Swype Beta Re-Opened For Registration

Those of you who keep missing the open beta registration for Swype, it’s time to get the lead out! Head over to beta.swype.com and get registered. Silly me, I never registered until just now; but I’ve already got it up and running on my device.

Who knows just how long this will last.

[via DROID Life | Beta Link]

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  • Pitrick

    I don’t know why they don’t include French-Canadian Keyboard…so the French forces me into a AZERTY keyboard…until they provide the QWERTY for French Canadians…its a no go for me.

    The worst part of it is…people with a Bell Galaxy Vibrant S have Swype and have the French Canadian Keyboard in there..

    Seems like a flawed beta program to me…

  • OFI

    Signed up. Been using it for quite some time but would be nice to get the latest version :P

  • narutobey

    I love how HTC made this part of Evo now…nice!!!

  • Scott koch

    I was on that list for 6 months. Finally got my “swype” last week. “Shape writer” is a more intuitive product. Too bad shape writer was bought out and forgotten.

  • Mike

    Anyone know of compatability problems with Cyanogen Mod?

  • tim

    i just wish they were still developing “shapewriter” – it was awesome!


    @Mike Im using Cyanogen Mod 6.0 on my Moto Droid using Swype Beta and no problems at all.

  • LaMarcus Oliver

    so im taking that this is not on the market, i wanted to try it out but im running myn’s warm two.two

  • Todd

    I just downloaded Swype and I am on CM 6.1.1 on my OG Droid. So far no issues.

  • Steavy

    Thanks for the info! #5 I’m running Cyanogen for a while and never had problems with Swipe.

  • Michael

    Finally have swype legitimately. Thanks for the heads up phandroid.

  • Robert manser

    Just downloaded mine a lot better then the last one and love it.

  • Jerry

    I don’t think the timing of re-opening the Beta is a coincidence. I bet there are a whole lotta Evo owners who just downloaded the latest software update ( which included a version of Swype ) and unknowingly eliminated themselves from the Swype Beta as a result.

  • MikeB

    My biggest gripe lately with my phone was the keyboard. Now I have swype and I must admit I like it a lot. It will help me deal until i get my next android device.

  • chaos

    the keys look too big on my DX. I actually went back to the old version.

  • loco

    i got the last swype update three days ago in this version,you can choiche between two app size the normal 10MB and the new one the just 2.5MB it has all features but just two language english/spanish

  • N1 on GB

    Just reloaded the 2.5MB download on XDA Gingerbread (MicroMod’s Rom) quick and easy. They have also updated the installer app, very nice:)

  • TwstedMOTO

    So, um, after trying to get the swype….on my MOTODroid, with OS ver. 2.2.1, their site tells me that my phone is not an Android phone….

    HOW EFFEN KOOL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hdhuntr

    So…I got the EVO update and this swype does not have the microphone…

  • Lete

    Apparently I’m out of the loop. Since my mytouch 4g came with swype I assumed all androids had it. Though I have to say touch input is slightly better at correcting my mistakes and inputting the correct word even if it’s slower.

  • Mark

    Got Swype on my G1 even though I’m upgrading to a MyTouch 4G on Saturday. Never thought a G1 would be able to use Swype.

  • DroidDoes

    Signed up and registered and I got on the same day. It’s nice to have a swype working on my HTC Droid Incredible since it lacks it originally…I don’t know why it didn’t come with swype or at least received an update…

  • Dan

    If it says your phone isn’t an android device, it is because you have your browser set to display pages as a desktop instead of android. Change your user agent back to android.

  • jeremy

    i tried to install swype on my evo once i get past step 12 i get a screen telling me to push disable then uncheck swype in the settings and go back to generate liscence, the problems is i dont have the option of checking and unchecking swypes. plz help

  • BR549

    Just downloaded the recent beta, with microphone icon at the bottom, but when I pressed the icon nothing happens. Am I missing a setting?

  • Stu

    @Dan…thanks for the input…I was having the same issue as TwstedMOTO. I finally got swype up and running.

  • Oscar

    I have shapewriter and i simply love it! Used Swype on an Epic 4G, and imho Shapewriter on my Moment is definitely an easier-to-use, more intuitive product.

  • mpl

    I’ve been using the beta for a long time now. But I’m still not sure what happens when they end the beta period. They already said they won’t sell direct… so in my case, unless HTC buys it and releases it, I guess it will go away