[Update] Best Buy: The Nexus S is Real, Would’ve Been Headed for T-Mobile First


Say what you want about the swing and miss regarding recent rumors of Samsung and Google bringing out a “Nexus S” to trump the current Nexus, but we’ve heard a lot of stories from a lot of sources suggesting it’s real. We believe it is, but there was nothing concrete to go on… until today. Best Buy’s published a section on their mobile site saying that the “Pure Google” Nexus S is available only at Best Buy this holiday season. A link to pre-order it doesn’t work, and there’s a bad image with the alternate text field showing “Nexus S for T-Mobile.”


We still can’t confirm that the device exists, but retailers usually do have early access to information on new devices so that they can begin plans to advertise and stock them. It lines up VERY nicely with the rumor that a “very big retailer” would be offering the device exclusively. So there you have it. The Nexus S was/is real, and while it may have been delayed, it’s possible we could still see it before Christmas. I feel a concurrent Gingerbread and Nexus S announcement headed our way soon. [Best Buy] [Thanks, Ajit!]

[Update]: And just as we expected them to, Best Buy quickly took the revealing page down. No worries, though: Google Cache has our back, as it often does. Hit this link up if you want to see how the page looked just moments ago.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I wish Europe would get some pure google loving. Getting sick of the third party crap.

  2. I love it. Nothing in the source for links to pics but I feel its close! Need more Nexus love in my life

  3. For those that are looking for hands on proof since the link doesn’t work…here is the path at best buys website:

    Best Buy > Products > Best Buy Mobile Phones

    then click on Mobile phones on left side…

    walaa!! in the center of the page…it’s a sight to see…

    but I really hope its not only tmobile as I’m a sprint customer..

  4. Actually, the source link is the one to the page with the Nexus S area. I should probably include that in the main text, as well.

  5. I could kiss you right now :D

  6. Hell yeah. Just hoping it doesnt have the plastic-ky feel like the other Galaxy S phones. Captivate being the only exception.

    Even the Epic feels like a toy.

  7. Please for the love of Pete, let this be put on Verizon… WHY T-mobile??? CRAP!!!

  8. Please be big Red!!!

  9. Hopefully they will have versions for all of the carriers this time.

  10. Looks like it is no longer there…

  11. Please be Tmobile, I love putting people on speaker phone and simultaneously surfing the web! :P

  12. Lets hope is made by samsung it has a LED notification light…

  13. Is it gonna come to europe??

  14. It looks like they removed the banner already.

  15. The ‘S’ is for PSYCHE!…wait, that doesn’t work.

  16. There’s is nothing more pointless than a good phone being release on T-Mobile. T-Mobile is a metro-only carrier that claims to be nation-wide.

  17. If it truly is meant to replace/upgrade the Nexus One, it should be on all carriers.

  18. Im pretty sure it will…..Im just as sure about that as I am that it will definitely have a 4GHz quad core processor with 12GB RAM!

    in other words…no one knows anything about this phone…at least not the average consumer.

  19. My response was to #14

  20. excited. t-mobile!

  21. After the delays with vibrant why would anyone trust samsung again. Behold, Vibrant, now Nexus S! I loved the vibrant but samsung couldve done better with this phone and didn’t. It should of had Wifi calling and HSPA+,Froyo 2.2 the list goes on and on. Then they ruin that phone by their empty promises of froyo and never delivering which ssmsung has a a history of. Google could change their name to ssmsung and give it away for free I’d never buy a sammy phone again .

  22. Hope it has a trackball since it is a nexus :) oh and that itsnot made out of plastic

  23. Does that mean my N1 will not receive any love from Google anymore? :\

  24. T-Mobile was the only carrier to have the balls to launch Android in the first place. Nice to see them get something interesting every now and then.

  25. Hopefully it will be on Big Red too. And I’m still curious about pricing. Wondering if Google and Samsung have worked out a behind the scenes subsidy deal like originally planned with the Nexus One so we can pick these up un-subbed for under $200 bucks. I’m currently unfortunately STUCK with my Eris till near end of next year due to contract. And it’s been nothing but suck since the 2.1 upgrade.

  26. @ Steve
    lets hope they release it for verizon this time

  27. Hope it’s true. So happy it’s going to T-Mobile!

  28. Since purchasing a N1 the day it was released I have seen many phones come along, none have tempted me, for many reasons, chief among them was the pure Google experience. N1 gets updates weeks if not months before other phones. So, how many of you are running 2.2.1 right now? Plus 2.3 is rumored for next week. N1 ftw!

  29. To everybody who is so down on this being released for T-mobile… think about it. Verizon and Sprint run on CDMA. While Verizon is arguably the “premier” carrier in the US, it is not arguable that GSM (which T-mobile runs on) is the most popular cellular technology in the world. It is easier to roam with, gets better talk time, and has less interference inside of buildings. And then some of us don’t like paying more money for less services. Add to that that T-Mobile presently has the fastest cellular internet access in America, and it really is quite unreasonable to be so down on them. That’s fine to hope that the Nexus 2/S comes out on your network but to call T-Mobile crap is ludicrous.

