You’re Not Crazy: Google I/O Registration Sold Out in 59 Minutes


No, your internet doesn’t suck. Yes, we’re surprised that Google didn’t stress test their servers. And we’re disappointed that one of us didn’t get to register as press due to all of the errors that popped up whenever trying to navigate the site. But if you haven’t already noticed, Google I/O registration is officially sold out.

In a summarizing tweet from their official IO twitter account, Google let out the following interesting stat:

Google I/O ’09 sold out in 90 days, ’10 in 50 days… #io2011: 59 minutes. Holy moly.

How they were able to do such a thing for this fourth annual developer affair is beyond me. Was it the hysteria they caused when saying registration would go fast? Or is Android really starting to be that attractive to developers?

The survey results – the ones that ask developers which platform they are most excited to develop for going forward – have always shown Android being the favorite, even if only by a slight margin. It looks like those surveys were as accurate as research firms believed them to be.

We’ll be covering the event live, so don’t worry about non-coverage from us. It’s just a shame that Google can’t rent out a space bigger than the Moscone Center West. Let’s hope switching venues to accommodate more developers is on their list of things to do before 2013 rolls around.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wow, thats crazy.

  2. damn i was thinking about doing this was going to wait a few weeks to think about and gather funds. sigh…

  3. “No, you’re internet doesn’t suck.”

    Really? You can’t get the proper use of “your, you’re” right in the very first sentence of the article?

  4. This is pretty insane! I’m a developer and I had no interest for this at first but now…I’m kind of regreting not registrating >=/ Oh well, next year I guess…

  5. Yea…holy sh*t. I kinda wanted to attend.

  6. @2 I came here from Google Reader just to mention that. It’s such an obvious difference and it’s so simple to get right.

  7. I know the difference and I don’t make that mistake often. Just a quick mind-lapse on a busy day. Give me a freaking break.

  8. That is crazy. I wish I/O was next week.

  9. Grammar nazis are way more annoying than grammatical errors.

  10. I think the reason is the anticipation of “free” before-the-public-gets-it high-tech gear.

  11. It took 59 minutes only because Google’s servers couldn’t handle the load. I got my ticket after 30 minutes of refreshing two browsers and constant 503 errors.

    The server problems are pretty funny especially considering that one of the sessions in Google I/O is
    “Scaling App Engine to Infinity”.
    Maybe the people who implemented the registration system should have had listened to these guys.

  12. It’s because everone thinks they’re going to get a Xoom for the low price of $450 (only $150 for students!).

  13. I am excited to be going.. I was waiting on this to open up all morning.. Missed my math class to get registered.. Glad it paid off.. That and I am way excited for boot camp..

  14. FUCK!!!!

  15. I don’t know how, but I got one ticket :-)
    I guess the gods were smiling upon me.

  16. Moscone is huge. 5000 people in a single room is pretty big to me.

  17. Everyone is upset that it sold out in 59 minutes.
    And everyone is upset that their server failed and was returning 503 errors for most of that time.

    But just imagine everyone’s reaction if their server hadn’t failed and it sold out in 15 or 20 minutes.

  18. lol i got mine at 9:53am… after 33min of getting 503 errors (the site didnt actually go live to let you buy them till ~9:19)

    with that said… F*** yeah!!! I’m going!!! Student price too :D Wonder that the freebie will be?

  19. I will be enjoying this event for free.

  20. Seriously you’re freaking out at one grammar mistake? I notice them as well but I just laugh a little and let it pass because, guess what, it isn’t that important. Get over yourselves.

  21. LMAO! I love how bloggers now consider themselves, “press”.
    Not to mention that Phandroid sells products.
    Since when does a member of the, “press” sell cell phones?
    Bloggers calling themselves, “press”. What a mockery.

  22. it actually sold out immediately, noone had a pleasant experience in thefirst hour to get ticket, I was trying since the first minute it was open and I still couldnt get a spot. It took them an hour to confirm it was sold out, server expereince was completely terrible. I tried 20 or so times in the first 10 minutes, no luck.

  23. So east coast people got the edge or was that 9 AM PST?

  24. I wish I could go!

  25. I spent an hour and a half refreshing, then I was in, registering in two windows for two people. Then after I clicked continue on the second page of registration the site when down. I had to be one of the first people on, i was registering before Google even tweeted it was open. I opened a twitter account just so I didn’t miss it, and because Google is retarded (for lack of a better word, but that means slow) I now I have 600 dollars to blow…maybe I will get an ipad with it, just in spite.

  26. @Bobert

    Get some respect. These Phandroid editors are press. I read this website every day for NEWS on ANDROID. They are very much press and deserve to go to Google I/O more than you or anyone else on here. CNN sells gear, just like Fox News. (Even though Fox isn’t real news) Get off of the comments.

  27. The shame is a lot of people will be going just to say they went, not cause they are developers of any kind or could find use in any of the sessions Google is putting on. I would of loved to went, but it is finals week for a lot of students.

  28. lol this reminds me of how Blizzcon 10 sold out in 45 seconds.

  29. @21:

    Know-nothing butt smoochers like Gruber are ‘press’?
    Attention-whore, self-hating investors like Arrington are ‘press’?
    Well-connected celebrity beer jockeys like Diggnation are freaking ‘press’?

  30. I’ve got a flower-press if anyone wants it ?

  31. …I move for an option to delete fag spam comments that are useless and annoying to people trying to casually read articles.

    That being said, if people bought the tix just to get freebies I hope they get an android keychain and a piece of gum. :)

  32. That and they all know they’ll be getting free Xooms and/or Nexus S.

  33. @Matthew Lenz
    I am going and I hope you are right. I would take either or both. Google Rocks!
    Also, I had an issue registering and thought it didn’t work. Fortunately, I left the browser up and was able to register quickly three hours later. Google is a class act though, they called me about the failed attempts to see if I wanted to register those too.

  34. I’m going too. I too tried for 35min and got to third page after zillions of reloads then never got to the payment page. Then today (2/14/11) got an email from google that my order was received partially but that they reserved a spot for me anyway. WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anywho, keep the faith. Peace

  35. My 2 cents on the “possible” freebies. A googleTV (have one), a nexus phone (have two), a new phone that comes out in may/june (def don’t have that), and maybe somekind of tablet (might as well dream big).

    Guaranteed freebies. Lots of googley time with cloud brainstorming…

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