Motorola XOOM Promo Appears on YouTube, Is this the Android Tablet We’ve Been Waiting for? [Poll]


The Motorola XOOM has just gotten its first long promo spot posted up to YouTube, and as with everything we have seen of this tablet so far, it’s getting us pretty excited. The sheer beauty of a MotoBlur-less Honeycomb (Android 3.0) interface is almost enough for us to give this tablet an early “Best Android Tablet” ranking, but throw in an NVIDIA dual-core Tegra 2 processor and some serious specs it’s hard to deny this could be a winner.

But will the XOOM be held back by factors that aren’t so appealing? How about that Verizon data contract? The absence of a Wi-Fi-only model means consumers will be stuck buying up the 3G-upgradeable-to-4G model, good or bad. And the cost is sure to be even higher than the Samsung Galaxy Tab price tag many turned their nose up at. Could the XOOM lose out to certain users who will wait for Honeycomb to hit other, possibly cheaper tabs?

What do you all think? Be sure to chime in on the poll below with your thoughts!

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  1. can’t f’n wait! come on already. hopefully 2/17 holds true, but the next 23 days are going to suck.

  2. Uh, this video is 2 weeks old.

  3. price needs to come down

  4. The ads need to show why it’s a compelling alternate to the ipad(2). So far this hasn’t done that aside from flash.

  5. PS – I actually saw this on Moto’s Xoom page yesterday (under videos), but I didn’t think it was new, thought I had seen it before. Have to wonder if this will be the Super Bowl commercial, but I think they could do a better ad for $3 million worth of airtime.

  6. How is the 4G upgrade going to work? Massive external dongle or what?

  7. Yep, video is old. I think it will be great, but, I will not pay $700 for a tablet, when there are laptops out there for $600 that are very good.

  8. Yea I’ll wait for a Wi-Fi-only version. They should do it the way AT&T does the iPad and allow you the option to pay monthly or not.

  9. I will by it if they propose a Wi-Fi only version costing +/- $500 to $600.

    No 2 years contract for me.

  10. the price is keeping me away. I be just a happy to hack honeycomb onto my nookColor

  11. Seen this already. Im getting 2. And if it wasnt moto, that video would be closer to 8 million for super bowl commercial. A 30 second slot is 3 million this year. But, we all know how tight moto, vzw, and the nfl are.

  12. No Wi-Fi only model is a deal breaker for me. I don’t want another data plan to pay for, especially since I’d use this at home where I have a WiFi network available.

    Also, the upcoming HP/Palm tablet(s) have me very intrigued. I own an iPad, but I definitely see better tablets on the horizon!

  13. And goid luck getting a wifi version in the states. This is going to be vzw’s baby.

  14. What is it with these stupid Android manufacturers kowtowing to the carriers. They should release a WiFi only tablet first or with a 3G/4G version available at the same time — even evil Apple gets this. I don’t want another contract device. Motorola loses a sale on me because I want WiFi only.

  15. Apple still has a hold of my thoughts with the upcoming iPad 2 but this looks pretty good. Price does need to come down though.

  16. I’ll stick with my iPad until AT&T releases a honeycomb tablet or Moto releases a WiFi only version.

  17. @Durango Jim
    The Xoom or any other Android Honeycomb tablet is more compelling than the iPad(2) for all the same reasons that an Android phone is more compelling than an iPhone.

    – Open, Google doesn’t discourage jailbreaking (Motorola is another story)
    – Non-restrictive app store
    – side loading apps
    – Can create and add your own apps to your own device without having to pay a fee.
    – Open source
    – etc…

    Android is about an open environment while iOS is about a close and tightly regulated environment. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages. I think I can safely say that most people on this site prefer an open environment.

  18. @Nlsme

    If possible, I will try to get one outside of this country. Hopefully, a WiFi only version will be available in Canada which is less than a mile from my workplace.

