Nexus One Getting Gingerbread “In the coming weeks”


Nexus One Gingerbread Twitter
Let me tell you something I bet you never thought would happen, not in this lifetime: The Nexus One is getting itself some official Gingerbread cookies “in the coming weeks”.

This shocking revelation was twitted a fews hours back by @googlenexus. The Nexus One has received a few bits of Gingerbread already, and XDA yields two different ROMs ready for day-to-day usage on page one of the Nexus One forums. Now the only question is, who will release a full fledged (ie nothing ‘not working’) Gingerbread ROM for the Nexus One first? Google, or the modding community? Set. Go!

[via @googlenexus]

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  1. How is this “shocking” lol

  2. Hmmm, I thought we heard it was going to be a couple of weeks ….. a couple of weeks ago!

    This is a bummer. I was expecting to receive this before the launch of the Nexus S too! I would be happy if the Nexus One w/Gingerbread kicks the Nexus S’s ass!


  3. @9a3eedi

    It was sarcasm man lol. We all know it will get 2.3.

  4. @9a3eedi it’s not. However you ability to detect sarcasim is :)

  5. So pretty much the nexus one will be just like the S. Haha just a little smaller screen and not hd recording. That’s why I didn’t but the S.

  6. It is kinda irritating that we have to wait for Gingerbread on Nexus One for so long. If it is already out there on Nexus S, then what is delaying the release to Nexus One? This I don’t understand. The speed with which modding community is going, I feel we may get a working version before Google wakes up and releases it. All for having a Google’s first device!

  7. Yeah… waiting here, too.
    My guess is it is about money.
    My assumption is that it would be equal or easier for them to put 2.3 out for the Nexus One vs. the Nexus S if they wanted to.
    So… motivation… I’m guessing they (mainly Samsung but Google plays their part) didn’t want to cannibalize Nexus S sales by giving Nexus One owners a reason to hold on to our current phones that much longer.
    Google bad! But I still love you. Yeah, I’m whipped.

  8. It probably is for money. It annoys me that Google isn’t forthright about it. They leak little bits of info, and then screw those of us who are so loyal to them and their first phone. BS

  9. I should add that in the meantime, the platform keeps getting more & more bugs for us to live with until GB is finally ready.

  10. @scotter-

    there was one of the google mucky mucks in an interview the other day. And he explained that they have to pick ONE phone to develop of new versions of the os for. They pick that phone and then work closely with the device manufacturer to make it perfect.

    Once that’s square they can make it more generic to work on everything.

    Said it was the best of both (MS and apple) worlds. Developers have a tight set of specs to built for initially- like apple with their single hardware. But then they make it work accross a wide range of hardware like ms.

    So far been bouncing between HTC and Moto- nice to see them add samsung to the mix of hardware “trusted partners”

  11. I don’t mind waiting for a few more weeks. Will still beat the other android phones by months.

  12. Goody Goody :) Can’t wait to put a new face on my N1!

    Best purchase I’ve ever made :)

  13. By Months?? Highly doubt that…I believe HTC and Sprint were FIRST with froyo a mere 4 weeks after the N1….lol but you can believe what you want.

  14. Already have Gingerbread on my Nexus



  15. well i tested my friends nexus s with my nexus one and honestly im disapointed because the speeds were not that different so maybe the nexus one with gingerbread will be faster who knows i sure hope so

  16. er… nexus s > galaxy s > nexus 1

  17. Ill take native android to your bloated HTC and sprint builds anyday. Don’t worry thhough I am sure the carriers will forget about your phone soon and stop the upgrades to make you buy a new phone. :)

  18. What about the G2? :(

  19. Congrats turbosol! You get the Ass of the Day Award.

  20. For those of you who can’t understand why you haven’t gotten 2.3 yet, please use your brain. You didn’t think you would get 2.3 before the nexus S’ release date did you? Just be patient. Oh and by the way the Nexus S is a lot faster and better than the Nexus one. I own both.

