AdMob and Coke Bring A Fun Live Wallpaper


Coca-Cola-Art_Christmas_Santa9Google’s AdMob and Coca-Cola have teamed up for a little holiday fun this year. A live wallpaper based inside a snow-globe to brighten your days as you fiercely search your device for the best deals while navigating cutthroat shopping malls. And, if nothing else it will remind you that there’s is nothing better than an ice cold coca-cola on an ice cold winter day.

coke live wallpaper QR

[via Download Squad]

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  1. If you don’t have a top end phone though (I have a Milestone) then it will eat your resource for breakfast. Looks nice though.

  2. @apollo305
    Fail. Stop that crap.
    I played with it for a few minutes yesterday, but it really wasn’t all that great. I much prefer the Snowfall Live Wallpaper.

  3. Man that Wallpaper is tight as hell.

  4. Wow, an ad for a wallpaper….yuck.

  5. I installed it for a while last night. Put my phone to sleep for about 30 minutes, then, when I woke it up it felt as if I was running a Commodore 64 under the hood of my EVO 4g. I must say its a very nice live wallpaper but it does chew up resources.

  6. Really? Install an ad for my live wallpaper? Why the hell would anyone even consider this?

  7. Failed 8====>

  8. ‘Tis the season to complain??? Wow a gift(free I might add),from Coca-Cola and you complain? If you don’t like it, uninstall. Was your phone free? If it was I hope it did not come with a LOGO on it! Maybe they should pay us for using a product with their name on it(insert sarcasm)! There is an ad (LOGO)on almost everything we use and we pay for it! Why knock something free? Do I sense some hypocrisy?

  9. “shake them all” is waaaay better

  10. oh that was cute :)

  11. Cool wallpaper but it does gobble the battree like a hog. Its free and seasonal so no complaints here.

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