  19. WOULD PEOPLE PLEASE SHUT UP ABOUT DATA CONTRACTS, SERIOUSLY! Verizon does not and has never required a data contract for data-only devices (it’s all month-to-month, cancel at any time), other than USB modems. They don’t even offer a data contract for the Galaxy Tab or iPad/MiFi.

  20. I’ve watched this video multiple time since the announcement. Nothing new I’m afraid.

  21. This is an old video…

  22. I think not doing a cheaper, WiFi-only model is going to hurt them. No matter what any of us nerds think, normal people are going to be looking for something “like the iPad”. When they are faced with the option of either buying this for $700/signing a two-year contact or buying the already-established iPad for $500, it’s going to be a hard Android sell.

  23. Yup, plan to pick up 2, though I may wait on one of them. I expect the price will drop once there’s more competition. Very much looking forward to it.

  24. I agree with most everyone here I want a wifi only version.

    @The One : I have to say when the ipad launched I was firmly in your camp did not see the benefit of a tablet when a decent netbook or laptop were available for the same price. I have recently started to see the benefit however not so much in the form factor but in their access to an app store. Be it iOS or Android I do see the benefit in getting a $2.99 app that does what you need over a $19.99 piece of software to do the same thing on a laptop. Truth is its just becoming simpler to use an app store for cheap software than buying a boxed product at your local store.

    Just my 2 cents.

  25. I’m sure there will be a wi-fi only version, even if it’s released a couple months later. Whether it’ll be any cheaper than a non-contract unit remains to be seen.

    Since this thing is upgradeable from 3G to 4G, one has to wonder if the modem is plug-in/swap-out connector board. If so, a wi-fi only model is only a business case away.

  26. Kevin posted this? Thought only Quentyn posted old, out of date news?

  27. @Chris First of all, they haven’t announce pricing or contract deals. I doubt that $700 is with a contract.
    Second, everyone I know who has an iPad has the more expensive 3G model. The price difference isn’t that big.

  28. Since this is a “Google Experience Device,” does that mean rooting it will be simple as rooting a Nexus phone? If that is the case, then I might actually buy this. I refuse to buy any Motorola products with their locked bootloader bullshit.

    Also, I’m hoping VZW does what they’ve done with the Galaxy Tab and offer a discount for activating it in store, even if it’s just a month-to-month activation. Best Buy originally had the VZW Galaxy Tab at $600 with a $100 discount just for activating your first month in store. Even if you only signed up for the $20/month plan.

  29. IMHO, you get what you pay for. If you want a top-of-the line, overpowered tablet that can connect basically anywhere, run fast while multitasking, and shoot HD video, then this is probably the best you can do for a few months. However, I think a lot of people would rather have a lower-priced device, without a contract, that performs well enough doing one thing at a time. If the NookColor had a front-facing camera for teleconferencing (and photos, if you’re so inclined), it might be the ideal device for a lot of people.

  30. I’m waiting on the WiFi only version. I have an EVO, so ill just tether right off of that.

  31. One of the best things Apple did with the iPad was to allow people to buy ad hoc data as needed from AT&T. It’s not necessarily well priced, but at least you’re not roped into a two-year contract just to step through the door. My fear is that Motorola is a phone company, and as a phone company, it’s real customers are the carriers. I can’t imagine that they’re going to sell the xoom for $700 or $800 AND require a data plan without some kind of subsidy, but, in part, this explains why there’s no wifi version out of the gate. As an aside, I’ve never heard Apple say what the split is between 3G and wifi iPads, but I bet it’s pretty heavy in favor of wifi-only.

  32. Totally moneygrab marketing – Trying to squeeze every penny out of a product, essentially whoring it out. Most comments share the same disappointment with the fact there are no wifi models. The market has been waiting for a functional tab since the ipad came out, something that could take external storage, take pictures and possibly something thats not marked up as high – Instead this product will only cater to Enthusiasts. The Stupid ipad 2 will come out and suck all the money up from the market, again… Too late motorola

  33. Price and the lack of a wifi only version will make it a flop.

  34. The 7-800 is an absolutely retarded price. Make this 250-300 dollars, like the Ipad, and then we can start talking.

  35. It will be a blur ridden bloated brick like all their other products. Wait for HTC to make a tablet, It will blow the goofily named “Xoom” out of the water, and in a few months time, everyone will be trying to skin their xoom to look like it.

