Verizon Wireless to Throttle Data of Heavy Users Starting Today


Uh-oh. Just because you folks get unlimited data doesn’t mean Verizon’s going to let you consume it as fast as you want. With the release of the iPhone 4, we’ve seen a lot of changes made to Verizon’s policies, and today’s revelation that they’ll be throttling speeds for heavy users is perhaps one of the most significant.

From a .PDF file found on their servers:

Verizon Wireless strives to provide customers the best experience when using our network, a shared resource among tens of millions of customers. To help achieve this, if you use an extraordinary amount of data and fall within the top 5% of Verizon Wireless data users we may reduce your data throughput speeds periodically for the remainder of your then current and immediately following billing cycle to ensure high quality network performance for other users at locations and times of peak demand. Our proactive management of the Verizon Wireless network is designed to ensure that the remaining 95% of data customers aren’t negatively affected by the inordinate data consumption of just a few users.

Verizon also made mention of steps made to optimize data using a new compression technique they’ve been developing. A good majority of you probably won’t be affected by any of this, but we know some of you rooters tend to put that tether functionality to good use. Those days may be coming to an end, folks. [via BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Your kidding me? Verizon was the last one.
    This is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. And so it begins…the iPhone will ruin Verizon with all their changes in policy and the android community will suffer along with them. Very few people will feel this on but apple has just begun imposing its will on verizon…

  3. I don’t really care that much because Verizon coverage is nonexistent where I live, but throttling for the upcoming billing cycle too?? Pathetic.

  4. They’re the most expensive, but have the best coverage and the best customer service. I hope this doesn’t make all the smartphone users mad. I’m one of them and could leave them after years of service if it slows down too much.

  5. It will be interesting to find out what the top 5% means. How many GB does it take to get there? And then how much slower will it be? And really, shouldn’t the top users get faster access? That way we will get out of the way of the “small” users faster. :-)

  6. Verizon has been cranky lately.

  7. No mention of how much data those 5%ers use? I regularly cross 5 gigs. I wouldn’t call that an extraordinary amount.

  8. I’ve thought this has been going on, I tether my rooted dx and it gets super slow sometimes near the end of the cycle. Been using about 5gb a month

  9. This is ridiculous, I know I’ll be one of that top 5% i use at least 5 gigs of data per billing cycle. So now im paying for slower data speeds RIDICULOUS!!!

  10. Apple ruined it for AT&T users and now the Dark Side has struck Verizon aswell……. Damn…………

  11. Am I the only one who actually likes this?

    I’d rather see carriers throttling an unlimited plan, than restricting usage and blasting heavy users with fees.

  12. Yeah, it’d be nice to know what the threshold would be. I know it’s not necessarily a set number, but a rough idea would be helpful to their current and potential customers.

  13. +2G is around the 5% they claim

  14. Good thing I’m not a heavy data user. I dont see how they can do this for only certain people. i feel a lawsuit coming if people find out verizon is doing this to them when they are paying for the same speeds as every other customer

  15. im glad that they don’t make you pay extra. i mean i go over 2gb probably every cycle. but i’ve heard of people going over 8gb..

  16. Hahaha!
    Maybe someone should start a lawsuit!
    Get home internet you cheap fucks!

  17. I am not a huge data hog so I don’t think it will hit me. I usually pull under 2 gigs.

  18. I understand where VZW is coming from (as long as they’re being honest about their reasons for doing it.)

    I would prefer tiered options though–where the top 5% could pay a premium to lift the throttle–or even better, an a la carte data option, where I could add additional throughput as needed.

    I’m guessing that the top 5% of users consume a ridiculous amount of bandwidth, and I don’t think it’s reasonable that the rest of us should suffer. Do you really need to download HD torrents of Jersey Shore over your mobile?

  19. 5% of people are taking advantage of the usage allowance and I’m glad that a lot of apps I DL strongly recommend I use WiFi.


  21. @Richard

    San Dimas High School Football Rules.

  22. @Dave Sorry I don’t agree. I am paying more than some other users. I pay unlimited and I want it unthrottled. I use more than the 150mb pricing so am I a heavy user: 2gb with no tethering? I don’t download torrents or run 3G only.

    They tried the tier pricing, but leave the unlimited alone.

    Unlimited is not unlimited you all of sudden there are not limitations. No Max, but there are limits. FAIL!

