Playstation Phone to be Officially Coined “XPERIA Play”?


Sony Ericsson may be pulling a double-bluff-reversi on everyone that is following the eventual announcement and launching of the “Playstation Phone”. Engadget, and a series of other tech blogs are reporting that a PR firm for SE, Stockholm based Jung Relations, has registered a slew of XPERIA Play-like domain names from a variety of TLDs, including www.XPERIAplay.com. Personally, I would have capitalized on the Playstation Moniker, but I’m not paid the big bucks.

As for getting our first hands-on with this handset, SE has managed to keep pretty tight lipped on their plans. If they don’t plan on going for CES, they get to wait until MWC come February.

[via Engadget | Pocket Now | Thanks, Anonymous Tipster!]

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  1. WTF all those @!&%$ acronyms! cnt undrstnd pstd cmmmnt…!

  2. Thats a stupid name. I’m sure the Ericsson half of the team came up wit that bull shit.

  3. I just wanna say kudos on the updated phandroid app…its a lot better

  4. @ nevergiveup, don’t know if you were actually confused or just making fun…but in case it was the former…
    PR – Public Relations
    SE – Sony Ericsson
    TLDs – Top Level Domains
    CES – Consumer Electronics Show
    MWC – Mobile World Congress

  5. psp-fail
    pspgo-major fail
    ps phone(xperia play)-ultimate fail

    dont get me wrong i love playstation but hand held devices like these are just stupid, they just need to give up already. android wont save this.

  6. I totally agree with Dork, I can’t see this phone being great enough to go buy. We saw how Ncage turned out this will prolly do a little bit better but not that much, leave it at a console level as good as Android is it can’t help a device like this

  7. that’s the WORST name..

    psphone (playstation phone) would’ve been better, but regardless I won’t buy one

  8. Its a horrible name but the phone will be crazy

  9. I wonder if the dual core Tegra 2 Chips will have enough power for Sony to put on a PSP emulator?

  10. The only thing this will be useful is for other manufactures to start considering a more Gaming based Android devices/phone

  11. they should have went with the playstation name, that would have drove a lot of sales alone

  12. I’m sure a PSP gamer could get a full 27 minutes before the battery dies. I get about that on my Vibrant with a full charge….Google needs to make it a primary objective to:

    1) Get less buggy OS and apps for Android
    2) Get more time between charges

    Imagine a PSP game on an Android phone? Not a chance….Thing would lock up and die constantly. Imagine what would happen if a text or phone call came in during the PSP game? Wow….

  13. To be clear, I get about a full 27 minutes playing Angry Birds before I hit the low-power wall…

  14. Please sony focus on the Ps3, and tvs only! that is all.

  15. this phone had better improve its specs or it won’t sell. mind you, the majority of people don’t care how much processing power a phone has or what software version. it’s just us geeks :)

  16. The only thing that will make this a fail is if they market it as a gaming device/platform. ITS A PHONE FIRST AND FOREMOST. If they try to make it seem like THE mobile gaming platform it will fail because it’s not good enough. Advertise it as a capable smartphone that also has great graphics hardware for games and it will sell more.

  17. So Wilco, using advanced task killer are you?

    Man SE would be retarded if they just don’t go with PSP phone..

  18. No, I don’t use a task killer. I did while on Cupcake on my G1, but the nerds told me that the task killers will make performance even worse on 2.X and later.

    I’ll give it a shot if it might make performance better….

  19. psp has sold 64million units. not sure how that could be classed as a fail in anyones book. but i dont really see the need for a psp phone. nokia tried it years ago and look how far they got with it. but who knows, maybe the phone gaming market has matured now… im sure sony will find someway to cock it up.

  20. This name would be a huge mistake, sony should stick to the playstation theme. For those of you worrying about power, the chips in these next gen phones are more powerful than whats in the psp currently. PSP”MIPS R4000-based; clocked from 1 to 333 MHz” Tegra two runs dual core processors, if the psp phone has trouble keeping up now, it certainly won’t for long.

    Sony realizes that mobile gaming is moving twords phones, why wouldn’t they capitalize and combine their successful gaming platforms and their so so mobile implementations.

    Psp = good
    android = amazing
    psp+android = how can it go wrong? :p

  21. After reading gameinformer I found out Sony is planning a Psp phone and a standalone Psp. What is wrong with Sony? They are going to divide what could have been something special that could have taken on the iPhone, now it looks like the Psp phone will be a 512mb memory 1ghz processor. I was going to buy one but I think I will stay with my evo,after all it has the same specs. Sony blows it again.

  22. Good thing they are changing names because what we’ve seen of the old “PlayStation phone” was pretty weak and crappy for a phone that is suppose to come out later next year. Sony just doesn’t make good phones anymore. Samsung & LG are probably going to lead the way in 2011

  23. What a terrible name.

  24. N-Gage was awesome. I don’t know why people don’t like it. I recently bought a nokia and was disapointed that it didnt have n-gage on it :(

  25. Nothing Official about this news. Who said its official? Domain buyer speculate all the time.

  26. The name could be better, but its a smart move on Sony’s part, as it would be really confusing, with the supposed psp2 coming soon. Also I read a story a while back about how Sony ent didn’t want to give SE the rights to the playstation name, and thought it’d be weird if they recanted that after being so candid about not doing so.

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  28. oh please..GOD BRING THIS TO AT&T.

    This is a dream device. A freaking GAME phone that WITH REAL SONY PS GAMES!!

  29. I just hope that they don’t use the snapdragon, if this is an April release they should really be able to release it with Nvidia’s 1Ghz dual core Tegra II… I can only hope

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