  36. As long as the $700 is contract-free, pay-as-you-go data, and that the device can act as a MyFi-style access point, I will probably get one.

  37. i’ve never met anyone with the wifi version of the iPad… i think that once you’re targeting the higher end market (which superfluous but awesome items like tablets tend to do), the extra cost to be able to use your device anywhere seems pretty trivial.
    i don’t think the lack of a wifi only version is going to hurt the xoom as much everyone is saying it is.

  38. It is almost embarrassing to me that all of these Android tablet makers are coming out with devices that are priced the same as the MaxiPad.

    I get that they want a piece of the action that CrApple is sucking up right now, but if they truly are interested in owning the space, the price has got to come WAAAAY down!

    Truth is, folks are going to be buying slightly less capable, MUCH cheaper Linux/Windows/Android/etc. devices at a rate far out-pacing that of either this or any CrApple tablet if the prices stay at this level.

    And without a doubt, not releasing a WiFi only device as the initial is ridiculous as well. Folks are already carrying around smartphones with MIFI/Hotspot capability (even iPhone’s now that they are on Verizon), if given the choice, they would buy the WIFI only version much quicker than a 3G/4G/LTE option at a much higher price.

    All things considered, CrApple deserves to win this race because they created the market, and continue to deliver in it. If someone else wants to compete, they need to be compelling on features AS WELL as PRICE! No one thinks that CrApple hardware is worth the outlandish price they pay for it, but consider it the “best” so they will. Consumers do NOT have that kind of impression from any other company….and if they did, they lost that impression a long time ago!

    Now Microsoft…if they could make Win7 perform in a tablet device with the stability that it does on a PC, and priced it accordingly…we could see the old Mac tussle all over again…with CrApple ending up where they belong…on the bottom, in a niche, and insisting they are still the “best”. I wouldn’t count them out just yet, that ARM version…that could be the bell tolling!

  39. This promo doesn’t show any of the real UI.

    + None of the carriers have a proper billing model to handle users having two devices (phone + tablet).

  40. Vz does not have contacts on tablets for those that keep bringing it up.

  41. Anybody that says the price is too high must know how much phones cost.

  42. A WiFi-only model would make this purchase a NO QUESTION. I can use my Nexus One as a WiFi hotspot; I’d rather not pay for a separate data plan (even one month’s worth) and hardware I’m not going to want to use. It’s also likely to receive a vast majority of its usage in my home or within another WiFi hotspot range. I have little interest in a 3G/4G version.

  43. And vzw also doesnt have any exclusive tablets either. My guess is 799 is an off contract price. So all the whiners can get and only use the wifi, my guess is, they will offer a subsidy if your willing to sign a contract. My bet, 400-450 on contract, 800 off. No wifi only for the states. Only time will tell.

  44. I seriously thought the caps lock would work, but apparently people are too stupid to realize that VERIZON DOES NOT REQUIRE DATA CONTRACTS WITH DATA-ONLY DEVICES. THERE WILL BE NO DATA CONTRACT IF YOU BUY THE XOOM, ONLY MONTH-TO-MONTH, WHICH CAN BE CANCELED AT ANY TIME.@Joooooosh Come on man, that’s ridiculous. First of all, the Droid X off contract costs $570, so they’re supposed to sell the Xoom with no contract requirements for half that price? Seriously? Cheapest iPad model is not $250-300.@Chris Miller – see the capitalized sentence above.@anakin78z – Verizon doesn’t even offer a data contract for the Galaxy Tab or iPad/MiFi.@Adman – It won’t have Blur, try to keep up with the news.

  45. If you didnt realize, they dont “REQUIRE” a contract for anything.

  46. How about a video showing the Xoom in action?

  47. @513: You’re spot on – I don’t need/want to pay Big Red anything more than I already do. I’ll take WiFi to use primarily at home and if I’m on the go I’ll tether it to my OG Droid (waiting patiently for CM7 – Gingerbread).

