Skifta Brings First Readily-Available DLNA-Certified App to Market (Froyo+)


Skifta has announced the launch of their free Android app, the first  to be certified by the DLNA to seamlessly stream content to other DLNA-capable devices. (The app itself has been out since December, but just received its certification recently.) This functionality is common in all of Samsung’s Galaxy S phones via AllShare, and now any Android user (running 2.2 or greater) will be able to take advantage of the technology. Skifta details their app quite elegantly in the video you see above, while their press release sits below. [via Engadget] [Market Link]

Skifta Becomes First Software Application to Receive DLNA Certification

– Application-based Service Turns Smartphones and Tablets into Global Remote Controls for Streaming Media and Furthers DLNA Vision for Connected Digital Home –

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Skifta™ for Android, a product of Qualcomm Services Labs Inc., has become the first application to be certified by the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) under its new Software Certification program. Skifta is an application-based media shifting service that allows consumers to access and play their digital media from virtually any source, whether it’s accessed on the phone, from the cloud, or remotely from home. Consumers can then stream this media to DLNA Certified® consumer electronics such as TVs, IP-connected stereos, Windows 7 PCs, PlayStation3 game consoles and many other consumer electronics products via their Android smartphones and tablets.

As a DLNA Certified software application, Skifta now gives Android users the added assurance that digital music, photos and videos from the phone and around the connected home can be streamed easily to DLNA Certified products at home or on the go. Through DLNA Certification, Skifta helps meet digital media consumers’ demand for a reliable, interoperable platform for accessing and streaming media within the connected home, or accessing it remotely via smartphone.

“We are proud that the Skifta Android application has become the first DLNA Certified software application,” said Bruce Jackson, vice president of technology at Qualcomm Services Labs. “The Skifta application demonstrates our commitment to DLNA and to making the smartphone central to the connected home and lifestyle. The Skifta application creates the potential for tens of millions of smartphones and tablets to run DLNA Certified software and stream multimedia content reliably to devices around the home.”

Analysts estimate that there will be nearly two billion DLNA Certified devices in homes worldwide by 2014, and some expect that DLNA software certification will propel adoption and usage of DLNA devices on consumers’ home networks. The Skifta application takes advantage of the rapid adoption of DLNA-enabled devices, the growing desire for on-demand streaming media, and the rapid proliferation of smartphones to deliver an easy-to-use service for taking your digital media with you, without actually having to take it with you.

“DLNA Certified software such as Skifta will help bring content such as photos, videos and music, stored on DLNA Certified devices, to an even larger selection of consumer electronics, mobile and PC products,” said Nidhish Parikh, chairman and president of DLNA. “Qualcomm has been an active DLNA member for some time and as the first Certified software application, Skifta complements the DLNA standards and vision.”


The Skifta application beta is currently available as a free download in the Android Marketplace for smartphones running Android version 2.2 and higher.

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  1. Wow…. Digital media sperm…

  2. Haha

  3. Nice, this will come in handy on my Nexus S.

  4. This app worked great when I tried it sometime late last year. But all I wanted to do was “push” media from my phone to my Google TV, and evidently GTV isn’t able to do that yet. Maybe when the market launches.

  5. @TitusThorngate
    To send media from my Nexus One to my Google TV (Logitech Revue), I use an app called iMediaShare. Havent used it in a few weeks, and they have since updated to a ‘premium’ app ($$) but from what I have experienced, it works great with the Logitech Revue.

    Also. Skifta did not work with my Revue last time I tried it. I will try again now that they are certified DLNA.

  6. I’ve been running TwonkyServer Mobile for months now and it’s DLNA compliant. Not sure if it’s certified or not, but it works. And works better than Skifta. Have had nothing but problems with Skifta, but Twonky just works, every time.


  7. I also have Twonky and its the best. I have tried many different available DLNA solutions and none worked better than Twonky. I have purchased their server for my home PC and can access all of my media from any DLNA capable device. I have tried Google TV, Samsung IPTV, XBOX 360, PS3, HTC G2, Nexus One. Everything works and all media types I had were recognized and played flawlessly.

  8. I also have Twonky server running on a NAS server and I agree, it works great, never a problem. Skifta must be paying this site to advertise for them as there’s better options out there that they fail to notice.

  9. Twonky must be paying Deals and Trey to post negative comments…

    For a free app that’s still in beta, Skifta presents quite an interesting experience. I’ve tried Twonky too, but it’s very confusing – particularly the share to function, which is impossible to find unless you know somebody who can show you. And, once you find it, you’re at the mercy of Twonky and the media type on the web page you want to access. I tried no less than 12 blogs, all of which I know serve up MP3 files for streaming, and Twonky couldn’t play any of them. With Skifta, I used the Podcasts feature, entered in a few of my stand by RSS feeds and they played on my Droid Incredible and on my Sonos S5 no problem.

  10. I downloaded Twonky first but found it had a dated look, was not clear how I was supposed to use it and it hung up on me.

    Skifta I thought was more polished, great graphics and ui, it steps you through what you need to do and most importantly, for me, it worked! For a beta product I think it blows other DLNA products out of the water already!

  11. I was very impressed with this app! I find it very easy to use and manage songs, but video is another story. Yes, it works fine but I always want new media. I use the Remote Access app to stream live TV, on demand content, and DVR recordings to my Android. It’s made by my employer, DISH Network, and is definitely a must have app!

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