4.5-Inch Screens, 1280 x 720 Resolution Coming 2012 Courtesy Of Hitachi


Right now most of the high-end smartphones are sporting screens with 3.7 through 4.3 inch screens and resolution in the ballpark of 800×480 pixels. The iPhone always gets props for having superior quality at 4-inches and 960 x 640 resolution. The Droid Bionic has a new screen technology called XHD with screen resolution of 960 by 540. Hitachi might just blow them away in October of this year.

In a press release, Hitachi promised to bring 4.5-inch screens with 1280 by 720 pixel resolution. It doesn’t skimp on other areas like contrast, dpi, brightness or other features either. If Hitachi really does unleash these screens in October 2011, we hope CES 2012 will be filled with these beasts.

A 4.5-inch screen is a bit big for me, but in order to experience the purportedly supreme screen quality? I might be able to deal.

[Hitachi via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Since when does the iPhone have a 4″ screen?

  2. but it only has a 1,100:1 contrast rating. My Galaxy S has a 50,000:1 so its not that great of a screen. Plus once you hit so many pixels on a screen that small, you cant tell a much difference if any at all.

  3. @Juan
    Yeah it has def been 3.5″ for awhile.

  4. It ain’t too big for me. Bring it on.

  5. @Bryan Don’t go by contrast ratio, manufacturers can play around with those numbers to make their screens sound better than they actually are.

  6. Uh the Droid Bionic does not have “a new screen technology called XHD.” It has a qHD (quarter HD) resolution display.

  7. these dudes are drunk lol.

  8. mr Rob Jackson might want to check his facts in the opening sentences. can’t trust the rest of this article since those aforementioned facts are so widely known, esp that the iPhone has a 3.5″ screen…

  9. The Bionic (and Atrix) screen tech is Qhd not Xhd .. Also rumored to come in the new HTC Pyramid.. (and hopefully other HTC phones).. I was all set to go Atrix.. nice screen, dual processors.. But HTC answered the challenge if the rumored Pyramid specs hold.

  10. Even the Mobilecrunch article upon wich this one is based has the right size listed for the iPhone. Mr Jackson, please check your facts before posting an article.

  11. iPhone has 3.5″

  12. If only it were Super AMOLED.

  13. It’s pretty clear that HTC will bring it strong at MWC MONDAY and CTIA in MARCH… I WILL WAIT

  14. “4.5 is a bit too big for me”…..That’s what she said!!!

  15. After owning and loving my EVO for several months I am definitely interested in a slightly larger screen size next time around. 4.5″ might be perfect.

  16. Once we get to 720p, I think we can stop worrying about smart phone resolution. Do we really need more than that on a phone size screen?

  17. I’d take my sAMOLED over the Retina display any day. Sure, you can see pixels, but the screen is bigger and looks so much better. Although I am interested in this. Hitachi is the manufacturer that came up with IPS panels, and I absolutely love our Hitachi Plasma. It still beats any LCD I’ve seen. It doesn’t match my new Panasonic plasma, but it’s still an awesome tv.

  18. There is no set standards for contrast ratios across the industry. This is why some manufacturers claim outrageous numbers like Samsung 50k:1 while this only shows 1100:1.

  19. The community “editors” here always know how to deliver the lulz. Another instance of shitty reporting by none other than Phandroids.

  20. Quite a few mistakes in this article. I am not going to point them out a others have, but some are quite serious.

  21. @PT

    Aw, you sound so hurt. Come, let me give you a hug.

  22. they’re wasted in Spain, give them a break. i wouldn’t even be able to hold my phone.

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