Excitement Builds For Android App Development, Google TV Wanes


If you had to guess what four types of devices developers are clamoring to code for… what would you guess? I don’t think it’s a surprise that the top 4 are the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phones and Android Tablets. While Apple products still lead in mindshare with developers, Android is a close second and gaining ground while you’d need a telescope to see all the others.

An appcelerator survey of over 2,000 developers showed over 92% interested in iPhone development, 87% in Android Phone development, 87% in iPad development, and 74% for Android Tablet development. Compare that to say, Windows Phone 7? They’ve got 36% of developers interested.

Then there are the “Internet TVs”. Google TV and Apple TV respectively dropped from 44% and 40% interest all the way down to 33% and 30% interest. I don’t think that’s a sign these connected TVs are dying as a concept, but rather they haven’t caught on yet and their glory days will take some time to arrive. They’re a little bit ahead of their time. Every deserving product can’t enjoy the limelight simultaneously, and clearly phones and tablets from Apple and Android are dominating interest.

I definitely agree with Scott Schwarzhoff, VP of Marketing at Appcelerator, when he explains, ““Tablets are the big form factor for 2011,” Schwarzhoff added. “It’s just going to take time for connected TVs to mature.”

Android and Apple have an insurmountable momentum, but you should seriously keep an eye on Google TV over the next 12 months. Afterall, Android Market will be launching on Google TV soon and hey- there is a reason Android Phones and Android Tablets are already so popular with developers.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. I have high hopes for the BlackBerry Playbook. I got a hands on at this years CES and there is nothing out there better. It is a true tablet computer IMHO>

  2. You mean Windows Phone 7 already has 36% strong interest, just 3 months after launch? Wonder what it will be like in a year’s time.

  3. Put up the Google market on Google TV and they will come. That would get people off the fence, oh yah don’t forget to make a deal with hulu, that would be a huge plus.

  4. This years tablets are very interesting, RIM will have a lot riding on the success of the Playbook and HP/Palm likewise with the WebOS tablet.

    My personal opinion is That Honeycombs UX needs to be above and beyond what has come in the past and that OEM’s will allow the platform to evolve naturally. WebOS was always wasted on their shitty handsets and I think will be perfectly suited to tablets, for this reason it looks like the Playbook borrows heavily from WebOS.

  5. This seems so back asswards….everyone has a TV, and so much ad revenue to chase on TV and yet tablets are the goto right now and waiting for internet TV to come around. I hope GTV will take off this year so my early adoption doesn’t become obsolete. I really do like the product and use it a lot…hope it becomes a product that’s worth its price.

  6. What needs to happen is the Google TV market to be available so devs can create apps for Google TV. Then the whole gaming market may change. Angry Birds on the big screen or other games. Eventually new controllers to hook up, could revolutionize gaming and internet gaming…

  7. Not being a windup (there is no GoogleTV in the UK) but why would you develop for GTV when there is no app market? What do you develop and how would it be transferred to GTV?

  8. Wow, android tablets don’t even exist yet. I have a Galaxy tab, but most apps now stretch well on it. already.

  9. Google has to get over the bad PR of the networks blocking content. I’ve seen Apple fanboys discouraging people interested in Google TV using that argument. And if the consumers continue to shy away then so will the devs. Theres no one to develop for. Google has got to relaunch Google TV with a killer feature now.

  10. I think the quality of Android apps proves this to be right on the money. A ton of what I’ve been seeing on Appbrain reflects the quality has really kicked in. The only thing I’d like to see improved is the apps getting credit on TV commercials. Apple always cleans house by showing off their phone and tablet running incredible apps. Android needs to take a page from that book and show people that Android has some killer things to offer, instead of just dozens of different phones to choose from.

  11. Android market for Google TV is going to be killer. I’ve already cut my cable and going 100% google tv (netflix, vimeo, news, pandora, youtube, entire internet….) its awesome. I don’t even care about the ABC, NBC, CBS, blah blah blah who are blocking content. Forget them, tons other shows to watch. Thank goodness for netflix and googletv. And its only going to get better!