  21. The delay might be because of a camera/imaging API change. The n1 drivers, which are binary, closed source, probably needed to be rewritten/wrapped in order to fit into the model. Possibly in addition to other closed drivers for other frameworks.

    It might be the case that if google decides to ever not update the nexus one driver when they update the API, we might be unable to update at all.

  22. Or it might because they want more people to buy a nexus S, yes.

  23. I have android 2.5 chuck norris!

  24. Whiners, please stick a sock in it.
    It took a few weeks after FroYo’s AOSP release before the final builds were pushed out to our Nexus Ones. I don’t understand why anyone would think that Gingerbread would come faster when the development was focused on the new Nexus S. I also haven’t seen any reason to believe that it will be significantly slower.
    Be patient. A few weeks will fly by and, as someone already said, we’ll still get Gingerbread long before owners of any other device do. Nobody’s getting “screwed.”

  25. Saw the Nexus S today & 2.3 looks pretty great. The phone is very nice if you’re just jumping in, but for the rest of us, thanks, we’ll just wait!!!!!

  26. This is absolute crap. There is no way it should take that long considering gingerbread was developed on a nexus one. This is just Samsung forcing Google to have an exclusivity period on the nexus s. Way to screw over the people who actually supported your vision for the sake of crap company yet to upgrade their flagship line to the now outdated froyo when they have gingerbread working on it hardware clone.

  27. this sexy news

  28. @Dave, You and your logic can get out of here! We’re Nexus One owners! The most privileged whiny cry baby phone owners in Android history!
    But seriously, as an N1 owner, all of the crying about 2.3’s release leaves me feeling ashamed to call myself an N1 owner. It’s like most of these people have never been through a release before. Back in September the writing on the walls was very clear that the N1’s 2.3 update wouldn’t be hitting until 2011. Anyone who thought otherwise was disillusioned by fanboy rumors.

  29. I love my N1, and don’t see enough in the Nexus S to shell out money for it, but the “Microbes” live wallpaper does make my N1 lag, whereas it is seamless on the Nexus S.

  30. TO be honest the new nexus is nice we like it, I sold my phone to swapngreen.com

  31. Why do ppl that own the N1 hate on the Ns!?? Lol the nexus s is clearly better in all apects super amoled screen, camera, speed etc and gingerbread is probably the last thing the N1 will see, unlike the Ns which is going to get all the next wonderfull updates!!!(:

  32. because they don’t have it. you would think peo… kids would be smart enough to realize that this is the next iteration of the nexus by the same google who brought us nexus 1 and they are not stupid to bring out a phone that is the same as their previous one. grow a pair… and a brain

  33. @hnn
    I have the N1; all Live Wallpapers make it lag. It’s a great phone; but it does lag at times esp. with Live Wall papers :-)
    With the NS, nope. I can finally run the Aquarium wall paper full time! No more run it and say “yep, that’s neat” then switch to a static picture. Oh, and yes I know the NS isn’t “next generation”. But at least I ain’t got bloatware, hehe.
    @Everyone else
    I wish the N1 forums were still open so we could follow the N1 whiners and their “It’s been two days, why don’t I have ??????” comments! LOL

  34. wtf man. the boys at google clearly think the term ‘few weeks’ is the same as ‘loop’. A few weeks later, in a few weeks. A few weeks after that, a few weeks more.

    Get off the pot or sh!t out that Gingerbread!

  35. Well im a proud N1 owner and i say the N1 will continue to get updates until a dual core processor is required

  36. Don’t complain… The fact that nexus one users are looking at gingerbread in the coming weeks is a good sign. A lot of phones are waiting for froyo and don’t even have the saying “couple of weeks” to back them up. Also some of these phones came out after froyo was created and still don’t have it… Why not just skip froyo since gingerbread is here. No one knows…

  37. Good news for all Nexus users, but what’s with android gingerbread on htc desire ? has anybody any information about that ? :(

  38. “The delay might be because of a camera/imaging API change. The n1 drivers, which are binary, closed source, probably needed to be rewritten/wrapped in order to fit into the model. Possibly in addition to other closed drivers for other frameworks.”