  30. ps: I want this bad. Give me stock android… and it must be truly stock i.e. no carriers tinkering to get rid of built in tethering. I’m all over this assuming the rumors are for real. And it has to be a 100% Google experience, just on Samsung’s hardware because Samsung stinks at keeping their phones updated with the latest version of android…

  31. If it comes to Austria before January/February I will definitely get it to replace my Spica.

    Sadly there is no chance in hell that we will get this phone any time soon.

  32. Personally…all they needs to do with this phone IMHO is take the galaxy S. give it an aluminum like back cover. give it LED flash, FFC, notification LED, a dedicated camera button and anything else that COULD be added to make it truely a feature phone. Maybe 32GB built in and boost up the CPU/GPU and 2gb or more on board memory. Yay! I can only hope

  33. This phone will never make it to red so solly – the V crap store and there insistence that all Samsung base are under there control will not allow for a pure Google device such as this any longer. :(

  34. Regarding Verizon:
    Haven’t you folks figured out yet that Verizon wants to control the devices and has no intention of having a pure Google experience phone. The original Droid was simply because Google was involved but they have since modified the OS even on the original Droid.

    Why do you think they modified the Droid versions of the OS to not have tethering? And they are creating their own app market? Verizon will bow to Apple a little bit (mostly because Apple has been willing to accomodate requests like “no tethering”) but Android is a goldmine in Verizon’s eyes.

  35. im very happy to know that its being released on tmobile, in other words that it’s a GSM based phone with 3g compatible to my local networks, at least we international buyers can get to own this phone

  36. I love tmo and HSPA+!!! No more stock android for VZW. Wanna know why? Then, just Bing it, lol!!!

  37. First of all I must say I don’t know if iam blind or what but I clicked all the links on this page either direct or to cashed pages and I didn’t see anything about a nexus s. ???


    As far as I am concerned if this so called nexus s does exist but is only available from tmobile, it is a nexus in name only. The unlocked freedom of the nexus one is an integral part of its value and identity to me. I need to travel and an exclusively subsidised phone meant to serve one networks revenue is not worthy of the name meant to represent the nexus experience.

  38. OMG YES~!! >:D

  39. Hopefully this gets pushed out to all carriers. T-mobile first makes sense; just hope all providers don’t have a fuss over it.

  40. Google Cache != Web Archive

  41. For those of you confused at why this is not on Verizon:
    1. It looks like this phone would have to compete with the iPhone on the Verizon market. (reduces potential buyers)
    2. T-Mobile is the fastest “fast track” to get something innovative to market. I imagine Verizon is the slowest.
    3. Millions of Verizon customers are tied to Verizon via corporate connections instead of independent connections: In many cases, this means people have the Plain Jane phones their company bought for them. (again, reduces buyers)

    For what it is worth, all carriers will have an A3.0 phone like this in 6 mos (even Verizon).

  42. T-Mobile has gotten better over the past few years, still a few dead zones when you need service the most

  43. I hope this version is true….


  44. @Tim

    Those were the three most pointless argumentative statements ever.
    1. Verizon doesn’t have the Iphone and won’t for at least a year.
    2. What? What does that mean?! WTF is a fastest “fast track”?
    3. True, Verizon has a large consumer base via corporate contracts. These are mainly Blackberrys. Most people get a separate personal phone (like me).

  45. I bet it comes out running stock 2.2 with an upgrade to 2.3 when Google decide to release it. Gingerbread will make its debut on a Tablet IMO.

  46. Calm down and stop getting yourselves over-excited, you’ll all end up with nose-bleeds.

    If you stop and actually consider the product name and that it looks as if it’s going to be sold exclusively through Best Buy, then there’s really only one logical conclusion you can come to – that this is a stock dump of all the Nexus One phones that Google had left when they pulled the plug on their direct sales “experiment”. Sure, there’s a chance it’ll be in a re-branded casing, but it’ll be a Nexus One inside.

  47. A lot off nothing really. Don’t see this replacing the HTC M1 developers phone as Google will likly continue to favor those who helped in the beginning, HTC and T Mobile.

  48. I meant N1.

  49. I had the original Nexus. Loved it! But, T-Mobile’s service sucked in my area so I switched to Sprint and got the Evo. I hope this new Nexus moves to different carriers so I can get one eventually. The Nexus is still the best phone I have ever owned.

  50. I am PRAYING this comes to vzw… BUT I’ll bet it won’t, because vzw wants complete control over every phone.. That is why the Verizon app store is coming.

    BTW… I am running 2.2.1 on my original Droid. CyanogenMod 6.1 rc3 with compcache enabled and overclocked to 1Ghz [Slayher 1.6] with interactive governor. My Quadrant scores beat the Nexus 1 – 2.2.1 consistently… You guy’s have to try it!

  51. I’m excited with the design. I guess the device exists……

  52. Please AT&T

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