Xperia Play Gets Extensive Preview


The Xperia Play is one of the worst kept best secrets in the history of Android phones. With Sony Ericsson doing little but denying the handset up and down, countless videos, hands-on, images, and specs have leaked since the phone was first rumored. Topping it all off several weeks before the handset should be launched at Mobile World Congress, tech blog supreme Engadget has gotten ahold of the Play and given it an extensive once-over.

There really isn’t a whole lot more to say, but you can check out their full thoughts over at the source link below. Engadget’s final thoughts seem to be that the hardware holds up but the ultimate success of the phone will depend on the deployment of the device’s games market, a facet they couldn’t test at the time.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I’m still skeptical, but only time will tell if this will develop into a must have.

  2. Yawn!

  3. @AndroidToy

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m tired of hearing about it already. Just bring it out so we can see it let us all down and become nothing like what we all anticipate and expect.

  4. The Racing game is not widescreen! Hardware too weak?

  5. Does anyone else think Sony missed a huge opportunity by not using Tegra 2? I think it would sell a lot more with a Tegra 2 chip inside. More power for games and also for running emulators with that controller.

  6. theyve most likely had this in the works for a year now, theyll save the tegra2 for the xperia play 2…which theyre probably already working on lol…

  7. That slide-pad-controller is basically the same as for PS1, PS2, PS3 and compatible with all the NES, SNES, etc. It would be great for emulators on the phone. If SE would release it’s own emulator then the phone could be a success but now it is just a phone of an older generation with a rarely used pad because there are still not so much good enjoyful games for Android. But why someone would buy a phone with pad if there is/would be PSP/PSP2.

  8. Needs tegra 2

  9. if you look on the notification bar it has an H for the service does that mean its coming to tmobile?

  10. wtf?! did he say he hates mario 3?! down with the blasphemer!

  11. i have always wondered what those little circle things are when the phone slides out. what are their purpose?

  12. They have so much unused space that if they arranged the buttons a bit, they could fit in a hardware keyboard.

    The phone still looks like a concept phone to me. Sorry I’ll pass.

  13. @AwesomeFred
    No you idiot, the phone is still being developed to work with Playstation. He’s using an emulator!

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