  23. I agree with Brenton (#9.) It is better for a carrier to limit the speed of data usage for those that are using the largest amounts of data so the network stays fast for everyone. The only way you could use a huge amount of data (5GB+) is tethering or constant media streaming.

    The main concern for me would be WHEN the throttle point occurs. 2GB is far more attainable than 5GB.

    Perhaps carriers should look into a throttled, no-overage option plan and ALSO an unlimited plan that allows for additional charges (after the throttling point, pay more for continuing with the fast speeds through the end of the month.)

  24. I use roughly 1.5gb per month.

  25. @Richard
    Richard sprints 4G Wimax for one is not TRUE 4G. Second their Wimax fucking blows. If Verizon does get “bogged down” (which won’t happen it will always be better than Sprint) they will put another BILLION into the network. Keep dreaming of one day being able to afford better service.

  26. ^ <- LOL God fanboys… You make yourselves look so stupid. FYI your caps lock was on :P It was never true unlimited anyways you hit 5G and you were going slow as hell. Even on my most heavy usage I've barely went over 2G. Personally I plan buy an iPhone, and motorola xoom from Verizon, and this change means nothing to me. I typically use wifi when I'm home so my usage is never crazy anyways. People who didn't want pay for local interent service so used there phones are more likley the ones who will get hit with the nerf stick. Seriously how cheap can you be? Then the nerve to get upset with Verizon becuase your cheating the system anyways with rooting and bypassing the require plan for teathering. I don't care that people do it, but really you have no right to complain. It's like people expect to get everything for a steal, and when they get caught they just say the company is a money grubing corperation. Get off your high horse.

  27. @SavageJeep I hear you. I agree with folds that say that unlimited should be unlimited–under the plan that we all agreed to. It just seems hard to imagine that the top 5% (whatever that amount is) reach those heights without illegitimate tethering (which I do.)

  28. starting today ? ? ? I call BS … VZ has been doing this for weeks … when I am at work in the evening I will tether my dInc to my laptop, like CLOCKWORK at 6:05pm EST I will lose 3G from my phone, regardless of whether I am tethered or not .. I could disconnect the tether, then try to access web from my phone and nada. The ability to connect either via tether or mobile is spotty until almost 8pm and then I’m fine. throttle THIS!

  29. I agree that throttling could, in theory be not a bad idea but my boyfriend (who is in security) uses his phone constantly for youtube and google research and the like. He switched from t-mobile because he was getting throttled so badly be couldn’t make calls…. I agree there should be a choice to pay a premium for elite service with no throttling.

  30. This is effecting a severely small absolute value of users and something that more than likely will not even be noticed. Regardless, I take this announcement as admittance of Verizon needing to increase their network bandwith.

  31. Heavy users should be considered those who use 5GB or more, especially since mobile video streaming is the hot new thing. In a way, VZW is violating net neutrality because by throttling heavy users, you are in essence penalized for using high bandwidth consuming internet services on your mobile phones and tablets via their 4G connections.

    I don’t mind the throttling on its own, but you can’t call it unlimited data if you can’t get the maximum speed of your tier. While I only use 1GB a month as it is, I expect to use 2 to 3x as much once I get 4G, but that’s not even including tethering of any sort. This rumored 2GB mark is way too low.

  32. @Ryan, none of the wireless carriers are true 4G… Not even close to it in terms of speed or potential interoperability specs. Not even LTE… The ITU hasn’t even defined what true 4G will be yet but LTE advanced that could be available in 5 years looks like a good guess. Please come informed to a tech board if you are going to negatively comment on another user’s comments.

  33. @Mapex, Wrong – “unlimited data” is about how many bytes you download, not how fast you get it. I personally don’t want my service to suck because you’re too cheap to pay for a land line. Verizon will tell you that LTE is NOT a replacement for home internet service, and I appreciate their attempts at protecting my mobile experience.

  34. i really dont think people understand how hard it must be to get into the top 5% of internet users. unless you have your phone gorilla glued to your hand, and its the only source of entertainment, communication, and internet you have ANYWHERE in your life, you’re going to be fine.

  35. I regularly use >5GBs. I don’t tether. It’s not hard, listening to Pandora at work will shoot you right up there. I’m sure there are a lot of Pandora users on Verizon.