    LOL… Fragmentation on their own “google experience” phone.

  39. “dg
    This is absolute crap. There is no way it should take that long considering gingerbread was developed on a nexus one. This is just Samsung forcing Google to have an exclusivity period on the nexus s. Way to screw over the people who actually supported your vision for the sake of crap company yet to upgrade their flagship line to the now outdated froyo when they have gingerbread working on it hardware clone.”

    A real good example of all these idiots on Phandroid. Who really, doesn’t know anything at all.

  40. + Samsung has already released the updated froyo 2.2.1 for the Galaxy S line. Its awesome. Won’t be waiting for gingerbread anytime soon. If you don’t own a product yourself st*u and don’t judge it, chances are you won’t know anything about it and won’t follow. Just taking in the nagging made by noobies on tech sites such as this.

  41. @Swazedahustla I had 2.2 on my Nexus One 8 weeks or 2 months before the Evo got the update. Nexus in May & EVO at the end of July.

    @Nexus One owners damn I’m glad the Nexus One forums got taken down because people used to piss me off with their damn whining. I went through it with the bad touchscreen and 3G issue and also when Google kept release new versions of 2.2, it would have happen all over again. The thing that made it worse is that people 100% kept saying the same thing on how we should have the update then they stared bashing Google then they started saying we should get together and sue Google. In the end we found out that the touchscreen issue was just a hardware problem because when the Droid got the update it was ok.

  42. @JO really are you dense why would they update the Nexus One when they want people to buy the Nexus S. It doesn’t matter because I’m pretty sure that the next phone to get 2.3 will be at least two months away. Knowing Google they probably wanted to release the update but Samsung probably told them to wait so that the Nexus S could get more sales.

  43. @christian the Nexus S is like Windows ME between windows 98 and windows xp.

  44. Can the G2 get some love?

  45. G2 is for women

  46. @sonny- nexus s doesnt have hd recording, it still has the recording that everyone was disappointed the nexus one had about a year ago. The only way you release a smartphone at this point WITHOUT at least 720 is if you dont care about hardware. Ive heard it said before and it has to be true. Android threw this together last minute, thats why the nexus s hardware is so unimpressive and there is no reason to get it if you have the nexus one. Youll be downgrading. Android is starting to blow, they better start trying harder or the iphone will take another leap forward. Id be embarrassed to introduce the nexus s considering all the other phones available, seriously think about how many phones have better hardware, and theyve been out for months. Im getting closer and closer to apple with every disappointing Android move, and they are sure as shit piling up.

  47. kinda funny: I got my wife the Nexus S and I’ll wait to replace my Nexus 1 with the next pure google phone (hopefully dual core;). Anyway, while she is rocking the new Gingerbread love, she still has the old marketplace while my N1 has the new market. Makes me feel a little less inferior:)

  48. @rich – Seriously? Then why don’t you go to iPhone? No one is holding you back. Be a man and make a decision, it’s not that hard.

  49. I was talking to a sales person yesterday @ a wireless kiosk (playing w/ the Galxay Tab, pretty smooth but thanks I’ll wait for dual core w/ a 3D chip). I told the SP I was looking for my Gingerbread update & he asked me if I was shopping for cookies?? WT??????????????? No wonde people end up with the wrong phones, the people selling them know nothing @ them.

  50. ROFL @ G2 is for women… hahaha

  51. I for one am content that google is still willing to update N1 as frequently as it does. I mean atleast we ain’t getting screwed like a vibrant

  52. I think that bestbuy should let people get a upgrade for the nexus s because everybody can’t afford to pay 530 out of pocket

  53. Ridiculous that N1 still doesn’t have Gingerbread.

    Google have really dropped the ball on this one. I won’t be buying another Android device with this kind of botched updating and messaging.

  54. Bump – I mean seriously?

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