Glimpse of Samsung LTE Device Surfaces


Egg on my face, I went from Motorola gets first crack to let’s see what HTC has to offer and now it’s who will win the race to be the first LTE device?

Gizmodo just received yet another screenshot of a potential Verizon LTE handset, this one hails from Samsung:

According to Gizmodo’s tipster and what we can spy in the photo here a few details we have to offer:

  • LTE
  • TouchWiz
  • Zero Bing
  • Front facing camera
  • …FroYo?

Looks like they’re wasting no time getting on with their old tricks of dated software. However, seeing as this device isn’t even official we should cut them some slack, for now. Also, the “4G” symbol differs from what we saw coming from HTC; a symptom of TouchWiz or Sense?

With any luck we will find out what all of this is about come CES, and get information on LTE devices from Motorola, HTC and now Samsung.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. This is always a good sign lots of choices hopefully they release some soon

  2. Yay touchjizz

  3. Kind of pessimistic, but it will never get gingerbread:(

  4. Who cares anymore? I did for a while then I left because its always so secret. I say release what you got before you loose anymore customers.

  5. NO Bing!!

  6. Samsung will never get another dollar of my money again. I would buy a Droid Eris before that phone. That’s nice of Samsung co sodering the fascinate still has no official word on froyo.

  7. I agree they have been behind with releasing phones they had a big push for the droid x and 2 then kinda went silent they need something to compete with the other carriers 4g phones.

  8. Wonder if its going to look like the nexus s?

  9. Samsung has really failed to be a reliable manufacturer. I am much more interested in moto and htc. They know what they are doing. Way it seems. Samsung needs to give up on touchwiz.

  10. i love phandroid today

  11. How about Samsung stops making new handsets and gets FroYo on their existing ones? Just sayin’.

  12. The only way this will be a good phone is if Samsung fixes there serious GPS problems known on their Galaxy S phones, the Lag known on their Galaxy S phones and The super slow updates known on Galaxy S phones. By the way there better be a damn SD card slot on this too.

  13. i couldnt give a crap about lte honestly 3g is still lightinig fast to anyone that ever used edge and its not running stock ill stick with my nexus till the nexus S2 or nexus three watever they want to call it as long as its not the nexus X or the droid nexus im good

  14. Yess im loving all these new choices coming to verizon 4G!!! Whats next LG going to try joining the buzz. lol

  15. Samsung can go die in a fire.

  16. Samsung has the worst support ever. DON’T BUY THIS PHONE.

    Once they have their money, they don’t care about the customer anymore.

  17. That’s great, but this phone will never see anything past Android 2.2. Go fly a kite, Samsung.

  18. Samsung = Worst Android Phones Ever.

  19. I don’t know, I work with image manipulation a lot, and that 4G looks pasted to me… With all the phones that take 5MP, 8MP shots, it amazes me the low-res pictures that are posted….on purpose maybe?

  20. It doesn’t take alot of work to change icons in androids framework.res……but I guess that is what their 4g will look like.

  21. I couldn’t agree more about Samsung. Their number 1 priority is profit. Their 2nd is themselves. Go take a long walk off a short cliff. Not only did you fail me on my Moment, but you refused to warranty my $3500 plasma after 6 months. Go make something for Big Lots. That’s where your tinker toys belong

  22. I’d have to agree with ADWheeler Photography. It looks very much photoshopped. The shadowing and brightness just doen’t seem to fit… I can’t quite describe exactly what looks wrong, but it looks fake. Or it’s a crappy icon Samsung chose, who knows?

  23. @a
    They say they want to sell a certain number of millions of their devices they need to worry about support until they do that I won’t be buying anything from them

  24. I refuse to give a dollar to Samsung. Even if I didn’t have philosophical issues with the company’s treatment of customers, I would not buy their crappy-looking phones, put up with broken GPS, or invest in obsolescence.

  25. For flipping sake SAMSUNG put A LED Notification on your phones it will not cost much, but will show you actually care about the consumer.

  26. I hope that all of these phones come out at the same time or around the same time. That way there will be choices for the customer and not just one LTE phone to get or wait a few months before you can get a different one.

  27. And it’s only 1 or maybe 2 years away from the first city roll out even though Verizon would have you believe it’s going to be everywhere in only a few more weeks.

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