem is the chrome is fxcked.up.. But not that bad for that kind of drop… Still works fine.. No scratches on screen. I believe the plastic absords the impact more than anything else.

  75. … guys the picture is old, and fake, look how the angle of the phone is slanted yet the screen is still facing straight on


  76. … guys the picture is old, and fake, look how the angle of the phone is slanted yet the screen is still facing straight on

    ppcgeeks com/2010/11/12/samsung-flagship-phone-with-gingerbread-coming-in-early-2011/

  77. i have a lemon i9000 and it really pisses me off, the updates were fine but my memory gets erased randomly, the video processor was faulty and my screen cracked in my pocket while walking (yea thats my fault but still) — i love the specs for this thing and if it worked the way it was supposed to it would be awesome – The S2 looks amazing but im worried about more bugs, if another company releases a comparable phone then it would be a no brainer.

  78. I really hope its a 4.5 inch screen like the at&t infuse, the bigger the better

  79. Wow, Rich, you actually managed to get replacement phones out of Samsung for ones that didn’t work right? Some measure of actual customer support?? Alert the media!! (or did you go through your carrier?) And do all you people actually believe ad promo screen shots of phone screens? They’re ALL photoshopped!!

  80. Wow, Rich, you got replacement phones from Samsung? Actual customer support? Alert the media!! (or did you actually go through your carrier?) And do all you people really believe these ad promo phone screen shots as accurate? They’re ALL photoshopped!!

  81. sorry about the duplicate post – server seemed to be doing weirdness with an authentication box

  82. It will NEVER get Ice Cream, and I will never get another Samsung.

  83. It will NEVER get Ice Cream, and I will never get another Samsung.

    **Phandroid – Fix your comment system!

  84. Forget commenting on a phone I’ll never buy. How about somebody at Phandroid fixes the f-ed up comment system???

  85. Samsung doesn’t update and i dropped my captivate once and the screen cracked.
    Never ever going back to Samsung.

  86. So guys tell me what mobile phone is a good buy?
    Every manufacturer seems to have some or other bug or manufactured default

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