  48. As long as there is no stupid UI like motoblur on it then I’ll probably get one.

  49. Sure, looks nice – but judging from how they treat their other devices, the Xoom will still have 3.0 when 4.0 has been released.

  50. Just need a wifi only version and a cheaper price and it would be a no brainer

  51. what’s the point of showing all that misleading video of people spinning dials and and moving widgets if it has nothing to do with the real UI??!

  52. @shinobi-wan – Excellent point! If those functions/widgets aren’t part of the tablet….don’t use them!

    @ckeegan – don’t get in a tizzy, I am aware that the OG Droid didn’t come with the robot arm in the commercial.

    The difference in this case is, they are selling a tablet, and it appears from the video….that they are doing those things on a TABLET! (albeit a 22″ tablet) :-)

  53. Motorola, do you have any common business sense at all? Why shoot yourself in the foot and ignore a huge chunk of the market that would buy a more basic version of this tablet for $400-$500. Make a basic version that has the same CPU power, the same screen and resolution, but has less internal storage, no 3G chip, no back camera(cmon nobody will use that), maybe even a weaker front-camera like 1.3 MP (should be enough resolution for video), and whatever else you can cut that isn’t absolutely necessary for 90% of potential customers. Then you can offer your higher ranges tablets with as much storage and any other specs you want. Seems like a win-win for everyone right? Why do you position your tablet as a premium product and drastically reduce your potential market share, instead of doing what Apple has done, and conquer the market? Even if the price is very much worth it, at $800 people won’t even consider your tablet competition to iPad. Most will just choose the iPad because it’s much cheaper and all the extra fluff doesn’t make sense to them for a much higher price.

  54. $500 wifi model is the only thing I would consider.

  55. Yeah moto make you cutting edge tablet cheaper than your phones. Whats wrong with you moto, they should be cheaper then your phones.

  56. $729.00 for a comparable iPad 3g+WiFi+32G of memory

    $700.00 for a Xoom with better specs–HD display, HD recording, front and rear facing cameras, dual core processor, and a much more intriguing mobile OS.

    All I hear are complaints about price. All I know is that the people complaining about price are cheap, clueless bastards!

    Yes, we all hope a WiFi only version hits the shelves. But realize just because it’s 3g compatible doesn’t mean you are required to be on a contract! You’ll still have your WiFi at no monthly cost.

    This device will blow away the competition, and then all the cry babies can have their WiFi only version when Motorola experiences greater demand. Apple’s comparable tablet (WiFi only) is only $120 cheaper. So everyone is complaining about $120 for a product that exceeds all the current tablet specifications.

    “But I can get a netbook/laptop for cheaper.” Guess what a** hats, your netbook/laptop DOES NOT have a multi-touch screen or multi-touch screen mobile software for that matter. Your netbook/laptop doesn’t have access to the Android Market. They are different devices for different applications.

  57. Wow jmax, somone with some logic. +100

  58. I’m not gonna pay $700 AND sign a two-year contract. No way, no how!


    Gotcha, ckeegan!

    I think Motorola has been working with the carrier-manufacturer partnership model so long, they’re married to it. They don’t know any other way. Samsung also, to a lesser extent. HTC has shown that they’re willing to break out and try other distribution models. I agree with Adman – when HTC comes out with their tablet, it will be better (WRT functionality if not tech specs), cheaper, more easily customizable (i.e. rootable), not exclusive to any carrier, with a wi-fi version you can buy cheap, off the shelf at Best Buy. Sensational! :)

  59. Honestly, after spending the past 3 months with a Viewsonic G-Tablet (running XDA – TnT Lite), a wi-fi only is no longer appealing to me. I don’t want to have to drain a battery on two devices while on the go.

    You want a cheaper tablet… then just wait… there will be one… perhaps not from Moto (at least not yet), but there will be one… with cheaper cameras, bad viewing angles (G-Tablet anyone?) less storage, for less money.

