Samsung, HTC Partner Up With Intellectual Ventures

In a move to help steer clear of any more legal trouble, HTC and Samsung have entered into a partnership with Intellectual Ventures to use over 30,000 software patents in their phones, and in Samsung’s case, a myriad of other devices. This is especially handy for HTC who’s faced nothing but legal trouble since they spearheaded the Android movement back in 2008.


While you would think Google would be bearing the legal load for anything Android related, these companies step into territories beyond Google’s control whenever they add their own layers of customization on top of it. While patent infringement lawsuits never spell doom for the parties being sued, I’ll bet it’ll be nice for tHTC and Samsung knowing that they won’t have to deal with it as long as they stay within the bounds of this new partnership. [HTC, Samsung via A&M]

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  • Khalid

    The title of this piece should be ‘Partner Up’ not ‘Partners’ as you’re talking about two separate organisations. If they were one giant mega corp it would be correct to use the word Partners.

    I’m sure some will silently complain(perhaps even the writer of this piece) that I’m anal and that no one cares, but free corrections are good and you can’t blame a writer for making a mistake, what with so much catching up to do over the last day or so.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    I’ve already corrected that mistake, Khalid. Originally I was only writing about HTC but I then learned Samsung was in on it, as well. Forgot to change that word when I added Samsung’s name.

  • pieter

    From Quentyn to Khalid:
    But thanks anyways for pointing that out to me. Corrections are always welcome, and they help to preserve the sanctity of the correct English, albeit American English language.

  • Anon

    Just to carry that on then…… ‘tHTC’