LG Optimus Black to Be Offered Alongside Different Colored Back Covers

LG wants you to take their phone – named the Optimus Black – and change its back cover color to something else. Make sense? Yea, didn’t to me either. Still, if you were planning on buying this phone but would prefer something to match your favorite purse or shoes or what have you, LG’s going to be offering up a variety of colors to replace that black cover with pink, white, and others.

“In terms of what is included in the box, that hasn’t been decided, but it’s most likely to be one back cover. You’ll be able to buy more back covers to change the appearance of the phone”

Peachy. We’ll be looking forward to that. [via Pocket-Lint]

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  • MeDude

    I want a combination of this and the Optimus 2X. Tegra2+NOVA screen would be _amazing_

  • rocco76

    I hope this phone comes to Tmobile!!!

  • NowVoyager

    Who gives a flying fig about the color of the case. Who is the CARRIER???

  • Spencer

    Verizon is the carrier

  • Zack

    I hope it’s not Verizon, if it is, then hopefully it’s able to be umlocked and use Sprint’s CDMA

  • DavM

    Looks like an Iphone…. surprised they didn’t include one of those touch stones were the Home button should be. At least they didn’t make the mistake of putting a glass back to it!

  • Tony

    Yea the only manufacturer I’m interested device wise would be HTC or LG. I’m very interested to see what Sprint will announce next month.

  • compadre

    WTF, please make a GSM version

  • Calvin

    i hope it comes to verizon! ive already been waiting out my upgrade since last year of apirl 2010 for 4g plus something with a frotn facing camera and this phone really hits my eyes then the thunderbolt or that samsung. and the revolution is alright…

  • Snooknexus1

    T-Mobile gets the 2X

  • snowbdr89

    sprints big upcoming event is to announce a new touch pro and plans!!

  • MikeB

    Yes this little beauty belongs to us over on Verizon. I think its single core though. vMy hope is that it is actually going to be a dual-core device in the end. I am leaning towards the Motorola Bionic right now.

  • RebelScum

    Kinda reminds me of the old Henry Ford quote: “Any colour – so long as it’s black.”
    Appropriate, no? ;)

  • http://www.best7android.com/ Android World

    Loves the idea. Whats the price?

  • Wesley

    It’s a real pity that LG decided to not put this new Nova display on the Optimus 2X and only on the Optimus Black. The screen on the 2X does look very good, but why not the new and improved screen? Some extra ram would have been good too.

  • rockedoutmofo

    verizon is not the carrier if verizon was the carrier they would hald to change the name to the phone and sprint is the one who is using the transformer names get a clue know where its going