    Me? I’ll take a $699 tablet with room to grow, over saving a hundred bucks now, but being obsolete by years end. I’ll even spend the extra $50 or so to get it NOW rather than waiting for the wi-fi only model later.

    Really, people, how much less do you think the wi-fi only version is going to be? And as others have already pointed out (but for some reason people don’t read)… the price is unsubsidized and thus NO CONTRACT REQUIRE!!! SO STOP WHINING ABOUT A CONTRACT!

    This is a premium device, not an overpriced cameraless iFad.

  60. I hope they offer a subsidy to sign a contract. Either way, I want the 3g, so IF I can save some money up front I’d be happiER.

  61. Hey, the common sense people showed up! Kind of surprised by the 35% of people who said they would buy one. The bottom line is that even if 1% of Android users in the US buy one within 30 days of launch, that’s roughly what, a 150,000 units.

  62. It is all still too early to make a judgement call. With 32GB of internal storage and likely the mi fi from Verizon its the same price as the equivalent ipad. The ipad 2 has no official specs such as the chip type or pricing. Gingerbread is the most exciting thing this has to offer. The hardware will likely be on par with any high end tablet minus the “retina display” it all boils down to OS preference and whether or not you are a WIFI only kinda person. The fact that most T-mobile customers already using an android phone get free portable hotspot definitely makes a wifi only option sound good but Verison is going to sell up to its own network first. There is nothing surprising here but it will be a fun piece of equipment.

  63. Looking at the poll results, moto has a winner.

  64. I would rather have a WiFi only version mostly because it would be cheaper. I can easily buy 10 Xoom’s for $700 so its not about the cost but Android and carrier branded devices are not my thing anymore. I spent half of my 2.2 years on Android with carrier controlled phones but now Google has me spoiled by showing me their perfect vision of how Android should be with their Nexus phones. For the troll(s), I’m not talking bad about Verizon only, I blame all carriers and manufacturers.

  65. Looking at the poll results, 51% say Moto may or may not have a winner. I really would like to see a WiFi only version added to the poll just for fun.

  66. @jdog25 This is a “Google Experience Device”.

  67. I hope price comes dowm!

    I really need one of this!

  68. I would buy a WiFi-only XOOM, and I already have an iPad. With free & easy tethering to my N1, a second 3G data plan is something I don’t need and don’t want. Given Apple’s sales figures, it’s hard to see how they would be so foolish as to not release a WiFi-only model.

  69. @ckeegan You know after owning 4 different “Google Experience Devices” I know that unless it says Nexus you only get a few months of privilege. Every phone gets overshadowed by the next Google Experience device very soon, the G1 in 9 months by the Google Ion. The Ion in 6 months by the Droid 1. The Droid in 2 months by the Nexus One. The Nexus One in 12 months by the Nexus S (sort of). I like the Xoom A LOT but if Google does release a “Nexus Tab”, the Xoom is pretty much dead. Just look at all the people who said that overall the best Android phone of 2010 was the Nexus One and their were many phones that had better hardware but the updates kept it on top. I couldn’t make this sh*t up if I tried. I am talking about people who review multiple phones on multiple carriers every year. LOL even iphone fanboys say that if there were going get an Android phone it would be Nexus branded and we all know how stubborn they are.

  70. I see the poll as 89% might get it. Only 11% wont. I know im getting 2.

  71. @ckeegan and that is why it will be mine on day of release!

  72. Same here whap

  73. Nothing is better than the best of both worlds. I love and want to support Google, I have been using Android devices since the day it was born and will continue to use it until that green robot gets older and dies. On the other side, I love the design and “closeness” of IOS, thus, I will reward myself an Ipad. Ipad = games , Android phone = Utility. Enough said.

  74. Jdog, do you realize a similar poll on this website for the nexus s put 60%+ as a “no”.

  75. As Dave said :
    $500 wifi model is the only thing I would consider.

    That would be a good price for this device. At $800 they are out of their mind.