  36. Witch most of the throttling is gone be very very excessive usages.

  37. If it’s just “a few” users as they say, it shouldn’t impact the whole network. Just another reason I didn’t want the Iphone coming to Verizon!!

  38. @Ryan.. and @Dave… You guess are NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF DWEEB HEADS… VERIZON SUCKS JUST LIKE YOUR IPHONE4’S BUNCH OF LOSERS.. Verizon wishes they could be better than sprint.. just like apple wished they could be better than htc.. Your network 3g stinked in Newyork and I am sure 4g will not be no better ESPICALLY if those LOSERS who were on at&t come to buy that CRAPPY IPHONE 4 WHICH IS A 3G DEVICE ON THAT SHITTY VERIZON SERVICE…. OLD IPHONE 4 AND VERIZON ARE PERFECT FOR EACHOTHER… HTC EVO 4G RULES ANDROID AND SPRINT RULES ALL CARRIERS

  39. I hope VZW don’t push me away I like VZW over other cell phone company

  40. I would have to agree with #28. I have noticed a difference in the past few weeks. They are getting ready for more data users and I’m sure VZW prices will soon reflect the fact that they will be loosing $400 for each iHole phone they sell.

  41. First the iPhone, this crap, high prices and slow 3G.
    Verizon FTL

  42. Lovin’ Sprint, is easy cuz it’s unlimited. Dun undun dun do do. And my bill is cheaper too.

  43. 5% is millions of users. Not “the elite few”, but one in every 20 users. This will end up including a lot of people who think it doesn’t affect them. Doesn’t this change give everybody who wants out of their contract a way out without paying ETF?

  44. Just want to say that Iphone preorders start today. Coincidence?

  45. @Eric (#34)

    Before you get all high and holy on another user for posting about WiMax and LTE etc as 4G, perhaps you should read the following:,2817,2374564,00.asp

    That said, I do agree that I’d still rather have VZW than Sprint.

  46. Can someone please stand up to Steve Jobs and say, yes, your product is cool but it doesn’t trump everyone elses (Motorola, HTC, etc). Oh, and your product would be cooler if it was the iPhone 5! Offering a phone thats been out for 6 months or more and uses the OLD network is nothing special

  47. Can I use this to terminate my contract with them? They are changing the terms right, shouldn’t I be able to get out without paying an early termination fee?

  48. I’m already over 2.5 GB with a couple of days left in the billing cycle. I stream MOG and download songs to it at work.

  49. People keep saying that you shouldn’t use your phone like your home computer, but my question is….what about the xoom, will it be throttled too? Unlike a phone, it is meant to be used like a home computer. If it is I’ll be waiting for a wifi only version for sure.

  50. As long as they keep unlimited data plans and have them for their 4g plans too I don’t mind, they just better not take away my unlimited data or I WILL BE GOING TO T-MOBILE!

  51. VZW where “Unlimited” means for “iPhone users only !”.

  52. #17 @Bobert. Exactly

  53. I like turtles.

  54. But I want the one with the more GBs!

  55. I wonder are they also making these changes to prompt people into buying personal wi fi devices. It may be way oof base but, it’s just a thought.

  56. Wow…when I first seem top 5% I didn’t think that there was a chance for me to be in that category but with 86+million subscribers that equates to about 4+million people that will be effected. That’s a lot of people.

    I don’t illegally tether so hopefully I won’t be affected. For you guys that do…good luck.

  57. Richard, well dick, you EVO fucking cock wadd of a cumdupster, dick sucking ingnorant idiot of an excuse of A human, I’ve watched your comments over the past month and its pretty apparent that you have sprints garbage network. How can u even begin to call sprints pathetic excuse for a 4g network the only “true” 4g? Verizon will have 4g support in more areas soon if they don’t already. Their real world speeds along with their theoretical speed are and always will be higher than wimix. I know its sucks because its like we win the gold here at Verizon every year while u at sprint come In with the bronze, but hey, dick, at least your sorry fucking excuse of a network isn’t as bad as say, metro PCS? The EVO is damn five phone but no better than the likes of a Droid incredible, and don’t tell me it is because the only difference in the two phones is the screen size. If I ever met you I would take that EVO, turn it sideways, and proceed to shove it in your ass, not for myself or my disdain for your comments, but for pleasure, to see if sprint could be shoved any further up your ass.

