Android Phones for Only a Dollar Part of Best Buy Black Friday Sale


The day shoppers love to hate is quickly approaching, and smartphones, tablets, and Android goodies are poised to be a big hit when Santa comes storming down those chimneys. Best Buy is gearing up for their Black Friday sale with several Android deals that are sure to move some phones off the shelves.

For only a dollar, the HTC Droid Incredible, LG Optimus S, and Samsung Fascinate will be available on two-year contracts from their respective carriers. The Galaxy Tab will be on sale for $549.99, and the Samsung Transform is going for $69.99 on a Sprint contract. More deals are sure to be revealed in the coming weeks.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  • Techblogger

    Nice. BTW, the Samsung Transform should be free, sold at Cricket or be made available at the Dollar store. That phone is in bad shape.

  • Daniel

    at the shack the optimus s and transform are going for free according to their leaked ad

  • Reap

    makes me sad that I bought my galaxy S last month for 250…

  • Aeires

    Sad that the Incredible, which is $529 full retail, is on sale for $1, while the Tab is only reduced $50 in the same sales ad.

  • jk

    ugggh same here @Reap i just bought mine last month, couldnt resist on buyng coz i fcking love it, BTW its just worthy i think

  • INsano

    Yeah…the Transform. That’s what I wanted Santa to sell me on Black Friday. EVO? What is that? Thanks BB.

  • bray424

    @Aeires The Incredible comes with a two year contract, the Tab is off contract.

  • Fred

    Optimus S is way better than the Transform.

  • Michael

    Any idea what it would cost to buy an Incredible if I am not due an upgrade?

  • bob

    is this kevin krause from mentor ohio?

  • Joe

    I’m up for an annual upgrade…does this $1 price still apply?

  • Michael

    No wonder Android phones are gaining so much market share. First buy 1 get 1 free, and now this. I guess once all the nerds bought theirs, it was time to give away the extras.

  • masias.frank

    @ INsano, you are playing right? When you ask EVO what is that? If you don’t know, well lets just say that Iphone4 is trying to catch up with EVO. enough said. Oh yeah you are going to hear a lot of comments about battery life on EVO, is the same as any other super advance smart phone. same thing with Iphone , and most HTC phones , get the TAsk Manager App from the Android Marketphone on the market no doubt and hands down and problem solve. EVO best

  • Bounce Rate

    So the line will be even longer this year>