Cox Wireless Provides New Carrier Option with two Android Phones to Sell


Cox – the cable and internet provider that everyone loves to love (and some love to hate, too) – has just launched their small, yet respectable, cellular phone service in three markets – Orange County, CA, Omaha, NB, and Hampton Roads, VA – and they bring with them two Android phones to start with: the HTC Hero and the HTC Desire HD. It’s not uncommon for newer carriers or smaller carriers new to the Android game to start out with either of these two handsets, so there’s not much of a surprise (and not much excitement) to be had.


Still, the Desire remains a very powerful phone in today’s crowded high-end market and the Hero can still get the job done. the former can be had for $69.99 after a two-year contract and $100 mail-in rebate, with the Hero dialing in just $20 cheaper. Plans start at $39.99 for voice + an unlimited data add-on for $30/month. [Cox via Bloomberg via AC]

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  1. Did you mean the Desire, or Desire HD? If HD which radio bands will it work with (of other carriers)?

  2. Regular old Desire.

  3. FYI – The post office uses NE for Nebraska now. NB hasn’t been used for a long time.

  4. I think you meant Omaha, NE (Nebraska), not NB for New Brunswick, no?

  5. Interesting to see Cox Cable start a cell service. Im sure they are trying to take over the phone internet, tv, cell, blah blah market

  6. if anyone is curious, they are operating on the sprint network until they get their spectrum (might be in the 700mhz) up off the ground

  7. Cox is a horrible company. I’d rather go to AT&T (spoken as a VZW customer).

  8. It’s a CDMA carrier. Not the Desire HD. Same phone as the US Cellular Desire.

  9. It may make sense for low minute plans, but they are still pretty un-competitive on Family Unlimited Talk+Text+Web plans. 2 lines still cost $209, not very competitive. They should not advertise “UnbelievableFair”, it should be something else like “Unbelievable”. Because it is definitely “Unbelievable” that they had the nerve to tell customers they are going to help them save money and not to renew their contracts with their existing carrier.

  10. they have been talking about this for a while now in Hampton Roads, they pretty much have a monopoly here when it comes to cable service.

  11. Anyone remember “Pivot”? It was a joint venture with sprint. It failed.

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