  58. Funny, because I thought VZW was “expanding their network” to cover the mass influx of proud new iPhone owners?

    Guess by “expanding” they mean limiting the rest of us.


  59. @ksizzle9 Absolutely beautiful!!! Like pure poetry.

  60. @Paul, I understand what your saying, but VZW has ALSO expanded their network for the iphone and have been ready for quite some time…

  61. With all of the policy changes Verizon has been doing over the last month they’re going to end up sucking as much as AT&T and at least AT&T will have the up to date phones.

  62. What?! 2GB+?!
    I’m usually in 4-5GB range, so that sucks for me. i’m at 4705085.8KB right now and still have 5 days left on my billing cycle.
    DAMN YOU IPHONEY!!!!!!!!

  63. Can I get an iPhone in white?

  64. Lots of complaints from people without hard facts. What amount of data do the top 5% use? I used 2.2g last cycle. I have idea what that means here.

  65. 1. This is for new customers only. Can you not read?
    2. This has nothing to do with iphone. Android phones use more data than iphones.
    3. It’s 5% of data users. 72% of Verizon users use dumb phones. That means only 1.3 million will be affected. If you use less than 6 gigs or so, you should be fine.

  66. People need to stop with the 2 Gig BS. NOBODY HAS STATES THAT, BUT DRAMATIC BLOG COMMENTERS. STFU!

  67. *STATED

  68. “New subscribers only.” What a ridiculous comment. Obviously that would include anyone signing a new contract, which would include existing customers when they get a new subsidized phone.

    This probably wouldn’t affect me at all but I would like to see hard facts rather than the nonsensical conjecture from you internet geniuses.

  69. @ksizzle9… and @joeS… THE BOTH OF YOU CAN GO FUCK A DUCK.. BUNCH OF ASS WIPES… @ksizzle9 you better be glad we can’t MEET FACE TO FACE YOU ASSHOLE.. I’D SHOLVE YOUR CRUSTY IPHONE4 UP YOUR ASS.. And if you are an android user STILL GO FUCK A DUCK YOU BUM ASS

  70. earlier I said I agree with #28 but I should have put #30. I think they have been doing this for a couple weeks now.

    @im242: Were do you see that this is for new customers only?

  71. That should be “Where”. Boy I should just stop typing.

  72. Firstly, LMAO @ Fletch
    Secondly if the Soft cap is 2 gigs then that BLOWS hard. I always get throttled with a 5GB soft cap on Tmo, but with 2gigs I would die. Suck for verizon users

  73. @ #45/SupraLance and #49/Seth
    I think that it MAY mean that we can get out of our contracts without an ETF. I recall reading in the past that if a company changes the terms of an agreement, you are no longer obligated to follow the terms of that contract; in effect, they have made the contract null by modifying terms. The only question is whether they can get away with it, since you are still being given the unlimitted data, albeit at a throttled speed.

    I wonder if the section of the VZW contract cited in this article still exists:

  74. Forgive me for the harsh language, just get sick and tired of this Guy posting this bullshit if the news isn’t “10 month old EVO, best phone that will ever be made, on the best network in the world, everyone who uses verizon because it truly is the best for them is stupid”

  75. This site could use more ksizzles. The trollinf here is out of control.

  76. And, I regularly hit 5 gigs. Never been throttled at 2.

  77. Richard, I own a Droid x, Droid incredible, Samsung fasciante, and a nexus 1, still a dick. And if we met in real life u would get smacked around you little bitch. Really? Go fuck a duck? That’s all u got? That’s why I didn’t say anything else. I don’t like to make fun of retarded people.

  78. missed some very important info thats in the pdf ,

    “If you subscribe to a Data Plan or Feature on February 3, 2011 or after, the following applies:”

  79. @Eric
    Please tell me where in my post I said verizon DID have 4G coverage? Oh wait..that’s right…I DIDN’T. think before you speak.

  80. @Richard do you have some VZW and iPhone jealousy. It’s okay, in two years when sprint merges with t-mobile and can actually provide reliable service, maybe your horrific network will be able to get the iPhone then. And btw, I have a droid, your just an idiot.

  81. @richard
    You for some reason keep assuming we have Iphones just because we have verizon. What you are failing to realize is that 1. This is a fucking ANDROID site. 2. They JUST were released for PRE-ORDER this morning at 3am. So unless UPS is that fucking fast….NO CUSTOMERS HAVE A FUCKING IPHONE ON VERIZON! You truly are one stupid individual.

