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While they still haven’t released a standalone application, you won’t need one as Google is bringing editing capabilities to their Google Docs suite via your mobile browser. Over the next few days the functionality will roll out to English-language users of Android 2.2, letting you edit your spreadsheets and documents just about wherever you want.

With the added ability, the cloud functionality of Google Docs is truly realized. Now you can put off school papers and work proposals even longer knowing you just gained an extra couple of minutes to work on them in transit.

[via Google]

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  1. i like the music

  2. I like how you are telling people to procrastinate more. I might start using google docs.

  3. Would have preferred an app instead.

  4. This is seriously fucked up. I’m tired of them making everything for 2.2 and ignoring all of the people who are on previous versions. I’m seriously considering dumping Google.

  5. @Tony

    Or you could get a 2.2 device :P

  6. @Tony…and go where?

  7. @BR @Alex Or I could tell Google to go fuck themselves, and move back to BlackBerry. They will be worth a shit one day. Or just get an iPhone.

  8. I’m glad to see Google putting more emphasis on developing these services through mobile web apps vs. native phone apps. I’m sick of having to download new apps all the time & clutter up my phone for things that have no need or advantage in using a local app.

  9. @Tony I would blame your device maker. Version upgrades and timetables are completely up to them.

  10. Or we could blame Google. When Microsoft updates my computer, I don’t have to wait for Toshiba to make it available.

  11. @Tony

    Which is why Google is changing their system so they can change things without requiring a complete OS update. They are doing what you are asking, but you will still complain so just go away now. Just go away.

  12. @ Tony-Seriously, chill a little. Most phones have a very functional 2.2 ROM available to them through XDA. It’s not hard to root, and you get tons of advantages. Sure, you void the warrantee, but what’s the liklihood you were going to actually use said warrantee? I’ve been across the Root line on three phones now, and I love it. Also, with Nandroid and Titanium Backups out there, I can always bring my phone back if I screw something up. It’s totally great. Join the rooting world, and worry less about apps not working on your phone.

    PS-Due to changes in the directories and libraries, it’s hard to make some apps cross-platform. There were many similarities between Eclair and Donut, but Froyo changed A LOT. That’s why so many developers are ignoring lower levels. After all, over a 1/3 of all androids are Froyo anyway.

  13. @mrmojoz Yeah, wait until 2.3 comes out and you’re still on 2.2. See what they do then. Fuck face.

  14. @Tony

    I totally agree with you. I wish that phones had standard device drivers and worked like a PC, but they don’t. Google is trying to rectify this problem with the next too releases. Other licensed Phone OS’ have the same problem.

    The fact is that most carrier flagship devices are good about getting upgrades Droid, Evo, Nexus One. While other devices are not good about getting upgrades (Samsung, cheap Moto’s etc) and this process is totally under the control of the carrier/manufacturer.

    If you always want the latest OS, you should purchase accordingly.

  15. God…I LOVE dudes like Tony. Actually, I almost spit coffee on my Evo laughing at his comments(that’s not so funny). But, geesh bro-ski…what’s up? Things are getting better and better on the whole Android/Google platform. iPhone is way to Steve Jobs-sy for me, and your plan to go back to Blackberry is just not even worth consideration. Things move fast and you have to be able to roll with the changes buddy. When u buy a device, make sure you don’t skimp. Tony, I’m not kidding, get an EVO…you will love the thing.

  16. @Tony This type of stuff makes Google mad too because they even say that the manufacturers can easily send out phones with the newest update but they continue to release phones with Android 1.5, 1.6, etc. The truth is that because of people like you who pay attention to these types of things they made they Nexus One so that no one can control it. So if you do decide to stay with Android you should keep that in mind, I have never owned a skinned Android phone only the G1, Google Ion and the Nexus One. Both iOS and Android have good things and bad things but I think personally that Android is better and Steve Jobs could fix that but his ego is to big. Also I do own a iOS device that I carry at all times.

  17. @jdog Google can put a stop to it by not letting them release phones with anything less than 2.2. That would be a reasonable thing for them to do.

  18. @Tony, if it were that easy i bet google would have done it, but because android is open source i dont think they can…

    my tip is to just stick with googles own phones, the nexus s is coming up pretty soon, might wanna get it, i know i am :)

  19. @Tony: If Google were to control other phone companies like that, that means the code is no longer open source.

    The iPhone has similar problems? Multitasking with iOS4? Not for iPhone 3G owners.

    The fact is that the smartphone market is almost one of disposable devices, with consumers getting new phones every year, sometimes more frequently. (If people bought phones outright instead of thinking they buy them $129 or $99, things would be different.) There is little to no incentive for maintaining much backward compatibility.

  20. I have a friend who buys smartphones every 3 months but once he got the Nexus One in January he said he can’t see himself owning another phone but a Nexus type device. Thats the power of the Nexus.

  21. How long have he known about froyo? Almost a year if not longer. If you just bought a phone within the last 3 motnhs its your fualt you want be able to use google docs on it. I dont think its any contract that promises that your phone will do more then it did when you bought it. So suck it up or root your phone.

  22. we not he. lol

  23. This is a nice feature! Glad they released it. For those of you that want an app, try office to go.

    office to go lets you view and modify your google docs as well as docs stored on your device.

  24. Well, I can at least view my docs in 2.1…just not edit.

  25. @Tony Go install cyanogenmod and STFU.

  26. @Everyone
    Enough of Tony, I think he’s gotten enough feedback on what he can do and why some people agree with him and whatnot, thats if he even looks back on these comments…


  28. lol. so yeah, google docs editing on the mobile phone is pretty sweet.

  29. @christian, I largely agree with you BUT – and it’s a big but – I think this is an exception. Editing docs is something you really don’t need an internet connection for, and as such – unlike, say, an ebay app, or facebook app – it should be totally usable if you have no connection. But, as long as it’s in the browser, it’s not. It’d be nice to have a Google docs application that automatically syncs your documents once a day (or whenever) and then you can edit. I live in London and spend hours and hours a week on the tube underground – I’d love to be able to edit my documents down there (in fact I do, just not using google docs).

  30. @DanGrover
    I agree Dan, but realize that Google is an adevetising company, and they only way they can deliver ads is for you to be connected to hteir servers. Now they could still release an app with embedded ads, but for them a mobile site is better way to drive ad-views.

    I would rather they release a fully functioning API for Google docs so OTHER developers could build applications for it…

  31. Anyone know why I can only edit certain docs from my nexus one and not others? The only thing I can think of is that they are only letting you edit recent docs and not ones that are much older. Anyone know what’s up with that?

  32. Just get an Evo. With Sprint Premier, you get an upgrade every year, so you can get the 2.3 device when they release it. My Evo will likely become a movie player for the kids by next Christmas, if not July (bought it on release day).


  33. @Tony There is an app for this that supports older android. It can be found at http://sites.google.com/site/gdocsforandroid/

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