Motorola to Get First Crack at LTE Device on Verizon


This should come as no shock to the lot of you. Verizon’s COO, John Stratton, has just confirmed that Motorola will be the first manufacturer to launch an LTE capable device on Verizon Wireless’ network.

Motorola and Verizon have formed an extremely close bond over the last ~13 months, starting with the launch of the Motorola DROID; undoubtedly the first Android device to really push the OS mainstream and give other smartphone operating systems a true run for their money.

The news also comes on the heels of CES, and Motorola’s unveiling of their first Android tablet.

[via WSJ]

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  1. Woohoo hopefully gets announced at CES

  2. Droid 4G or Droid LTE. Watch.

  3. DROID 4GX.

  4. As long as they don’t put another stupid ass bump like on the x. 4inch screen would be awesome no need for 4.3 imo

  5. I look forward to this greatly. If I could have a droid X with Gingerbread, duel core, and front facing camera I would love it.

  6. i want unicorn and rainbows to come out of my droid, and it would be the DROID: Neil patrick Harris editon. My world will only be happy if that happens, otherwise it is destroyed.

  7. Didn’t motorola say they were going to be releasing a dual core phone around this time anyway??

  8. Most OG Droid owners are getting close to an Upgrade. Hopefully Verizon will allow OG Droid owners to get an early upgrade for this phone. 4″ screen, front facing camera, dual core, slide out keyboard, with 4G would be AWESOME!!

  9. This is obviously the tablet as they don’t say “first LTE smartphone”. They also say that there will be no smartphones until ~mid-year. LAME

  10. Samoled…plz?

  11. no amoled. make it the first hd screen!! 720!!

  12. Last three months? Have you ever heard of Startac, or razor?

  13. I hereby bet that the tablet rocking honeycomb is the 4G device.

  14. Motorola droid X2

  15. @mike b
    I want some dueling cores too. It’d be so awesome to watch them fight all the time!

  16. please keep it stock vanilla and ill buy, like OG droid

  17. @Bball
    By my count, we OG Droid owners aren’t due for an upgrade until May (which would be 18 months). Unless I’m missing something.

  18. That’s what 1 year contracts are for

  19. They have until July for my X contract to be up, so they can take their time.

  20. All about the Evo 4G bitches.

  21. @ Above lol… i’m glad you’re happy with the evo

  22. Hmm a little Android 4g teathering anyone???

  23. I love the Droid X screen size and am thinking I will buy the Motorola 10 tablet when available… but it would also be interesting to get a Droid 4Gx that is a little larger… there are plenty of 4″ and smaller screens…

  24. Yeah then you get to pay for Verizon’s exorbitantly high prices to along with their data caps, no thanks!!!

  25. umm whats the point when there are no applications to take advantage of the power????

  26. Finally!!! Glade to know they will be first. They been working on some duel core phones so I can only imagine what they will have for us.

  27. I also wonder about how verizon will do 4g data. My hope is something like sprint. A ten dollar add on for unlimited data would be nice and doable. I am fine with tiered plans, but i think there should be a unlimited plan and option. We will see how verizon chooses to go forward. i dont expect the cellphone plan to match the tablet and mifi plans. We will see.

  28. @sweetbuns: that would be double rainbow’s, sir.

  29. Me personally ,I like the idea of DROID 4g X

  30. Reading the text of the WSJ article, I’m not sure where “Motorola to Get First Crack at LTE Device on Verizon” came from, nor how it can be said that John Stratton confirmed they will be first as this Phandroid article says.

    Yes, Mr. Stratton is quoted as saying “Motorola will be right there.” but that doesn’t mean FIRST.

    As for Moto making 4G/LTE Android devices (phones and tablets) for VZW and bringing them to market as soon as VZW is ready to start selling LTE handsets, that was a given for both Moto and HTC… After all, they have the most Android models VZW has, if they weren’t going to, who else would?

    Still to finally see public confirmation that they are going to have LTE android devices (phones and tablets) is good and welcomed news. It sure beats all the speculation that has been swirling around lately!

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  32. @mike
    I agree i hope verizon keeps the unlimited if they do not i will def be on the fence and very well may switch carriers to maybe sprint or tmo(as bad as that sounds) since i would get unlimited 4g

  33. Hey guys,

    it is dual, not duel.

  34. Well if Chris did his homework he would know that his comment about 4g phone in mid year is absolutely false. There are multiple manufacturers releasing 4g phones in the first quarter(search incredible HD). and. Yes moto is speaking of a phone not a tablet. There are already android tablets on the market

  35. @ Chris#9, For what it’s worth (which isn’t much) I picked up on the “device” rather than “phone” as well. I was just watching the local 12 o’clock news, and they had a very brief story about Motorola’s VZW LTE smartphone. They had a picture (almost certainly just a dummy phone) of a phone with “4G” in what I am calling the “LTE font” (I don’t know what it is called- the same font they use in the 4G LTE ads). Again, this was just a story I watched on the news, not some inside info from moto or vzw. Just thought I would mention it. If they don’t have an unlimited plan that isn’t ridiculous, I’ll just stick with 3G. I don’t care if they are using UDWDM signals, quantum processors, and TMJ-RAM, I’m not paying hundreds of dollars a month to get super fast internet on a phone.
    @ Joe#34 I was getting a kick out of everyone writing “duel” it conjured some very funny mental images.

  36. unfortunately this comment is the product of a storm (not storm2). since $100 buys off any hr department, reprieve cannot come soon enough unless the launch is after April in which case I prefer to wait since duel, hd, 4+, slide, conference camera would be awesome. hoe (bloody autotext), please feel free to correct this too, just to it in red.

    lte vzw map returns what initially looks to be a a japanese ad greenlite by doogie himself. is vzw trying to help sprint? pantech & lg9000, holy s. this is embarrassing they continue to even produce garbage to satisfy a release. joe, no need to comment here, we all understand why.

  37. I hope the droid X be 4g phone and come out soon done want to get a droid x know than a 4g comes out later why verizon is the last carrier to come out with a 4g

  38. cant believe nobody has guessed correctly yet…

    Droid T2!

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