  82. This article needs to be updated with CORRECT INFO! A much better explanation, from Verizon. IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK.: )

  83. Just remove the throttle. Theres a patch out there. Im using it right now and I downloaded over 20gb this cycle!


  84. sorry my 136gb of usage last month killz ur manz bases.

    VZ put a limiter on android back in Nov but where there’s a will there’s 1000 ways.

    Should have sold me an unlimited plan fooz if you didnt want me eating into your profit margin.

    ATT makes 29.50 a month on each iphone user under 1gb of data usage so screw them and there bitching.

  85. From the PDF:

    “If you subscribe to a Data Plan or Feature on February 3, 2011 or after, the following applies”

    This is mostly for the predicted influx of fanboys. If you already have your plan, you are not subject to a throttling, however much you may need one. At least that’s the way I read it.

  86. All you fanboys that think this is a good idea – think this through and do the math.

    If the 5% cutoff is 2GB, what do you think that is going to look like 3 months in after that top 5% gets throttled for a month and a half?

    Joe “ISuckBandwidth” user:
    Month -1: 8GB

    Month 1: 2GB, then throttled – then it’s not likely that they’re still going to consume anywhere near 8GB – let’s say 4GB (which is probably a stretch).

    Month 2: Throttled all F-ing month long (“reduce your data…speeds…for the …immediately following billing cycle”) – so they lay off the bandwidth and come in under 2GB so they don’t get throttled next month too.

    Rinse. Repeat.

    This example user would go from 8GB/mo to ~2.75GB/mo average. So as the top 5% of users see a decline in their data usage (which is literally almost impossible for it not to decline) you see the 2GB threshhold decline as well.

    So the heavy data users should really be begging the light data users to use MORE to bring up the average!

  87. Verizon is making a lot of changes that effect a lot of users all because of the iphone.
    For me android gives me freedom and flexibility.
    They are messing with my upgrade and now our data plans.
    Verizon is going to piss a lot a lot of people off

  88. I swear they are already doing this to me! I still have an unlimited and much cheaper plan that is from way back when VZW bought Alltel. (They cant make me switch, even though they try every time I get a new phone, which is often because I am pretty sure this plan messes up my contract, because it says I can get a new phone every few months…)

    But I rooted my Fascinate, and I tether between 5-6 GB a month on Barnacle, just because when im downloading something on my wifi, it slows it down a lot…

    It seems like my phone used to be a lot faster though. Like, maybe 2 to 3x faster.

  89. Hmmmm… Root and there is a workaround for this.

    Also, this has been and will be on EVERY network, it’s in the Agreement, lol. Just some of the Networks have chosen to ignore it for all but the heaviest of abusers.

    Bottom line is Verizon has never been, nor will it be, the BEST Competitive Plans/Costs Network. What they do, they do well and that is their Coverage Network, period, but you PAY for that. Verizon has made some moves which are actually smart with the coming of the Apple Product… They’re just trying to stave off the problems AT&T has experienced and which will surely infect Verizon’s network soon.

    You wanted it, you got it, now you have to deal with it! APPLE sux… lolz!


  91. Yea it looks like for new customers and maybe ppl switching to 4G.

  92. All those tethers are gonna be maaaad…

  93. Guys. Richard is done talking for the night. He is licking all the dog shit off my shoes. Then we are going to my wife’s cats litter box. He will be very busy

  94. I read every single comment here. This was very educational (except for that guy Richard- just a hater). I only use a little over a gig each month with my X. I have a Macbook, but won’t buy an Iphone…love the Android system…looking forward to the Thunderbolt and Bionic.

  95. If motorola would ever fix my damn wifi on my damn droid xi wouldn’t use so much damn 3g data. DAMN!!!

  96. @bugeyeblue hey ur100% wrong. Verizon doesn’t have the best customer support 2 T-Mobile just won that award for the second time in 2 years. Fail

  97. Haven’t they been throttling data for a while now? That’s why all the “unthrottled data mods” showed up in the rooted forums about 2 months ago. I know I installed the patch towards the end of the month and almost doubled my down and up speed from However that information is only as reliable as the test which isn’t much.

  98. @ #22, Dave: I love Bill and Ted references.