  76. Oh and do away with your Motoblur crap already. Otherwise people will have to root and install custom roms like your phones.

    Motoblur = crap !!

  77. Nlsme do you realize that the same thing happen when the Nexus One came out but it took 12 months to finally shut up the naysayers or really for them to keep saying how they regretted not getting one. A lot of those people are the ones who wanted the Nexus S to be built by HTC (I’m one) and also those who are being fooled by the dual core in phones hype. Only Honeycomb officially supports dual core and none of the new dual core phones even have 2.3 let alone 3.0.

  78. jdog25 – I think the point is that you said you were spoiled by the Nexus device, and the fact is that the Xoom is a Nexus device, as Moto has confirmed that this is a “Google Experience Device”. As for that poll about the Nexus S, you have to wonder what would happen if the next Nexus phone was released with Verizon bands, rather than T-Mobile.

  79. And, the nexus is a nice phone. A success even. 60% said no(flat out NOT, not a “maybe” or “im on the fence” but NO (Not because it was made by samsung, but becausethere was nothing special about other then gb, and phones are out that have better specs. And, it was STILL a success. The xoom has a lot more potential based on this pole v the nexus pole. Especially considering it usnt stuck on a “metro” carrier.

  80. Keegan it isnt nexus branded. It is a google experiance device.

  81. I could pick up… that is IF the LG G tab is cheaper and has a wifi only version, I honestly see no reason why I would need a seperate plan when my smart phone can tether its data to the tablet. Still depends on wifi only model and if LG does it and cheaper xD. 7 inches is the nice spot… it may seem over sized smart phone big but at least it doesn’t feel like a 10 inch mp3 player.

  82. @ckeegan – I feel your pain. It seems a lot of clueless folks post on the front page here as well as what I think are a lot of trolls in disguise.

    Honestly, poor Phandroid seems to attract way more a**hats than other Android sites or even Engadget.

    What totally surprises me though is how people jump to conclusions based on anonymous leaks and incomplete information even with the leaks.

  83. At CES the zoom was in such an early state that the demos were almost all canned videos; not actual os. I find it very hard to believe that in one month it is now release ready.

  84. no wifi, no buy buy!

  85. @ ckeegan
    VZW does offer data contract on on mifi. 2yr contract = free mifi other wise 269.99 for mifi. Bundle it with Ipad without contract, mifi is 140 and you get the $20/1GB mo as an offer.

  86. Sadly to say this but Motorola hasnt been the greatest when it comes to updates so I will probably aim at someone else.

  87. No wi-fi!? So this isn’t for people with smart phones, seriously, why have two data plans when tethering is an option? This is going to hold a lot of people back especially considering the hefty price.

  88. Moto is far from the bottom as far as updating.

  89. Lower price with wi-fi only version and I’m sold. Other than that…no thank you.

  90. @curt – We saw what they wanted us to see at CES. They didn’t want tech site editors digging around in Honeycomb too much. It was Motorola’s job to unveil the hardware, not the OS. That will be Google’s job. When Engadget interviewed Matias Duarte from the Android team, he didn’t even fidget when asked if Honeycomb would be ready in February.

  91. Too expensive. $599 with a 2 year data contract when I already have unlimited data with my phone? Pass. I have no doubt that it will be an excellent device, but I may as well buy a PC for that amount of money.

  92. No wi-fi Model is a deal breaker. Why would I want another plan?

  93. why no separate wifi-only and 3g/wifi versions of the xoom?

    more expensive to build. building two different versions would require, in theory, two manufacturing processes or assembly processes. or, at the least, two different purchasing arrangements with possibly two different firms.

    honda figured that out with the civic in the early 2000’s…why allow customers to opt in to sunroofs when you can just charge them for it and not have to worry about which car does or does not have a sunroof on the assembly line?

  94. @wolverineguy55 While most people on this site care about an open source, most users don’t Most users want a good app already made for them that they can download and use. Most are not interested in making their own app. As an Android AND iPhone user I find them more similar than not. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it mostly comes down to personal preference.

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