  12. I feel the same as Malcolm. I just picked up the Logitech unit at Costco last week. Wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but I love it. I had low expectations because of all the press. But, it works really well and it’s only going to get better. We are watching all sorts of stuff now then we did before because it’s easy to just search and start playing stuff right from a website. Nick Jr. for example is fantastic for the kids. They love it, and much of the content isn’t available on netflix or any other interface. Just coming straight from the browser.

  13. My dad had Google TV running at his work for months before launch and he wasn’t allowed to say :( lucky b*st*rd

  14. These survey results are not at all representative of iOS developers as a whole as the vast majority use Apple’s Xcode to write iOS apps, not the software sold by the company that ran this survey.

    Appcelerator’s survey subjects are part of a small minority of developers who are using the Appcelerator Titanium cross-platform development tools which are used in 4,000 iOS apps, which amounts to only 1-2% of the 300,000 apps in the App Store. Not that long ago, Appcelerator was banned from the iOS App store as were other cross-platform environments so what is surprising is that these particular devs were not far more negative towards Apple.

    A previous study a few months back by AppStore HQ of every published iPhone, iPad and Android developer currently in the Apple App Store or Android Market demonstrated that there is only a tiny percentage of developers engaged writing software for both Android and iOS:

    iOS developers = 43,185
    Android developers = 10,199
    iOS & Android devs = 1,412

    As only 3% of iOS developers target both iOS and Android, it is quite inappropriate to assume that these cross-platform Appcelerator customers represent the views of the much larger iOS development community.

    By buying Appcelerator’s software these developers were already planning on developing cross-platform and thus represent a completely biased sample which cannot be extrapolated to the rest of the iOS dev community.

    Other data strongly suggests the opposite of what Appcelerator reports – that iOS continues to garner far more dev interest than Android because that is where the money is. For example, Larva Labs found that “Overall we estimate that $6,000,000 has been paid out to developers for games, and $15,000,000 has been paid out on apps. That is a total of $21,000,000, nearly 1/50th the amount paid out to devs on iPhone. This really indicates how much of a cottage industry the paid Android Market remains, with insufficient sales numbers to warrant full-time labor for paid content.”

    Then there is AppBrain’s findings that over 45,000 of the 100,000 apps in the Android Marketplace are spam apps.

    As such, these survey results are not very useful at all.


  15. I can not believe how awful Windows Mobile 7 is failing. I was hoping it would add competition to android and drive development, but it is turning out to be just another bad Microsoft joke. Only 36 percent.

  16. Okay guys, we are looking desperately at google tv to come up with new app market place so we can have all those new apps on our Big screen especially the awesomeness of playing games on TV.. imagine we are playing the same games on tv what we used to play on those tiny screens.. I can’t wait to explore the new market place and all those apps … Its gonna be freaking amazing … I wonder if google gonna provide some exclusive apps for TV with monthly subscriptions and if they gonna try to replace the cable or satellite tv in near future.. 2011 gonna be so GOOGLE YEAR !!!

  17. could u make it any more obvious that ur an apple troll? or an Isheep, whichever u prefer.

  18. that message was for you MARTIN

  19. Apple is gonna be having deja-vu two times over soon. the android platform is going to do to the iphone what the PC did to the MAC, pass it and become the platform of choice for most. same thing will happen with GTV, when the market hits, all the fence sitters will get on googles side. apple Tv will, like the MAC and the IPHONE, be passed and almost forgotten about, except for those sheep still carrying a torch for a closed, outdated, unevolving company like apple.

  20. @ ihatefanboys,
    So, any chance you can actually field an argument that doesn’t involve insults but rather points out any factual errors I may have made or bolsters your point with some relevant facts?

    You’re rather hurting your cause and sounding more like a fanboy yourself I’m afraid.


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