  99. @Bear (#96)…gotta agree with you about the damn wifi on the Droid X. The constant “connecting – disconnecting” cycle really pisses me off…would much rather use wifi on a consistant basis instead of 3G, but there’s no guarantee that my X will maintain a constant connection.

    Verrry irritating…

  100. I will investigate suing. Just left ATT for Verizon’s unlimited plans on 4 Droids. Ditched the iPhones and sucky AT&T data plans. Apple sucks the big one – always has always will!

  101. listen up folks, we bought unlimited data usage plans and paid through the nose for them. we already pay the normal use of a none smart phone then added 30 bucks a mth to be unlimited …..So any slow down here of any kind or any extra charges are unacceptable.. i dont care how much anyone down loads,,if verizon is not up to the pressure then crap on them. i wont lose one nights sleep of how much verizon suffers.. If they try to push any levels or monies i will be the first to throw in the towel and let them take me to court, they will have breached their contract as far as i can see, thus releasing everyone from contracts. aaaaaaaah the sweet taste of victory.. taste good… and 1 more point of interest, i am tired of buying what is supposed to be the newest phone in Verizons stock pile only to learn its about to become out dated and all promised updates forgotten.. freedom freedom freedom… we buy Verizon should serve us not us serve them.. a giant boycot may be just the ticket verizon needs..

  102. Here we go again! The i-phone ruined Google Voice and the ability to have the same outgoing calling number (allowing free calls if the number was part of your 5 favorites).

    Now they have to penalize the rest of us who never wanted an i-phone or AT&T service if the first place.

    Apple should create it’s own celluar service provider company so the rest of us don’t have to put up with Apple’s terrorist tactics.

    Apple screws up everything so people can’t get anything for free on their phones. They need to keep their phones out of the rest of our business!!

  103. I guess im in the top five! Got the message today and my phones internet is extremely slow. ):

  104. I just got capped @ 2gb, Verizon has done it. Spoke with a rep and 2gb is the cap. My speed went from 3mbps to 0.09mbps for download speed.

  105. Iphones suck. Just learned of internet tethering and the data usage involved with it. comcast internet is 50+ dollars a month. My verizon unlimited is 29.99 a month. Call me a cheap motherfucker and I don’t really care. 80 bucks a month for internet and entertainment is a lot for me. I also use MOG at work 10 hours a day. Haven’t checked my data usage but I bet it’s 10+g’s a month. signed with Verizon in Dec. and bought an X and a 2. Unlimited means just that UNLIMITED. Nowhere in my contract does it state otherwise. I’m avoiding rooting my phone but if I notice a slowdown it will be done.
    Oh, forums attract losers like Bobert. his kind are everywhere. If he’s not jerking off to animal porn he or she will be here trying to get under other normal peoples skin like us.

  106. Iphones suck. Just learned of internet tethering and the data usage involved with it. comcast internet is 50+ dollars a month. My verizon unlimited is 29.99 a month. Call me a cheap motherfucker and I don’t really care. 80 bucks a month for internet and entertainment is a lot for me. I also use MOG at work 10 hours a day. Haven’t checked my data usage but I bet it’s 10+g’s a month. signed with Verizon in Dec. and bought an X and a 2. Unlimited means just that UNLIMITED. Nowhere in my contract does it state otherwise. I’m avoiding rooting my phone but if I notice a slowdown it will be done.
    Oh, forums attract losers like Bobert. his kind are everywhere. If he’s not jerking off to animal porn he or she will be here trying to get under other normal peoples skin like us.

  107. Thank goodness I only use my phone to talk and text so the data portion really does not concern me! For my usage, Verizon is too expensive. I’m now with StraightTalk which runs on the Verizon network but I’m paying half of what I used to pay monthly! Take that Verizon!

  108. Thank goodness I only use my phone to talk/text so the data portion really doesn’t concern me. For my usage, Verizon is a pricey. I’m now with StraighTalk and pay half of what I used to pay monthly but even better b/c now the plan is unlimited everything! So …. take that Verizon!

  109. Use your companies WiFi while you are at work (if the company you work for does not have WiFi tell them to join the rest of us here in the 21st century and get it) to stream your Pandora and stuff and you will never have to worry. And if you use WiFi at home you really have no worries. Plus WiFi is 10x faster than 3g. With WiFi that leaves you more time to worry about the real problem of seeing why your spell and grammar check tools are not working on your comments.

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