Samsung Galaxy Tab has Already Moved 600,000 Units Worldwide



Though analysts may beg to differ, Samsung is claiming that demand for their Galaxy Tab has been greater than expected in most markets, with a combined 600,000 units moved worldwide thus far. You may recall a report in which it was stated that Samsung had cut production of their tablet in half, but Sammy says in some areas supply has had trouble keeping up with demand. 30,000 Tabs were moved in their first week of sale in Korea alone.

The number no doubt makes the Galaxy Tab the most successful Android slate yet, as most figured it would be. With holiday sales the figure could easily jump even higher, but so far we’d call it a hit as the currently most competitive alternative to the iPad Goliath.

[via BGR]

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  1. they said “moved” and not “sold”. Ive tried Galaxy tab for myself and found it to be a great gadget and the size is ultra portable, you can easily hold it with one hand but the only thing i disliked about it was the the lack of Haptic feedback when clicking on Android buttons (back, home, menu and search)

  2. I am loyal VZW customer and have 3 Android smartphones. Incredible, X and wife has Droid 2. I purchased the Ipad, WiFi version only, from VZW on a Friday took it back on Sunday and traded it for a Samsung Tab. The reasons I did not like the Ipad, size (too big to carry), wifi only and didn’t want to carry extra mifi device plus the mifi cost, software not compatible with a lot of my documents and the biggest reason, on Saturday night went online to Apple’s website on a strong wifi connection and it would not run the Ipad tour without freezing after a few seconds at every section. Yes I am an Android fan but this is a true story.

    The Tab has worked great, maybe just a little sluggish loading some sites but not bad, and the size is just right to carry around plus I have zero problems with it syncing with all my other Android apps on my phones. And speaking of apps I find the Android apps much easier to navigate to in the Android Market verses the Apple store. However, I always say that it is a matter of taste.

    One more thing if you are a VZW customer and you purchase an Ipad and want to return it then you will have to pay a $70 restock fee. This is Apple’s rule not VZW’s. I paid it but fortunately for me I am friends with the local VZW manager and a few days later we were discussing it and when the manager found out it did not perform well it was agreed to credit my account but that may not work for you. And by the way because of that stupid rule I will not purchase any further Apple products.

  3. Maj: If your biggest issue with it is lack of finger tingle when you touch the for little buttons, I’d say that you are nit-picking. Just sayin.

  4. for= four. That damned swype.

  5. awesome device, but the price point is too high

  6. price is a little high, but it’s a great ipad competitor. i have to agree with tim242 — you’re nit-picking. and there is a LOT more to nit-pick on the ipad!

  7. @ Maj

    Read the ORIGINAL source. It says “sold” not “moved”.

  8. Maj, haptic feedback must have been disabled in the settings. This thing can vibrate enough on capacitive key presses to make me not want to leave it alone with my girlfriend.

    Also, there’s ONE source for that poor sales/production halved BS, an “analyst” named Ashok Kumar. His track record, it ain’t so hot, he’s prone to talking out the side of his neck.

  9. Funny. In s. korea, the galaxy tab sold 25k. iPad pre-order – 60k.

  10. Archos has sold more than 1 Million Android tablets by the end of the year:

    Archos 70 Internet Tablet is approx like a Galaxy Tab but for 3x cheaper and they have a whole range of sizes from $100 to $300 for the 10″ model.

  11. @ copr165

    Actually that is VZW deal. Try and take that same Samsung back and they will charge you $70 restocking fee as well. Real cost of ownership:

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